Blowing bubbles is a mainstay of any outdoor event, and the technology behind it has advanced significantly over the years.

Gone are the days when you had to dip a wand into a bottle of bubble solution and blow into it to make bubbles.

Bubble machines are now available, and bubble guns are also available. Bubble guns integrated stand-alone bubble machines with traditional bubble wands, making the experience of blowing bubbles far less of a bother and far more fun.

Kids love bubbles. Most kids can’t get enough of them! So you’ll need a bubble gun!

Nowadays, there are so many different brands and models of bubble guns out there that it seems impossible to find the best one for your kid. We’ve narrowed down the options and found 5 of the best bubble guns for kids, with various features and benefits.

Review of the Best Bubble Gun

JOYIN 3 Bubble Guns Kit

Whether you’re using a bubble machine or bubble guns, ordering bubble solution or going to the store for bubble solution might be difficult. Joyin Toy includes 6 bottles of bubble solution, two for each of their bubble guns. It’s also worth noting that batteries are supplied.

This set, which includes three bubble pistols, will ensure that no child feels left out. They’re all lit up at the top with LEDs, which adds to the ambiance. This also allows you to play with the bubble cannons in the dark.

The manner Joyin Toy’s bubble cannons are assembled is dubious. The bottle of solution is attached across from the trigger, and it dangles precariously from where it is attached. It appears to be on the verge of falling off at any minute. Expect bubble solution to leak from the solution bottle. While this is an industry-standard for bubble guns, it might have been much better developed.

Because Joyin Toy’s bubble guns are constructed of plastic, they are not particularly long-lasting, especially with all of the small mechanical parts within. A severe drop might completely ruin the rifle.

Haktoys Bubble Shooter Gun

The solution is usually located across from the trigger on most bubble guns. This is naturally alarming for many parents who want to purchase these bubble guns for their children, but it cannot be avoided.

Fortunately, Haktoys has improved this design to lock the bubble solution tighter than other bubble guns, preventing the solution bottle from falling out. It also keeps solution leakage at bay. Other bubble gun manufacturers should take note.

The bubble pistol from Haktoys also comes with batteries and two solution bottles, so there is no need for assembly. The gun comes with everything you need to get started right away.

After each use, the barrel of Haktoys’ gun requires some care. It will clog if it is not cleaned after each session. Take this into consideration.

Only one bubble gun is included with the Haktoys kit, so plan on purchasing more bubble guns if necessary. This is bad because there are some bubble gun sets with many guns.

The top of Haktoys’ pistol has LEDs, but they aren’t as brilliant as they should be. Other bubble pistols surely have brighter LEDs.


Most bubble guns can produce many bubbles, but they either leave you wanting more or run out of solutions. 

Rainbow Bubbles’ rifle comes in handy here. This bubble pistol has a much larger end than most others and can easily make thousands of bubbles.

The bubble solution screws into the end of the gun’s shaft, just like previous bubble guns, but it also serves as a sort of pistol grip. When the solution is screwed in, it is tightly screwed in. There will be no leaks, and the bottle of solution will not come off.

Rainbow Bubbles’ rifle does not come with batteries. It also has three batteries, although most other bubble guns only have two. It would be much better if Rainbow Bubbles opted to add batteries.

Rainbow Bubbles comes with only one bubble pistol. If the package included more than one pistol, it would be that much closer to being the premium bubble gun to own.

Prextex Pack of 5 Wind up Bubble Gun Shooter 

When it comes to Prextex’s bubble guns, there are two things you never have to worry about.

The first is having enough bubble guns so everyone can have a good time. This bundle has five bubble guns, more than many other packs.

Another thing you won’t have to worry about is batteries. Prextex’s bubble cannons do not require batteries to function. There is one bottle of bubble solution for each gun included in the package, so there is no need to go out and buy or order any bubble solution.

However, nothing is perfect. Prextex’s firearms are tiny, little, tiny. They do not produce a large number of bubbles when compared to other bubble guns. This is to be expected for a five-pack.

These bubble cannons are also quite fragile. If they are dropped, things will not go well. Unlike battery-operated bubble guns, Prextex’s weapons are entirely constructed of plastic. When you combine it with their flimsy stature, they won’t be able to withstand a fall.

Dinosaur Bubble Shooter Gun Toysery

Toysery gives you another fantastic bubble gun that will capture your child’s interest and keep them entertained for a long time. It’s entertaining to look at and play with because of its translucent body shaped like a dinosaur. It would make an excellent gift for your little cousin or nephew’s next birthday.

As a result of the bubble gun’s various sound effects and LED, it looks fantastic on the translucent body.


It is completely automatic and does not require a pump and push movement.

It has two bubble bottles for easy refills.

Three AA batteries power the light and sound modules.

Bubble Gun

How to choose the best bubble guns for toddlers

What factors should you consider while selecting the best bubble guns for toddlers? Even though a bubble cannon is a small and simple toy, there are several key considerations to consider before purchasing one.

Source of power

The majority of bubble pistols employ a motor to produce bubbles automatically. As a result, they often require a power supply as electronic equipment. Most bubble guns are powered by AA or D batteries. On the other hand, some bubble guns for toddlers can be powered by AC adapters or mechanically.

Dimensions and weight

If you are purchasing a bubble gun for your child to hold in her hands, you should consider if the size of the bubble gun is appropriate for her hands and whether the bubble gun is light enough to be held for an extended period.

Ways to use it

Many bubble guns need your child to pull and hold the trigger, while others have an ON/OFF switch. The first approach has the advantage of being more adaptable and spontaneous. However, holding the bubble gun for an extended period might be exhausting.

Several Bubble Wands you have.

Most bubble guns for toddlers we see feature four to ten bubble wands. If your child enjoys blowing bubbles quickly, many bubble wands can help.

Solutions are included

Not all bubble gun toys include extra solution bottles. Check to see if refills are included. If not, you may have to buy them separately.

Added Benefits

The majority of bubble guns can only produce bubbles. Some elaborate types can light up, play music, or even serve as a cooling fan during the summer.


If you intend to use the bubble gun at gatherings, consider one with changeable speed or that can blow bubbles faster. So far, the fastest bubble machine we’ve come across is the 1byone Bubble Machine, which can produce 2000 bubbles per minute.

What you should know about bubble guns

Consider a bubble gun a cross between the original wand that required you to blow bubbles through it and the sophisticated bubble machine that can produce thousands of bubbles per second.

When combined with a water gun, this is essentially what a bubble cannon is.

Some bubble guns do not require batteries to function. These, like water guns, are entirely made of plastic. They don’t make a lot of bubbles, but they’re useful if you don’t have time to prepare for a gathering that would benefit from bubble cannons.

The number of bubbles produced by those that do use batteries varies. Bigger is better in this case, and more is more. A bubble gun with three batteries will produce far more bubbles than a pistol with only two cells.

How long does it take for the batteries to charge?

They should be able to last more than a few sessions. Most bubble guns come with a solution that does not last long enough to drain the batteries. Most of the time, the bubble solution will deplete before the batteries.

In all circumstances, the bubble solution must be linked to the gun’s base. This is due to the mechanics inside the cannon needing to take the solution from a location where it can be processed and propel it down the gun’s shaft.

This is why bubble guns must be used with extreme caution. Most of the t plastic exteriors, and if one of the inside components is destroyed, the bubble gun will certainly work.

Bubble solution can accumulate in the bubble gun’s barrel. If it is not addressed, it will solidify, clog the barrel, and make it difficult for the solution to be processed into bubbles. To avoid this, clean the barrel of any bubble cannon after use.

Is it possible to use any bubble solution in a bubble gun? Regrettably, the answer is no. This is because the bubble solution must be linked to the gun’s base. This means you’ll need bubble solution bottles designed specifically for bubble cannons. 

Typically, the bubble cannon you ordered will come with its container of bubble solution. Refills for these bottles should be available from the same manufacturers or companies that sold you the bubble gun.


Are bubbles safe to use in front of children?

Without a doubt! After all, these are mostly formed in children. If you’re worried about your children swallowing some of them, be assured that soap bubbles aren’t harmful, though they aren’t healthy either. Just dissuade kids from ingesting them, and don’t harp on it any further. Allow them to play to their hearts’ desire!

Can I use a bubble gun to entertain my dog?

Without a doubt! That’s a cute notion; the dog will understand it better than you and I. Spraying them with bubbles will provide a fantastic opportunity to play with your dog. You shouldn’t be concerned about swallowing the bubbles because they aren’t toxic.

Are bubble blowers and bubble guns the same thing?

No, yet they both fulfill the same function. While a Bubble Blower requires you to blow into the opening to produce bubbles, Bubble Guns only require you to press a button, and you’re done! The latter is more advanced and, as a result, more expensive. But, in any case, these items are inexpensive.

What materials do I need to make bubbles for my Bubble Gun?

It’s as simple as water, soap, and a pinch of sugar! You can also add glycerin or corn syrup to enhance the results.

Why do we require glycerin, corn syrup, or sugar?

They are added to make the bubbles last longer. It would be a shame if they exploded just due to air pressure before touching something, wouldn’t it?

How to make the best bubbles

Here’s a formula for bubble mix that will not only make bubbles bigger but will also allow you to:

  • Place a bubble in your palm.
  • Squeeze the bubble gently as you bounce it from person to person.
  • Blow the bubbles onto various surfaces.

This bubble solution couldn’t be any easier:

  • 2 quarts water
  • 14 ounces of dish soap
  • 2 tbsp of glycerin
  • Several pipettes
  • Cotton apron


  1. To make a bubble wand, cut a pipette on the larger end. Because not everyone has traditional bubble wands on hand, they can be purchased at a local craft store. They are extremely soft, providing another layer of protection for the bubbles.
  2. Fill the mixing bowl halfway with water and dish soap. You don’t want to create foam, so stir very lightly.
  3. Then, add the glycerin. Glycerin can be found in craft stores or online. This variant is edible, but no one intends to eat the bubbles!
  4. Stir it all together again slowly.
  5. Put on cotton gloves for all of your bubble fanatics. These gloves provide a soft layer for the bubble to rest on.
  6. Dip the pipette’s big end into the solution. Blow a bubble slowly.


Bubble guns can provide entertainment for your children and loved ones. Keeping this in mind, we have done our best to recommend some of the top items available on the internet. Furthermore, we recommend that you purchase:

It’s reasonably priced and will do wonders for you. Our reviews cover most of its features, which you will undoubtedly like. Have a good time shooting bubbles at each other!

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