Ferris has long been a reputable brand in the machinery industry. A lot of consumers love their products. The company has been consistently launching high-quality products. Lawn mower users, in particular, have placed their trust in Ferris for a long time.

According to the feedback we’ve gathered from numerous lawn mower owners, they are very satisfied with their Ferris mowers. Ferris values its customers’ confidence; therefore, they always give it their all.

In this list are 10 top-tier Ferris products that you may want to consider purchasing. The work itself wasn’t watered down in the least bit. We exerted a lot of effort in compiling this list.

Ferris: A reputable lawn mower manufacturer

First, let’s brush up on some facts about Ferris, the company that makes these great mowers!

Ferris was founded in 1909 and has been in business ever since. In addition, they worked with milking machines in the beginning. Afterward, in 1980, they entered the lawn mower industry.

Their unique suspension system has changed how lawn mowers are designed and built.

You’ll learn the following things after reading this article:

In addition to zero-turn mowers, walk-behind mowers, front-mount lawn mowers, stand-on lawn mowers, ride-on spreader/sprayers, and stand-on blowers, Ferris also provides various other lawn care products and services. Mowers made by Ferris are known for their ease of maneuverability in confined spaces.

Ferris zero-turn lawn mowers

Lawnmowers with zero-turn capabilities are the fastest on the market. So let’s find out why these mowers are called zero-turn ones today.

Their name comes from their very small turning radius. They’re nimble and agile. Mowing on uneven terrain is no problem with these mowers.

There is a unique suspension mechanism on all Ferris zero-turn mowers, making them highly productive. We’ll go through some of the top Ferris zero-turn mowers below.

1. ISX™ 3300 Zero Turn Mowers 

With the ISX 3300, you get a strong vanguard engine at a reasonable price. This engine has also been utilized in many previous Ferris lawn mower models. The broad 61-inch cutting deck of the ISX mower is what makes it so effective at mowing grass.

Zero-turn riding lawn mowers don’t come much smoother than this one. It’s made with a thoughtful, functional design in mind. This lawn mower resembles the ISX 800 in terms of design. No matter how challenging your grass is, you can mow through it quickly without experiencing any bumps.

It has two fuel tanks, each carrying 5.5 gallons of gasoline. So forget about having to stop and refuel every so often with that gasoline.

This lawnmower is equipped with a high-quality suspension seat.

And in the long run, it’ll make riding your lawnmower more enjoyable. You may rest your arms and your head on the headrest. If necessary, the headrest may be adjusted to suit your needs. Fortunately, reclining the seat can also be adjusted to a comfortable position.

It is completely dependent on the deck’s cutting height that your lawnmower will operate at its best. Because of this, the ISX 3300 has a foot-operated deck lift. There is a range of options for deck heights ranging from 1.5 inches to 5 inches high.

A particularly well-thought-out feature of this lawnmower is the rear bumper. The vehicle’s thick side walls and sturdy frames protect the engine well-protected. While driving up and down steep hills, the bumper also helps to stabilize the mower.

A four-rod suspension system up front keeps this lawnmower level and comfortable to ride on rough terrain. This method reduces the damage a lawn mower would take if it were impacted while mowing. As a result, the mower can retain its equilibrium and provide a more comfortable riding experience.

There are many interesting new features included with the ISX 3300 lawnmower, making it a tough and long-lasting option. It’s something to think about.

2. IS® 2600Z Zero Turn Mower

The Ferris 2600 series continues to grow with the arrival of this new lawn mower. Additionally, it is equipped with a powerful 26HP diesel engine and many noteworthy features. The mower’s rear is covered with a metal canopy for protection.

The mower’s large 26-inch caster tires provide enough grip with the ground to allow it to be maneuvered across difficult terrain. Additionally, it is equipped with a unique independent suspension system.

The mower is equipped with coil-over shocks on the front and back. They can compress the deck by up to five or six inches, allowing it to be adjusted to the contours of the surrounding terrain.

The floor pan may be removed to provide access to the deck’s interior. This will make cleaning the deck much easier for you. In addition, it’ll be useful if you need to repair the deck.

This lawn mower’s engine is well-thought-out in terms of design. Access to the engine is fast and easy, thanks to locks placed around it for your convenience.

You may alter the height of the deck on the IS 2600Z lawn mower between 1.75 inches and approximately 5 inches. A foot pedal lets you adjust the platform’s height to your liking.

Both the front and rear of the lawnmower have coil-over-shocks put on them. Compression of these coil-over shocks occurs when the lawnmower crosses uneven terrain, which balances the mower.

The rear bumper of the IS 2600Z is created to safeguard the engine, and it does just that.

The IS 2600Z is a multipurpose lawn mower that may be used in various mowing scenarios. It’s fantastic, and we heartily endorse it.

3. ISX™ 2200 Zero Turn Mowers

The ISX 2200 features a cutting-edge appearance. It has a 61-inch iCD cutting surface. Because of its large cutting surface and strong vanguard engine, this machine will provide excellent cutting results.

This lawn mower has a suspension seat, ensuring smooth and pleasant riding. You’ll have to adjust your weight by turning the dial on the seat’s backside.

It has fuel tanks that can store up to 11 gallons of oil. To check how much gas is left in the tank, look at the gas gauge on top of it. Using this feature, you can see how much gasoline remains in the tank. The top of the gasoline tank also has cup holders for your coffees and sodas.

This lawnmower is perfect for cutting uneven lawns and sloping terrain.

To maintain the desired height, you may either mow your lawn short or tall, depending on the time of year. To accomplish this, you’ll have to adjust the cutting height.

Because of this, the ISX 2200 lawn mower has a deck lift that can be controlled with the foot. In addition, it allows you to change the height in .25-inch increments between 1.5 and 5 inches.

Two Hydro-Gear ZT-4400 transaxles are included with the ISX 2200’s ISX 2400 engine. Thanks to this device, everything that has to do with changing gears is done within the lawn mower. This is what gives the engine its incredible amount of power.

The suspension mechanism on this lawn mower makes it unique. The caster wheels and cutting deck must be attached to a frame to operate the mower. Its suspension system attaches to this frame for further stability.

This allows the deck to move in the same direction as the wheels while maintaining its place. Because of this, the deck and wheels will follow the curves of any uneven terrain and prevent the lawnmower from tipping over as it cuts over it.

Powered by a Vanguard 810xx EFL engine, the ISX 2200 mower has a total output of 26 horsepower. In addition, the engine has an oil-guard system to keep things clean in the engine bay.

Even though the ISX series lawn mowers are very costly, the ISX 2200 exception to that rule is fairly cheap. So it’s something you should think about getting.

4. ISX™ 800 Zero Turn Mower

Zero-turn lawn mowers have been around for a long time, but the ISX 800 is a high-end residential version of that technology. In terms of features, this model is comparable to the ISX 700 and ISX 2100 models from the same manufacturer. In addition, this ISX lawnmower is the first to be equipped with an independent suspension system.

It has a very supportive and comfy high back seat. It’s so comfortable; it has armrests. Located on the right side of the seat, the control mechanism allows for easy operation. Fortunately, this mower does not come equipped with a carburetor. So, when you turn it on, it starts up smoothly, similar to a vehicle.

This lawnmower’s fuel tank has a capacity of 5.5 gallons. With that amount of gasoline, you can re-mow your lawn twice.

This lawnmower’s cutting mechanism is built to cope with many mowing situations. It has a cutting deck with two belts 61 inches in length. Unfortunately, even the thick and tough grass is no match for the mower’s cutting abilities.

The deck’s floor pan may be taken out for cleaning and maintenance.  Removing and washing the deck’s interior with soap and water is quite simple.

The top speed of the ISX 800 is 10 miles per hour. For a lawn mower, that’s lightning quick. In reverse, the vehicle can go 6 miles per hour (MPH).

The ISX 800 has an integrated suspension system, much like the rest of the entries on this list. So regardless of the mowing circumstances, you can count on a smooth ride thanks to this feature.

This lawnmower may be customized with various add-ons to make it even more helpful. For example, if bagging is your preference, you may connect a grass catcher to the ISX 800 and use it that way. In addition, several Turbo Pro bags are designed specifically for this machine.

You can add mulching blades and additional mulching gear to this lawnmower.

The ISX 800 leads the industry in both efficiency and productivity. As a result, this model is worth a second glance.

Ferris walk-behind lawn mowers

Ferris’s models are among the most technologically sophisticated in the market’s walk-behind lawn mowers. Because of this, they’re well-known for being very fast and agile. They’re also capable of handling your lawn’s high slopes and obstructions.

Listed below are the top Ferris walk-behind lawn mowers:

1. FW15 Walk Behind Mower

FW15 is Ferris’ best-selling push mower ever, and it’s not hard to imagine why. It’s a sturdy machine with a solid foundation. A powerful Honda GXV 390 engine propels the vehicle. With a 10.2 horsepower engine, it is very powerful, particularly for a push mower of this size.

Mowing with the FW15 is a piece of cake because of its simple controls. The mower has a forward/reverse gear on the handlebar that you may change. In addition, a speed range indicator on the handlebar may be used to assess the mower’s speed while cutting grass.

It is a pull-start lawnmower, meaning you must pull a rope to start the engine. However, it always begins on the first draw, so it’s not considered a deal-breaker.

Mowing with the FW15 mower couldn’t be easier thanks to the mower’s one-handed operation. A control panel for the lawnmower may be found on the right-hand side of the handlebar.

The handlebars are also adjustable in four ways for the user’s comfort. As a result, you have the option of sitting in a position that is most conducive to your comfort.

The blade and deck height may both be adjusted by pulling a pin. The height may be adjusted from 1-1/2 inches to 5 inches according to your preference.

The ISX 800 can go up to 10 miles per hour in the forward direction. To be honest, that’s lightning-fast for a lawnmower. It’s also capable of going the other way. In reverse, the vehicle can go 6 miles per hour (MPH).

The FW15’s Hydrostatic transmission sets it apart from the other lawnmowers we’ve looked at thus far. This gives the mower the traction it needs to travel up and down hills and over other terrains. It also guarantees a clean, precise cut.

The small steel deck of the FW15 lawnmower is 32 inches in length. Further strengthening of the steel has resulted in increased sturdiness.

Walk-behind lawn mowers are hard to come by, but the FW15 is a standout. It’ll blow you away with how well it works.

2. FW25 Walk Behind Mowers

The FW25 commercial walk-behind mower is hydraulically powered. It features a 36-inch deck and a Kawasaki FX600V engine with 118.5 horsepower.  This lawn mower has a long lifespan and can tackle both gentle and challenging slopes. On the front deck of this lawnmower are two spacers, which may be used to adjust the cutting height of the machine.

When it comes to using this lawnmower, there are no complicated features. With a pistol grip, you can easily control the throttle and brakes of the vehicle.

The mower’s speed may be adjusted using a gear. This lawn mower can even be started using a key. So there’s no need to juggle a bunch of cords to get the engine started.

The FW25 lawnmower is equipped with cruise control, which allows you to regulate the speed of the machine. Simple to use, even for non-technical users. It’s as simple as adjusting the cruise control lever. It can be accelerated by pushing it forward and slowed down by pulling it back.

In addition, a speed indicator lets you know how fast the mower is running at any given moment.

To relocate an object in the path of your mowing, you do not need to stop the mower’s motor. Instead, you may change the direction and pull the cruise control lever back.

Because of this, the fan blades will not spin, but the engine will continue to operate as usual. Now that your mower is in a neutral position, you may move away and get rid of the obstruction.

High-quality deck drive belts are a standard component of the FW25 deck drive. In addition, durable materials are used in construction so they won’t degrade over time.

This lawnmower is built to last and can easily handle all of the stresses that come with frequent usage. The 10-gauge steel used on the deck contributes to its sturdiness.

There are places on the front and rear of this lawnmower where a rope may be tied securely. So, moving this mower will not be an issue.

The FW25 is simple to use and has many great accessories to improve your experience. This lawn mower is exceptional, and you should think about getting it.

Ferris front mount lawn mowers

The zero-turn capabilities of the Ferris front-mount lawn mowers are one of its key selling points. In addition, these mowers have a low front end, which allows the operator to see more clearly. What’s more, the weight of these lawnmowers is spread equally throughout the whole machine.

The big tires on these lawnmowers offer excellent grip on both flat and steep terrain.

Let’s look at a few of the finest Ferris front-mount lawn mowers. 

1. F800X Front Mount Mower Series

Regarding cutting quality and speed, the F800X lawnmower blew us away. It’s a great lawnmower for the money because of the excellent quality and low pricing. This mower can mow your whole lawn in three hours or less.

The blade height may simply be adjusted to suit your preferences for cutting your lawn. It cuts with incredible precision and efficiency and uses less gasoline than other alternatives.

You’ll be able to mow at a maximum pace of ten miles per hour using this mower. Everything about this lawnmower is excellent, except it’s a little too noisy sometimes.

Cutting-edge iCD technology is included on the F800X lawnmower. This technique was created to provide users with the greatest cutting results, regardless of the mowing conditions they’re confronted with.

This lawnmower is very simple to keep clean because it has an electric deck lift. Just flip a switch to elevate the deck. In addition, the same switch may be used to return the deck to its original position once service and maintenance have been completed on the unit.

Release the latches that keep the exterior portion of the engine compartment in place in a fast and straightforward manner. As a result, getting access to the engine will be much simpler.

The motorized deck lift may easily adjust the deck’s cutting height to suit your preferences. A range of cutting heights is available, from 1.5′′ to 5″.

The F800X lawn mower can go up to 10 miles per hour on flat terrain. In addition, it can go as fast as 6 miles per hour in reverse. So 6 acres of ground may be mowed in one hour using this machine. It’s also quite accurate, with a precision of around 80%.

The F800X is a well-built lawnmower with a lot of capabilities. Consequently, it’s appropriate for many lawn care scenarios. It surpassed our expectations, which is why we are enthusiastic about it.

2. ProCut™ S Front Mount Mowers

You have an option of two engines when purchasing this lawnmower. You may choose between the one powered by a Briggs & Stratton or a Kawasaki. Both of them are propelled by gasoline engines.

Mowers like this ProCut S are built to be nimble and able to follow the curves of the terrain perfectly.

The cutting deck of this mower is 61 inches in length and is constructed of heavy-duty 10-gauge steel. This deck beats 7-gauge steel conventional decks in terms of durability. Additionally, you may elevate the deck with the electric deck lift. This will come in handy if you have to mow across curved terrain.

Compared to the other lawnmowers on our list, this lawnmower has a unique height adjustment feature. An adjustment lever near the caster tires allows you to set the height between 1.5″ and 5″.

Using the ProCut S lawnmower, you can easily cover up to 4 acres per hour. It works at an efficiency rate of around 80% efficiency.

You can easily replenish the vehicle’s large gasoline tank. It has a maximum oil capacity of 5.5 gallons.

The ProCut S lawnmower’s motorized deck lift makes it easy to elevate the deck for maintenance inspections.

It has coil-over shocks, so it can follow the terrain’s curves and modify the deck accordingly. It’ll make sure everything goes well for you.

Designed for ease of use, the ProCut S offers outstanding cut quality. This lawnmower, in our opinion, is well worth your consideration.  

Ferris stand-on mowers

The excellent ergonomic design of the Ferris stand-on lawn mowers is evident in their manufacturing. These lawnmowers have a great sense of stability and balance. They’re easy to use, too. In addition, they feature suspension platforms that may be adjusted to suit the user’s preferences.

This tool may be customized with various attachments, allowing you to get the most out of it. Listed below are the finest Ferris stand-on lawn mowers available for purchase today:

1. SRS™ Z1 Soft Ride Stand-On Mowers

Soft riding mowers like the SRS Z1 have better balance, maneuverability, and traction than other models. Ferris mowers like the SRS Z1 are known for their cutting-edge technology and user-friendly layout.

It mows steep slopes with ease thanks to its large 23-inch rear tires. Mowing in confined spaces is a specialty of this mower. You will get the best cutting performance possible thanks to its cutting mechanism, which is proven to be state-of-the-art.

Steel blades of the SRS Z1 provide adequate lift to cut the grass cleanly, making it an excellent lawnmower. For added traction, it is equipped with big driving tires.

When using this lawnmower, you have the option of adjusting the cutting blade height with ease. Aside from that, you may adjust its height between 1.75 and 4.5 inches in increments of 0.25″ inches.

This lawnmower’s ergonomics were carefully considered throughout the design process to provide maximum user satisfaction. You can ride comfortably because of the thigh padding, particularly while navigating steep, rough terrain.

The SRS Z1 lawn mower features a big fuel tank with a capacity of 6 gallons, which is ideal for large lawns. As a side benefit, the oil bottle is located in the middle of the mower, which helps keep it balanced.

With three distinct speed controls at their disposal, users have plenty of flexibility. The mower’s speed may be adjusted with relative ease. For example, 8 miles per hour is the top forward speed, whereas 4 miles per hour is the top reverse speed.

This lawnmower’s suspension platform may be adjusted to accommodate different users’ body types. Depending on the mowing circumstances, you may change the adjustment positions to suit your needs.

The SRS Z1 is unrivaled in cutting speed, durability, and overall cut quality. Furthermore, it merits consideration.

2. SRS™ Z3X Soft Ride Stand-On Mowers

The SRS Z3X is not one to be underestimated. The speed of this mower is impressive.

It’s built to withstand rough, steep terrain. A choice of two engines is provided. Ultimately, we decided on the 37-horsepower Vanguard big-block EFI engine.

Oil changes are required every 500 hours on this vehicle. There are two deck sizes offered for the Z3X. One of them has a deck that is 61 inches in length, as opposed to the other, which has a 72-inch-long deck. The lawn mower business has the largest deck size so far.

You have five options for positioning the mower’s platform while using it.

The gasoline tank on this lawnmower is enormous. It’s in the middle of the lawnmower to keep everything balanced. Adding fuel to this tank is a cinch since the tank’s neck is on the right side of the lawnmower. It has a capacity of 11 gallons of oil.

A Vanguard engine from Kawasaki powers the SRS Z3X lawnmower. In addition, the engine has an oil-guard system to keep things clean in the engine bay. With its strong engine, the mower can deal with tough grass and rough terrains without requiring much from the user.

Like the one before, this mower has three different speed settings. The lawnmower is easy to use thanks to its user-friendly design and variable speed control. Topping out at 12 mph, it’s the quickest lawnmower on our list. It can go as fast as 5 miles per hour in reverse.

The suspension of the SRS Z3X may be adjusted to suit the driver’s preferences. It’s adjustable so that you may have a more pleasurable ride.

In addition to offering a perfect cut, the SRS Z3X offers many innovative features. There is no doubt that you will be pleased with the way it works.

Buying guide for Ferris lawn mowers

The Ferris lawn mower brand is well-known in the marketplace. Lawnmowers made by this company are renowned for their excellent quality, productivity, and adaptability. Other than that, they also produce a wide range of lawn mower models. Regarding Ferris lawn mowers, we’ve spoken about the unique characteristics that set them apart from the competition.

However, you should realize that before purchasing a Ferris lawn mower, there are a few factors to consider. Also, be sure to look at the features of the mower you’re considering purchasing.

Before purchasing a Ferris lawn mower, be sure to look at the following features: 

Speed control

The mower’s speed determines how efficiently a lawn mower can cut grass. This is particularly true in the case of zero-turn lawn mower models. Therefore, your lawnmower should have a simple to use speed control mechanism.

Suspension platform

Most Ferris lawn mowers come with separate suspension platforms for the blades. They are linked to the mower via coil-over-shocks on the platforms they support. To provide a comfortable ride, this platform mimics the natural curves of the lawn.

Fuel capacity

There is a 500-hour oil change interval on most Ferris lawn mowers. Therefore, ensure the gasoline tank on your lawnmower holds at least 5 gallons of petrol.

Height adjustability 

A precise cut will need adjustment of the deck height. For this reason, when purchasing a lawnmower, ensure it has height adjustment capabilities.

Cost of Ferris mowers

Regarding pricing, Ferris does an excellent job of distributing the costs across various product lines. In this manner, virtually every user may obtain a decent mower that fits their budget without giving up many features.

In the $13,500 area, Ferris zero-turn mowers like the ISXTM 3300 are available, while the ISXTM 2200 is available for about $12,099. Budget between $3,360 to $5,700 for walk-behinds such as the FW15 and FW25.

Front mowers from Ferris are more costly than those from other manufacturers. The F800X costs between $12,500 and $13,000. Moreover, depending on where you get it, the Ferris Pro Cut S costs between $9,499 and $10,000.

Ferris mowers warranty

For those of you who have been purchasing power tools for a while, the significance of warranty terms should be obvious. If you purchase lawn mowers, anything may go wrong. Even mowers from prestigious manufacturers like Ferris are not exempt from disaster.

It is knowing that a generous warranty covering Ferris’ mowers and other critical components is a relief. In addition, Ferris offers customized warranties for each mower type, such as ride-on mowers, stand-on mowers, and walk-behind mowers, as well as warranty policies for its belts and suspensions.

Ferris offers a 2+2-year limited warranty on all of their stand-on commercial mowers.  These four years equate to 500 hours of learning, depending on which event occurs first. In addition, these stand-on mowers are now covered under warranty for an unlimited number of hours for the first 24 months.

Ferris stand-on mowers come with a 90-day guarantee covering everything from the belts and brake pads to the tires and blades to the batteries. A three-year limited warranty is also included with the transaxles…

To Ferris ride-on mowers, the same policy applies: all commercial ride-on mowers are covered by an unequaled 2+2 Year limited guarantee, and a 90-day warranty covers the tires, blades, and brake pads.

Aside from that, the Ferris 400s zero turn mower is covered by a 4-year limited warranty, equivalent to 500 hours, depending on which guarantee is activated first.

Walker-mowers are covered by a different warranty coverage than other Ferris products. There is a 24-month warranty on this particular kind of lawnmower, which covers unrestricted use.

As previously stated, Ferris offers bespoke warranty terms for its belts and suspension. Even from other manufacturers, this is unusual, to be honest.

Models including the ISX 2200, ISX 3300, and ISX 800 come with a 3-year limited guarantee equal to 300 hours of use. Labour and parts are both covered by this insurance for the first 12 months. However, only a portion of the policy’s benefits has been covered during the last two years.

Regarding standard 1-belt deck mowers, Ferris offers a limited 12-month guarantee with coverage for 100 hours. Both the labor and the components are included here.

Finally, Ferris provides purchasers of riding mowers with suspension systems a 5-year guarantee policy (for unlimited hours) on the coil-over-shocks system components.

Where to purchase Ferris lawn mowers?

Ferris lawn mowers may be purchased from a slew of dealer shops nationwide. Nevertheless, locating a dealer shop that has the Ferris lawn mower model that you’re interested in may be tough for you to do.

That’s why Ferris has developed a web application on their website to make your job easier. Let’s have a look at what you’ve got to do.

  • Click on “Support” on the FerrisMowers website.
  • You should see a dropdown menu on the home page.
  • The next step is to choose “Locate a dealer.”
  • This will open the “Dealer Locator” web app.
  • All that’s left is for you to enter the name of your country and the city where you now reside.
  • After that, enter the search criteria.
  • When you click the search button, a map will appear with the locations of dealerships selling Ferris lawn mowers.

Are Ferris mowers comfortable to use?

Understandably, you’d want a smooth ride while mowing. Ferris lawn mowers are notable for their ease in operability. Engineering their suspension systems is a large factor contributing to this.

Using these mowers prevents you from dealing with the inevitable (and painful) consequences of mowing over uneven ground. This is accomplished by eliminating the alleged chassis shock that would otherwise be transmitted to your body as you ride.

Frontline mowers from Ferris, including zero-turn mowers, walk-behind mowers, and front-mount mowers, are equipped with this suspension system. For example, consider the Ferris ISXTM 3300, a top-notch zero-turn mower. In the front, it has a four-rod suspension system for improved handling and stability.

This system absorbs the mower’s stress (from uneven terrain) rather than transferring it to the rider. This makes for a far more comfortable and enjoyable riding experience.

In addition to the IS® 2600Z, Ferris also offers a front-line zero-turn mower with a unique suspension system that includes coil-over-shocks on both its rear and front.

When the mower travels through tougher terrain, the shocks compress to keep the mower balanced while in motion. In addition to the coil-over-shock suspension, Ferris front mowers like the ProCutTM S include a contour-adaptive deck that follows the natural contours of your lawn.

Are the engines of Ferris mowers good?

Mower engines are critical to their overall performance, and Ferris places a high value on the engineering of their mower engines. Depending on the model, this brand’s lawn mowers come with a dizzying array of engines.

The VanguardTM engines found in the Ferris ISXTM 3300 and ISXTM 2200 are some of the most productive, easy to maintain, and reliable engines available for commercial mowers. Other Ferris zero-turn mowers, such as the new IS® 2600Z, are powered by a Yanmar 3 Cylinder Liquid-Cooled Diesel engine that produces 24 horsepower.

Another popular walk-behind mower from Ferris has an impressive Honda GXV 390 engine. The Ferris FW15. A Kawasaki FX 600V engine powers the FW25, another Ferris walk-behind mower with 118.5 horsepower.

Regarding Ferris front-mount mowers, the F800X series has a 31hp VanguardTM engine. Furthermore, the ProCutTM S mowers provide you with various engine choices, including the Kawasaki engine and the Briggs & Stratton engine. It’s important to note that both engines are fueled by gasoline.


That is all the information we have for you at this moment. We hope that by reading our article, you have narrowed your choice for a Ferris mower.

It all boils down to what you need and what you prefer. Therefore, we have provided relevant information that you can use to decide.

Take into account each essential element to guarantee excellent quality. Happy mowing!