Does your yard need maintenance? Are you planning to buy a new gas lawn mower? Using lawn mowers is an effective and efficient way of maintaining your yard.

Before you head to the store to purchase a new one, here are the essential details that you need to know about lawn mowers, specifically the best type of gas mower, the 4-cycle lawn mower. 

Top 6 gas lawn mowers pick for you to buy

Now that you know the essentials of lawn mowers, it is important to read about these best lawn mowers and their reviews. Who knows, one of these could be what you are looking for.

Craftsman M105

This is the best small lawn mower with a 3-in-1 feature. This has a dual lever machine with a quick and efficient method for trimming.


  • 21-inch cutting deck
  • side discharge
  • mulching capability
  • and rear discharge.


  • Easy to assemble
  • affordable
  • and can cut tall grass.


  • Cheaply made

Black+ Decker 21 Inch 140cc

A push mower is ideal for flat terrain. It can perform light trimming to heavy-duty 4-inch cutting.


  • 21- inch cutting deck
  • 6 different height settings
  • and 3-in-1 cutting deck


  • No priming
  • starts on the first pill
  • adjustable height
  • large push handles


  • Mower strips do not have to overlap the cutter

Yard Machines 123cc 2018 Edition

This simple mower is fit for any budget. With its gas engine, it is capable of cutting high grass and is also perfect for smaller yards/


  • 20-inch cutting deck,
  • can cut to three height positions,
  • and 7×7- inch wheels.


  • With one-year warranty
  • maneuverable and lightweight
  • with a powerful 140cc engine


  • Cutting can only range from 1.5 to 3 inches
  • cheaply made.

PowerSmart Lawn Mower DB2321CR

-If you have a small yard and are looking for the best gas lawn mower, this is definitely a good choice for you. It is capable of cutting thick grass even when on uneven and bumpy terrain.


  • Heavy-duty steel deck
  • 144CC OHV engine
  • with discharge and mulching capabilities. 


  • Energy-efficient
  • operates at only 6¢/KWH
  • lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • durable


  • Handles are plastic
  • may break away from the base

Craftsman M215

For medium-sized years, this self-propelled lawn mower is the best option out there. This push mower has variable speed and is ideal for various terrain needs.


  • 159cc OHV gas engine
  • capable of mulching
  • rear and side discharge at 64 decibels


  • Self-propelled
  • can handle challenging terrains
  • intuitive features


  • Undersized wheels for hills and rough terrains
  • bags fill up too fast

Honda HRX217K5VKA

If you love self-propelled mowers but have a large yard, this is the perfect fit. This is an upgrade from its predecessor models.


  • 190cc engine
  • handy electric start
  • built-in blade stop


  • innovative design
  • various power settings
  • automatic recoil start


  • Expensive
  • not lightweight

Types of Lawn Mowers

There are two kinds of lawn mowers, electric-powered and gas-powered, their type derived depending on how they operate. Another feature you should know is the engine of the machine.

It could be two-stroke or four-stroke. The latter is more fuel efficient but may produce more noise compared to the two-stroke. These are worthy of consideration before buying one.

The Three Types of Gas Lawn Mowers

One of the best types of lawn mowers out there on the market are the gas-powered one. Confused which gas-powered mower to purchase? Before you decide, start by getting to know its three types- Rotary, self-propelled, and push.

Rotary Lawn Mowers

Perfect for smaller yards because of the handle connected to the spinning blade. Considered as the most-famous gas-powered machine and price ranges between 200 to 400 dollars. Not advisable for large yards/

Self-Propelled Lawn Mowers

Unlike the rotary lawn mowers, the self-propelled type is ideal for large yards as these can cover more ground. Its features include automatic clutches and adjustable speeds which enable it to push towards hills easier. 

Push Lawn Mowers

This type is a good choice for small yards with an outlet nearby. The advantage is that it is cheaper than its other counterparts. The only drawback is that it can be time and energy-consuming.

Pros and Cons of a Gas Lawn Mower

Compared to their counterparts, gas mowers are generally quieter and less disruptive. However, it is still noisier than the models with cordless power sources.

It may not be a favorable choice for neighborhoods wherein houses are in close proximity. 

In terms of efficiency, it can cut through thick grass compared to the electric model. The drawback is that it needs maintenance at regular intervals.

It is also environmental-wise as it produces less carbon emissions. But it is still prone to gas and oil spills and may contribute more to pollution compared to its electric-powered counterparts.

Another disadvantage is that gas-powered lawn mowers may have problems starting up during winters as they take a lot of time to warm up.

When it comes to sustainability and safety, when properly maintained, gas lawn mowers typically last ten years or more. However, it may be costly to repair a gas lawn mower past the ten-year mark.

In the safety spectrum. Generally, gas lawn mowers are safe if the safety precautions are followed properly. Below you can find the safety measures when using gas lawn mowers.

Factors to consider when buying a gas lawn mower

Have you already decided which type of lawn mower to buy? This list of factors will help you finalize which one is right for you. The factors you need to consider are Yard size, environment and noise tolerance, Ground Slope, and Machine Capabilities and Features.

1. Yard Size, Environment, and Noise Tolerance

The yard size, the foliage to be cut, and your noise tolerance will help you decide whether to opt for gas, electric or push mowers.

If you have a spacious yard, gas lawn mowers are definitely what you need. If you have a large backyard, investing in gas mowers would be great as they can efficiently cut grass and handle overgrown foliage.

However, for limited and small spaces, it is advisable to use a push mower as it has minimal power source requirement and less noise production. 

If you are into less noise, you may also opt to buy the electric-powered mowers. The downside is that it has smaller blades compared to the gas lawn mowers; hence, it is not efficient in cutting thick weeds and tall grasses. 

2. Ground Slope

How your yard is situated (with slope or flat) will give you a clue on what lawn mower to purchase.

If your area has a high slope and uneven terrain, you may think twice before buying a gas mower. Gas mowers are heavy and may not be a good choice in sloped areas as they cannot evenly cut grass.

Like gas mowers, push reel models are also not the best choice for uneven and sloped ones. The four-stroke engine has more power and efficiency, as two-stroke blades may perform poorly on slopes due to smaller blades.

A better choice for uneven surfaces is electric-powered models. However, the downside is that it may emit some noise. Electric-powered models are also fit for flat and even areas.

3. Machine Capabilities and Features

With the machine’s right features and capabilities, yard maintenance will be a hassle-free and stress-free experience. Some of the features that you should look for in a lawn mower are self-propulsion, mulching, blade width and position, and noise level.

With a mower’s self-propulsion technology, it will be capable of turning the wheels. Hence, you won’t be unnecessarily strained from pushing. Another feature mentioned is mulching.

If the machine is capable of mulching, it can bag your cuttings and dispose of them on the side when it comes to blades; the bigger, the better. With a bigger blade, for instance, a 22-inch one, you would need less time pushing the lawnmower.

Take note that the size is not only what you should consider in a blade. It would be better if the blade height were also adjustable using levers.

In terms of noise, the larger and noisier does not mean the better.  Larger engines tend to be louder, so if you have low noise tolerance or live in a neighborhood where noise is an issue, larger engines are a deal breaker.

You may opt for a quieter model with a smaller engine.

Reminders and Safety Measures When Using the Lawn Mower

All machines may threaten safety when not used and handled properly. In order to avoid these, here are basic protocols you must observe when handling your lawn mower.

  1. Refer to the owner’s manual, especially if it is a newly-owned lawn mower.
  2. Get rid of anything that may jam the lawn mower or may cause damage to its parts.
  3. Protect your eyes. Wear eye protection devices.
  4. Make sure that children are at a safe distance from the machine.
  5. Be sure to check fuel levels before starting up the machine.
  6. For gasoline-fueled lawnmowers, conduct oil changes regularly.
  7. Clean the blades after every use.
  8. Do not store a lawnmower with an empty tank.
  9. Do not store the lawn mower outside to prevent theft.
  10. If the lawnmower doesn’t start, do the following: Replace or clean the air filter, tap the carburetor lightly, clean or readjust the spark plug, and remove old gas and replace it with new ones.
  11. If the lawnmower loses power when moving, do the following: Check the grass height as it could be overwhelming for the machine, and sharpen or replace the blades.
  12. Lastly, if the mower is smoking, do not panic. Check if the oil chamber in the engine is overloaded or if there is oil leakage in the exhaust muffler. Consider a professional tune-up once the mower emits light-colored smoke and regular stalling.

You already have everything you need to know about gas lawn mowers, so right now, it’s time to make that big purchase. Good luck with your yard maintenance, and follow the safety precautions.

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