To prepare for the next barbecue, keep the grill or smoker clean. Any collection of ashes from the last barbecue will take away air space for an even and controlled fire and temperature. Flare ups can happen when any remnants of chicken or ribs were left over from the previous weekend. So keep it clean.

Set the air flow adjusters at the bottom and top for an even air flow and to control the fire. Well made charcoal grills like Webber Grills, have these vents. With little or no control the grill could turn into a campfire or just die out. After the inside of the grill is clean and the air adjustments are done, fill the grill with the amount of charcoal that you’ll need to cook the feast that is planned.

Light the Charcoal Evenly on The Outdoor Barbecue Grill

Stack the charcoal up in a pyramid shape in the center of the grill. For indirect cooking, some grillers will stack to one side of the grill. That way meat could be cooked on one side and kept hot on the other. After the charcoal is stacked soak the coal with lighter fluid about a half hour before you ready to cook. Light the coals at the center and add a little lighter fluid until the whole pyramid is on fire. Keep the cooking grates off the grill until the coals are grey-white, then move the coals into a flat bed, so the heat is distributed evenly throughout the grill.

Use The Natural Flavor Of Wood While Cooking With Portable BBQ Grills Or BBQ Smoker Grills

The taste of charcoal cooked meat and gas cooked meat will be different and sometime the griller will need to spice things up no matter what’s on the menu. One way of doing this besides using rubs or barbecue sauces to prepare the meat is to cook with woods for flavor. Exotic woods like cherry, mesquite or hickory are used in the grilling process to enhance the flavor of whatever meat or vegetable is being prepared.

Some barbecue grill outlets sell wood in chips or pellets that are aged and easy to use during the grilling or smoking process. Plank cooking which originated with the American Indians, is a way to cook fish or meat tied to a plank of wood either cedar, maple or alder. The meat will taste rich in flavor and moist all the way through. Plank cooking is becoming very popular again as people try to out do each other in backyards or in National compettitions.

For Anyone With A portable Barbecue Grill- Infared Grill- Smoke –The Secret Weapon

One more procedure of giving your grill a special edge is to use the wood from a fruit tree, preferably from your own property. Apple, pear or peach will work. Take the last 3 to 4 inches from the tip of the branches that are bearing fruit and snap these small pieces off. Normally at the right time of year they will be sticky and full of sweet syrup. Soak the pieces in water for about 5 minutes until they are water logged, then wrap them tightly together in aluminum foil, making a packet.

Use a pin to make a dozen holes or so in the small packet containing the branch tips. About two thirds into the cooking time, stick the packet into the hot coals and close the lid. The aluminum packet filled with the water-soaked fruit wood will explode after reaching a high enough temperature to turn the water into steam and will fill your grill with whatever flavor of wood was used to make the packet.


Using some of these tips like the Secret Weapon along with the preparation of the grill and taking advantage of the wonderful flavors found right in your own backyard can make a real difference the next time guests arrive. Use the Secret Weapon on a hibachi, portable grill, a smoker or any outdoor barbecue grill. How the grill is prepared is just as important as what is on the menu. It might make the difference between a good barbecue and a great barbecue.