Are you planning to buy a new lawn mower for your yard renovation? Before you make drastic financial mistakes, check out this buyer’s guide to help you make wise choices. It’s better to know what features to look for than go to the store and be overwhelmed by dozens or hundreds of choices.

Five of the best low-cost lawn mowers

Before making any buying choices, you should thoroughly understand the most highly rated goods on the market. And for your convenience, we’ve compiled the following list of the finest inexpensive lawn mowers.

Greenworks 25022 20-Inch 3-in-1 corded lawn mower

If you are searching for a low-cost lawn mower that will last for years, the Greenworks 25022 corded electric lawn mower is ideal. This electric lawnmower performs very well while cutting small to medium-sized yards.  It has seven height adjustments and comes with a four-year warranty. It can also be stored easily.

Greenworks has produced several unique lawnmowers recently, one of which is the 25022 electric mower. This is the model to choose if you’re looking for a powerful electric mower at a reasonable price.


  • With 7-inch and 10-inch front and rear wheels.
  • With a smart-cut mechanism for cutting speed adjustment
  • With an easy-start, push-button mechanism for ease of starting
  • With a 12Amp brushless motor for cutting uneven grass and weeds. 
  • A 20-inch cutting deck provides the ideal environment for the blades to cut the grass.
  • Capable of working in three distinct cutting modes: mulching, bagging, and side discharge.


  • Extension cord not included
  • Not the best option for big lawns

American lawn mower company 14-inch 4-blade push reel lawn mower

If you’re not opposed to manually mowing your lawn, we recommend investing in a reel lawn mower. This 14-inch push reel mower manufactured by American Lawn Mower Company, the market leader in reel lawn mowers, glides effortlessly across difficult terrain.

Its 90-day limited warranty is not an issue as this lawn mower is long-lasting and durable. It just requires blade sharpening every 2-3 years/


  • Low maintenance
  • No need for gas or electricity
  • Easy to install
  • Does not consume a lot of space
  • Affordable, at $60 to $100.
  • Adjustable blade height from half inches to 5/3 inches.
  • With heat-treated four cascading 14-inch alloy steel blades 
  • The body and blades are constructed entirely of solid steel, while the wheels are constructed entirely of heavy-duty polymer.


  • Cannot cut evenly]
  • Not ideal for big lawns

Great states 304-14 14-inch 5-blade reel lawn mower

The Great States is a cost-effective product because it does not need power, gas, or maintenance. In terms of design and cost, the Great States push reel mower is very comparable to the American Lawn Mower Company reel mower. It’s very light, and maneuvering it about while mowing the grass should be a snap.

Suppose you want to avoid the difficulties associated with electric or gas-powered mowers, such as maintenance, fuel replenishment, charging, and fumes. In that case, you should go for the Great States reel lawn mower.


  • Adjustable height from.5″ to 1.75″.
  • With a comfortable and light T-style handlebar. 
  • The body is constructed of alloy steel, and its 8.5-inch polymer tires are made of rubber.
  • Equipped with five razor-sharp cascaded blades that cut through grass clippings with the precision of scissors. 

Black+ decker besta 512cm electric lawn mower

True to its name, the Black+Decker 3-in-1 lawn mower converts from a lawnmower to a string trimmer or an edger. It is the most versatile electric mower on the market. You’ll be more than pleased with the Black+Decker 3-in-1 electric lawnmower’s performance. It’s one of Black+Decker’s most versatile mowers ever.

This mower is designed to cut through all kinds of grass cuttings and can adjust its power output when confronted with tough grass cuttings. It has compact storage, is lightweight, and does not need tools for installation.


  • With a PowerDrive transmission system
  • With cord retention mechanism for accidental disconnection protection
  • Comes with a detachable deck, string trimmer, AF spool, power source, guard, and power source
  • Has an AFS system that automatically adjusts the spool without intervention.
  • With a 12″ cutting path. And adjustable height between 1.6 and 2.4 inches.
  • Equipped with a powerful 6.5-amp motor 


  • Not ideal for heavier vegetation

Sun Joe MJ401E 14-inch 12 amp electric lawn mower

Sun Joe is a lightweight lawn mower which gives it an edge against the majority of push mowers presently available on the market, which is very hefty and taxing on the back when moved. This electric mower is a powerful machine that cuts through grass cuttings with the precision of a knife. It comes with a hassle-free, no-questions-asked two-year warranty.


  • Lightweight design for ease of use
  • Comes with a cord which eliminates the need for petrol or batteries. 
  • With a detachable grass bagger and a three-position adjustable deck height.
  • Powered by a strong 12 amp motor 
  • Equipped with a rear bagger that can hold 10.6 gallons of clippings.
  • Comes with a single and durable14-inch steel blade. Additionally, this blade is very durable.


  • The grass catcher handler needs improvement
  • Produces more noise than the other models

Purchasing guide for lawnmowers

Purchasing a lawnmower is a significant financial commitment. It can be overwhelming to look at various lawn mowers types and models, especially if you are not an expert in that area. That is why you must exercise caution while selecting a buy for yourself. We’ll explain what to look for in a lawnmower in the following guide.

Type and power source

Depending on your needs, what you plan to cut, and the size of your lawn, the ideal lawn mower type for you could vary. The most popular kinds include electric lawnmowers, reel lawn mowers, push lawn mowers, riding lawn mowers, and zero-turn lawn mowers.

Each mower has its advantages and disadvantages, and you must choose the one that best meets your needs. We compiled the four basic types of lawnmowers to guide you in deciding which model suits you.

Corded electric models

Electric lawn mowers are less costly but may lose portability because they need power connections that are long enough to reach all areas of your grass. Handling the cables may add time to your lawn mowing process as you pull the cable out of the way to prevent running over it and pause to untangle the wire when it becomes kinked or hooked. 

  • Simple to start
  • Needs little maintenance.
  • You may lose mobility in some areas as it cannot be operated without a power source.

Electric mowers do not need the same level of maintenance as lawn mowers powered by gasoline engines. These are generally quiet, so you are less likely to disturb other family members or neighbors if you mow in the morning or evening.

While you cannot use a corded electric mower during a power outage, you must always have enough gas on hand to complete the task with a gas-powered mower. 

Cordless electric models

Cordless mowers often feature several power modes, allowing you to save battery power on level terrain with thin or short grass and then switch to a more powerful and energy-consuming mode on inclines or while dealing with thick or long grass and weeds. 

Certain cordless mowers include built-in chargers and permanent batteries. Replaceable battery models that may be charged independently from the mower allow you to prolong your mowing duration by simply replacing a depleted battery with a new one. 

  • Portability because of the batteries
  • Some models with 40-volt batteries have enough cutting power for most lawns
  • Manufacturers often provide additional equipment such as edges, grass trimmers, and blowers that use the same battery size.


  • More expensive than corded electric models

Cordless electric lawn mowers, also known as battery-operated mowers, are more expensive than corded electric lawn mowers. The mower may not be powerful enough to cut long grass when the battery gets low.

Gas-powered models

Gas-powered lawnmowers are more powerful than electric lawnmowers, which benefits them if you need additional strength to cut exceptionally thick and long grass or if you often use your lawnmower to trim weeds and other plant life. 

  • The least costly among the different types
  • Portable, it can be used anywhere without relying on electricity
  • Needs fuel on hand. 
  • Noisier than electric models
  • Needs more repair and maintenance
  • Sometimes difficult or impossible to start 
  • Needs more maintenance than electric mowers. 

Robot lawnmowers

Robotic lawnmowers, like robot vacuum cleaners, are battery-powered and, like vacuum cleaners, offer various degrees of self-management.

For instance, they must negotiate barriers to reach all parts of the yard and check their battery charge to return to a charging station when their batteries are about to run out. These are widespread in Europe but remain uncommon in the United States. 

  • Does not require human assistance or intervention once set and programmed. 
  • It can be remotely programmed and monitored with a smartphone app 
  • Some models may react to digital voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa. 

The most costly type among the lawn mowers, however, their prices are anticipated to decrease significantly over the next several years.


Robotic lawn mowers are not yet widely available in the United States, and those tend to be costly and seldom on sale. However, reports indicate that robot lawn mowers have grown more popular, suggesting a bigger inflow with cheaper costs in the next few years.

Cutting mode 

You have three options for disposing of grass clippings: bagging, side discharge, and mulching. Most walk-behind mowers are equipped with two or three of these modes. 


Mulching, which recycles grass clippings back into the lawn to provide nutrients, is perhaps the simplest and most ecologically friendly method of dealing with clippings.

If you’re looking for this feature, you should search for a mower that mulches very well. Certain mowers include mulching blades. Others have unique decks that prevent grass from accumulating on the mower’s bottom.


If you prefer a bagged mower, you should examine how the bag operates and whether it is simple to remove and replace or not.  Though you want the cleanest grass possible, bagging is the ideal choice, even if dealing with bagged clippings may be tedious and dirty.

Certain mowers allow users to mulch and bag simultaneously, while others let users go from bagging to mulching with the flick of a button.

Side Discharge

Typically, side discharge mowers are used in conjunction with separate lawn sweepers. The side discharge and mulching modes both return grass clippings to the yard. Due to the messiness of these techniques, some users choose to mow in bagging mode. 

Lawn area and mower size

Your lawn area will determine what lawn mower you should purchase. The width of the cutting path is often used to determine the size of a lawn mower.

For less than a tenth of an acre of lawn

Small lawns less than a tenth of an acre seldom need big, powerful lawnmowers. A modest electric corded mower or a cordless walk-behind or robot mower may be adequate. A push mower will also suffice for small and flat yards.

If you get a mower with a 15- to 17-inch cutting path and have a larger lawn, you will be doing a lot of walking. Purchase a bigger mower. The price rise is seldom that significant. 

You’ll need a more powerful mower if you have a big lawn with difficult-to-mow grass, steep inclines, and excessively wet soil. The grass on your lawn may also influence your mower selection, particularly if you have Bermuda Grass, which looks best when mowed extremely short. 

For half to quarter acre lawns

A cutting path of 19-to-21 inches or more for half-acre lawns is likely enough. Larger mowers are more expensive, use more gasoline, and need more storage space. If your lawn exceeds a quarter acre in size, you may consider a self-propelled mower, particularly if your yard has a slope or tiny hills. 

For more than one acre of lawns:

If you have more than an acre or perhaps two acres to mow, consider ride-on or yard tractors that can take additional accessories such as snow plows, snow blower attachments, and even tow yard or garden carts. 

If you have a large yard, gas-powered mowers are probably the best option, but current electric mower models, whether corded or cordless, are more powerful than they were only a few years ago. Although the difference is minimal, gas mowers are somewhat less expensive than corded electric mowers.

Comfort, features, and reviews

Comfort is also a priority. If it gives you additional stress, it’s not worth it. If you decide to get a ride-on mower, opt for one with a padded seat. It’s also critical to evaluate the steering wheel’s comfort. Self-propelled or push mowers should be adjusted to a comfortable height. Additionally, the handles should be placed in an easy-to-grasp location within your reach.

That being said, consider the reviews. The users know if it is comfortable and hassle-free in the long run. Consider what other people have to say about the product.

Although no lawnmower receives perfect ratings, you should still research the product before purchasing it. Discover what customers say about the lawnmower’s comfort, durability, and features.

Carefully examine the mower’s optional features. Consider the height adjusters. How do you change the mower’s height? A simple-to-adjust mower may have a single lever that controls all four wheels.

One negative review should not dissuade you from purchasing a mower. Reviews that repeat the same concerns are a red flag that your purchase should be reconsidered. 

Performance and durability

What use is a lawnmower if it is inoperable? If you use an inefficient mower, you may as well cut your lawn with scissors. A low-cost lawn mower is expensive if it must be replaced every year.

When purchasing a new mower, it is important to evaluate its durability. Does it make use of low-cost lawn mower components? If that is the case, are any of those components warranted? It makes no financial sense for you to fix your mower regularly.

Typically, performance is determined by the engine’s size and type. For basic tasks, a 140cc engine may suffice. However, a yard with long or wet grass requires a mower with a stronger engine. Additionally, an overhead valve engine mower may be required.

Generally, you can determine the durability of a lawnmower by looking at the manufacturer’s reputation. While some companies are renowned for producing durable products, others have the opposite reputation.

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