What is a dikes tool?

Dikes tool, also known as Dykes tool or Diagonal pliers, is mostly used for cutting wires. This device is also known as a wire cutter. Dikes usually have pointed tips. When in doubt, dike it out, according to an adage.

This article will look at the best and cheapest dikes tool for electrical professionals to cut wires.

Dikes get their name from the word diagonal cutters, also known as side cutters. Wedging and intending the wire apart creates dikes. This instrument is preferable to scissors for shearing tasks.

The best and cheapest dikes tool

The best dikes tool or cheapest dikes tool for cutting electrical wire is listed below, along with customer reviews.

Klein tools pliers

Klein Dykes’ tool is a diagonal cutter with a glow-in-the-dark handle to help you find it fast in low-light situations. In both artificial and natural lighting, the plier’s grip will charge. ACSR, nails, screws, and tough wires were sliced with the instrument. As a result, it has a high-leverage design.

The tool rivet is cutting-edge technology, with 36% more gripping and cutting power than any other plier design. Short jaws and beveled cutting edges allow for close cutting of nails and tough wires.

Knipex dykes tool

The KNIPEX Dikes tool is a highly leveraged diagonal cutter designed for prolonged and hard operation. The tool has an axel design that delivers a 20% force reduction for reduced fatigue and is an easy-to-use tool. The key feature of the tool is the coordination of the cutting edge angle, ergonomic handle design, transmission ratio, and the ability to readily cut all types of nails and wires with high-performance precision.

The diagonal cutters are made of oil-hardened chrome vanadium steel and are built to last. The precision-matched, induction hardened cutting edges cut materials such as nails, ACSR, piano wire, and other hard wires without needing tool changes or damage to the cutting edges.

Irwin vise-grip diagonal cutting pliers

IRWIN VISE-GRIP pliers are nickel-chromium steel and feature pro touch grips for added comfort and reduced hand fatigue. The tool’s cutting edge has been induction hardened, and the jaws have been machined for optimal gripping strength.

This dikes tool meets or exceeds ANSI criteria and comes with a lifetime guarantee from IRWIN VISE-GRIP. In addition, the induction hardened cutting edge retains its sharpness for a longer period. The diagonal cutting edge is 6 inches long. This is another plumbing tool that plumbers must have.

Whizzotech wire cutter

With a nonslip rubber grip and an opening spring, the Whizzotech wire cutter is convenient and pleasant. They can easily cut memory wire, headpins, eye pins, cords, small chains, thin beading wire, tiger tails, and other electrical repair needs.

The dikes tool is made of stainless steel with chromium-vanadium plating. This diagonal cutting plier contains a 4.5-inch micro flush-cut side cutter. The tool is ideal for jewelers and electricians and comes with a PVC-coated grip for comfort.

How to choose the best cutting dikes

As previously stated, Amazon is one of the best places to buy things like Cutting Dikes. However, getting the exact Cutting Dikes you want can be difficult, especially if you are using the platform for the first time.

Here are some factors to think about when selecting the best Cutting Dikes on Amazon:


When buying Cutting Dikes from Amazon, price is one of the most crucial variables to consider. No one does not want to get high-quality goods at inexpensive pricing. With Amazon, you can compare laptop prices from various merchants and choose the most advantageous one.


The brand is another key element when buying Cutting Dikes from Amazon. Different merchants sell various brands, and it is important to understand each type of brand to make the best option. High-quality and well-known brands like Apple are more expensive than less well-known ones.


Before choosing a Cutting Dikes, you should also evaluate its functionality. The usefulness of any Cutting Dikes is usually determined by its specifications. The higher the functionality, the more sophisticated the specifications.

Old customer reviews

Most buyers offer feedback about their experiences with the various Cutting Dikes they purchased from Amazon. The reviews are always displayed on the same page as the product. Such reviews will allow you to determine whether the Cutting Dikes you wish to purchase are good or terrible.

How not to use wire cutters

  • Never cut material that the tool is not designed to cut. This is a definite method to obliterate the cutting edges. Instead, only use hard material cutters specially developed for the job.
  • Avoid exposing any wire cutter to excessive heat. It will erode the blades’ temper and leave the instrument worthless.
  • Never let a wire cutter come into contact with water. If it does, dry it immediately to avoid rust damage.
  • Avoid using a wire cutter as a hammer. Instead, use a hammer.
  • Never increase leverage by extending the length of wire cutters. Instead, use a larger pair to cut material that lighter or smaller instruments cannot.
  • Never bend hard steel wire with cutters that aren’t made for the job. This will cause the jaws to become out of alignment by bending them or injuring the pivot point.


Who uses the dikes tool?

Dikes, diagonal, and wire cutters are all handy but not required tools. Instead, many people use it as a fill-in-the-gaps tool, spinning wire ties, cutting the banding off a package, clipping the exposed end of a small nail or brad, or shortening framing wire. As a result, most electricians, jewelers, and other craftspeople will use the dykes tool as a hand tool for electrical and handwork.

Where did the name dikes tool come from?

Wire cutters are also known as Dikes Tool. The name is a combination of the terms diagonal cutters and diagonal cutters.
These are also referred to as side cutters and diags. These dikes tools are electricians’ best friends since they are convenient and easy to use.

What is the difference between the side and diagonal cutters?

Side cutters are also known as High Leverage Side Cutters. These are the Kleins or Linemans. Dikes and Snips are made with diagonal cutters.

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