Barbequing doesn’t have to be as unhealthy a cooking method as it is oftentimes cracked up to be. When done right, it is very easy to make a healthy barbeque meal.

Barbeque doesn’t have to be the traditional slab of meat smothered in unhealthy sauce. There are many different ways that you can start grilling healthy by using a variety of vegetables.

Forget the Reputation of Traditional Barbeque

One of the reasons why traditional barbeque foods are so unhealthy is that they are mostly composed of red meat. But why should you limit yourself to red meat when grilling healthy with healthy barbeque foods is just as easy?

You might wonder what kind of healthy barbeque foods you can make on your grill.

The first thing to remember is to think beyond the meat.

There are many foods that you can cook on the grill other than meat. Vegetables are great for grilling healthily. You can cook just about any vegetable you want on the grill, and they taste great.

One great option is to combine many different vegetables together on to a skewer to make grilled vegetable kabobs. Just make sure to pick vegetables with similar cooking times. And if you plan to add meat to your kabobs, pre-cook it first.

Kabobs are one great way that you can start grilling healthy, but you have many other ways to grill vegetables as well.

You can grill your vegetables right on the grill surface, as long as the pieces are not cut so small that they would fall through the grates. Corn, zucchini, eggplant, and squash are several vegetables that are great for the grill.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Vegetarian to Be Healthy

A healthy barbeque doesn’t have to be a vegetarian barbeque, as long as you make smart choices about the meat and the sauce. Go for meats and dressings that are low in fat.

Chicken is a prime example of low-fat, healthy meat perfect for grilling. And try marinating the chicken in your favorite marinade or adding your favorite herbs and spices.

Marinades, herbs, and spices all provide excellent flavor without adding a lot of fat or calories to your meal.


Grilling healthy does not mean that you are sacrificing anything when you barbeque. In fact, when you are trying to prepare a healthy meal on your grill, you might actually wind up using a greater variety of foods and spices than you did when you only cared about grilling steaks or other red meats.