These adult party games will keep your guests happy, entertained, and laughing until the very last minute. It will be a party that your guests will remember for a long time.

Only for adults, there’s a terrific mix of classic and new party games here. Some of them involve alcohol, while others are a little wicked, and they can all be tailored to the type and quantity of visitors attending your party.

For your next dinner party, business party, housewarming, or even a crazy dance party, try some of these adult party games.

There are some excellent icebreakers for guests who are unfamiliar with one another, as well as some games that are ideal for long-time friends.

If it’s around a holiday, check out these adult-friendly Halloween, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve party games.

Funny games for adults

Great Minds Think Alike

five person standing while talking each other

Great Brains Think Alike is a game in which you must choose what you believe everyone else will do: the more people who choose the same response, the more points those people will receive.

This free printable includes ten different questions, but you could easily create your own, tailoring them to the season, event, occasion, or group of individuals.

Murder Mystery Games

Police and forensic paper files on a wooden desk, overhead view with evidence from a crime, handcuffs, knife, bullets, magnifying glass, and Gavel

Murder mystery games aren’t just for Halloween; they may be enjoyed all year long. All you need is a single murder mystery game to have a wonderful evening with your pals.

There are numerous free mysteries, each with charter descriptions, clues, scripts, and other materials.

Who am I?

short-coated brown dog

Who Am I? is a guessing game in which you act out or draw the famous person you drew on a slip of paper. Can your teammates figure out who you’re impersonating? 

There are numerous more ways to play this game; one of my faves is to use sticky notes and write the guests’ names on their backs. It’s a simple and enjoyable icebreaker.

The Not So Newlywed Game

woman in white tank top sitting on car seat

The Not So Newlywed Game is a great way to keep your guests entertained at your next couple’s get-together. It’s also appropriate for bridal showers and engagement parties.

There are more than 150 questions covering dating, engagement, weddings, firsts, friends, and family, favorites, best and worst, finances, preferences, making love, fun facts, love and marriage, and the future.

There’s even a category dedicated to the most amusing inquiries. 

Never Have I Ever

woman in black crew neck t-shirt and blue denim shorts standing beside woman in white

This list of adult party games included the famous game of Never Have I Ever. With over 400 questions, you’ll find unique ideas that your guests won’t expect.

There’s a drinking game variety, a punishment variation, and a non-alcoholic variation in addition to many questions.

Have You Ever?

With this Have You Ever? Party game, you may learn a lot about your visitors. It’s a mellower rendition of Never Have I Ever.

The party version, the naughty version, and the hilarious version are the three variants offered. You can even play the game online by answering a series of questions with “I Have” or “Never.”

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a simple game that almost everyone can play. It’s simple to get started, and your guests may choose how mild or wild the game will be.

This is a vast collection of dares that contains everything from “lick the floor” to “bark like a dog” for dares if you’re seeking inspiration. If the player selects “truth,” there is also a list of questions you can ask at the end of the list.



Spoons is a card game that may be enjoyed by people of all ages and groups. It’s fast-paced and entertaining, yet it’s still a card game everyone can play. A deck of cards (minus the jokers) and spoons are required (1 less than the number of players).

It can be played with a group of 3-13 people, but if you’re throwing a big party, you can play many games at once.



You don’t have to buy Pictionary to play it at your next get-together. You may easily make your own cards and set up a large drawing area for your visitors to enjoy.

Traditional, family, education, themed, and partner Pictionary are all available, as well as a word list. With so many possibilities, you may choose the one your guests will enjoy the most.

Crazy “Kiss Marry Kill” 

Because you make your decisions based on fictional characters or celebrities, this version of Kiss Marry Kill is less intimate than the original.

There are numerous ideas as well as suggestions for creating your lists.

Sticker Stalker Game

Even adults enjoy stickers, and the Sticker Stalker Game encourages your visitors to place as many of their stickers as possible on the other guests. You can assign each guest a specific type or color of sticker, or you can use labels with their names.

Two Truths and a Lie

Two Truths and a Lie is a fun icebreaker for a group of people who may not know each other very well. There are several examples of truths and lies regarding accomplishments, sports, childhood and family, food, and other topics.

You’ll even find some game strategies here that will offer you an advantage.

Conversation Cards

These conversation cards from Living Locurto are a terrific idea if you’re looking for a low-key icebreaker for your party. They’re very entertaining at dinner parties.

There are four sheets of conversation starters on this page that you may print, cut up, and put in a jar or basket.

Don’t Say Yes

You’ve certainly heard of those taboo word games, but this one will be very difficult. Guests are not permitted to use the word “yes” or any variant thereof.

If they say the word during the party, you can give them a sticker or a yarn necklace. At the night’s end, it’ll be interesting to see who is the most “styled.”

Press Conference

Here’s a fun adult party game that can be played with any number of guests.

Someone organizes a “news conference,” during which they answer questions from the other visitors. The hitch is that the conference organizer has no idea who they’re claiming to be, but the rest of the attendees do.

React and Act

React, and Act is an icebreaker game in which your guests will act and react to various scenarios like winning the lottery or being fired. Full instructions are included, as well as a few modifications to keep the game fresh.

Bite the Bag

Bite the Bag is a simple drinking game in which your friends will try to take up a paper bag with their lips alone. When a guest fails, they’ll have to drink, making the game more entertaining as the night progresses.

Story Starters

Story Starters is a get-to-know-you game that works well as an icebreaker but may also be entertaining if everyone is already acquainted. If you’re working with a large group, divide them into groups of 4-6.

This game begins with a story’s commencement and asks the first guest to continue it. The tale progresses from one character to the next.

The outcomes are frequently amusing, and you never know where the stories will go.

Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors 

Extreme Rock, Paper, Scissors

When was the last time you competed in a rock, paper, scissors game? This party game transforms the classic game into a tournament-style game that may be enjoyed by a group of people.

It can even be played with a large group, such as 30 or more individuals. 

Drop A Hin

One participant makes a guess, while the other three work together to encourage their teammate to guess a word, one word at a time. When the persons giving the hints aren’t on the same page at all, this can be hilarious! 

The Wooden Spoon

Players must aim to be the first to identify which one doesn’t belong from a list of words in a specified category in this game! They keep playing if they get it properly. If they don’t, they’re out!

How Do You Doo

Teams will compete to get their teammates to pick a song by singing simply the word “doo.” You might think this game is simple, but it’s not when you’re in a hurry!

One of the most hilarious adult game night games I’ve ever played!

Name That Tune

This is a winner! You play a song, try to guess which one it is, and gain points! Anyone who loves music will surely enjoy this. And, honestly, if you make more kid-friendly music, it will work with kids as well!


One of the reasons it’s one of the most enjoyable group games that it’s different every time depending on who’s written down! The main concept is that you use words and actions to predict celebrities.

It may appear simple, but three rounds of play make it one of the most enjoyable party games!

Giant Jenga

With this massive Jenga set, you can expect a lot of fun. Write truth or dare or drinking challenges on each Jenga piece to take this adult party game to the next level.

Every time a player takes a piece out, they must complete the challenge inscribed on it!



This is a traditional adult party game, and there’s no need to buy anything to have a good time! Form your teams and assign the task of coming up with a movie, music, book, celebrity, or any other topic to the first participant.

Players play out the scenario using just cues and no words. It’s a lot of fun to hear what the rest of the team comes up with as they call out their predictions in the hopes of nailing the correct answer!

Camera Hot Potato

Choose a phone to distribute around to the rest of the party. Set it to self-timer mode (10 seconds is ideal) and take a regular photo, not a selfie.

Pass the phone around, with each individual posing for the camera while holding it up for a moment. Repeat the process until the photo is captured. Take a peek at the images at the end.

Cards Against Humanity

Isn’t everyone familiar with this one? It’s a true classic. The guidelines are laid down in a straightforward ‘fill in the blank’ fashion.

Everyone is issued ten white cards, which serve as ‘fill-in-the-blank alternatives. Then one black card is drawn, which includes the blank that the participants must fill in.

After that, each player chooses one of the white cards that they believe best fits the gap and places its face doface the table.

The person who drew the black cards repeats the line aloud, filling in the blanks with the various alternatives each time, and then selects the most amusing as the round’s winner. The guy who wins the most rounds is declared the winner.

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