Having inflatable hot tubs in your home is one of the best ways to have a readily available area for relaxation. They are easy to set up and can easily be carried around from one place to another. They are great for both indoor and outdoor use as well. 

There are a lot of inflatable hot tubs being sold in the market today, and it can be a little difficult to choose the best kind that suits your needs well.

Plenty of variants and types are available for you to choose from, such as bubble jets with LED lights for recreation and headrests and cup holders mainly intended for relaxation.

In this article, we will provide you with the information that you need for your future inflatable hot tub purchase. 

The best inflatable hot tubs you can buy today

Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

  • Hot Tub Capacity: 4 to 6 people
  • Water Capacity (Gallons): 254 
  • Maximum temperature (Fahrenheit): 104 degrees
  • Bubble Jets: 114
  • Size: 77.0 x 77.0 x 28.0 inches
  • Weight: 88 pounds

Soaking up in cool, fresh water after a strenuous day is the best way to relieve the tension in the body. And what better way to do it than in an inflatable hot tub in the comfort of your own home? As we may have already mentioned before, the Coleman SaluSpa is the best in the market today.

Starting from its green and white color palette, the Coleman SaluSpa is made with long-lasting PVC materials and strong I-beam construction that adds up to the longevity of its lifespan.

You can be sure it won’t lose its form for a long time, even with frequent use. The pump can heat your water to 104 degrees Fahrenheit at the most while inflating the tub and operating the filtration system.

It also has 114 bubble jets, and you can set the temperature of the water for a maximum of 72 hours before use. The hot tub is easy to set up without additional tools. 


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable design
  • Cushioned floor
  • Customer favorite


  • Only one color variant
  • Available space claimed is misleading

Intex PureSpa 75

The best value for one of the best inflatable hot tubs

  • Hot Tub Capacity: 6 people
  • Water capacity (gallons): 210
  • Maximum temperature (Fahrenheit): 104 degrees
  • Bubble Jets: 140Size: 77.0 x 77.0 x 28.0 inches
  • Weight: 115 pounds

Provided you have a wide space in your yard to place it, the Intex PureSpa 75 may just be the best and biggest tub you can purchase at a reasonable price. It has the capacity of up to 4 people with two contoured headrests and 170 bubble jets that pump water at maximum power, sure to release some pent-up muscle tension. 

The exterior of the tub is almost completely resistant to punctures and abrasions with the three-layered laminated material. The interior is also Fiber-Tech construction that lasts for a long time.

Setting it up and putting it away is a simple task and the insulations on the cover retain the temperature during steaming. It also comes with multicolored LED lights so you can use them at night. 


  • Excellent value
  • 140 high-powered bubble jets
  • Large capacity for the price
  • Has a filter system for hard water


  • The filter can be difficult to replace

Intex Greywood Deluxe Inflatable Spa Hot Tub

Best inflatable hot tub with built-in lights

  • Hot Tub Capacity: 4 to 6 people
  • Water Capacity (gallons): 210 to 290
  • Maximum Temperature (Fahrenheit): 104 degrees
  • Bubble Jets: 140-170
  • Size: 77.0 x 77.0 x 28.0 inches to 85.0 x 85.0 x 28.0 inches
  • Weight: 98 to 102 pounds

There are only two sizes available for the Intex Greywood Deluxe Hot Tub, and the larger one has a capacity of 290 gallons of water and can fit no more than 6 people in it. It also has 170 bubble jets. The smaller version can carry 4 people and hold 210 gallons with only 140 bubble jets. 

The difference in size is the only feature that sets the two apart. Both versions come with multicolored LED lights for that extra spazz when used at night. There are also two foam headrests for both variants.

The exterior design is uniquely designed with a faux wood-style aesthetic as you can tell from the name. You can also adjust the temperature and the bubble jet set and set a timer to automatically switch it on and off using the wireless control panel that comes with it. 


  • Comes in many sizes
  • Simple maintenance
  • LED lights


  • Kind of pricey

Bestway SaluSpa Helsinki

  • Hot Tub Capacity: 7 people
  • Water capacity (gallons): 297
  • Maximum temperature (Fahrenheit): 104 degrees
  • Bubble Jets: 83
  • Size: 71.0 x 71.0 x 26.0 inches
  • Weight: 87 pounds

Nordic is becoming a preferred aesthetic design nowadays. That is integrated into the Bestway Helsinki inflatable hot tub resulting in a rustic barrel look for the tub’s exterior.

The ChemConnect dispenser is built within it for the water filtration mechanism, along with 2 types VI filter cartridges and a spa and hand inflation pump. A repair kit and an aluminum-lined cover for insulation

The pump also serves another purpose: to inflate the tub that can hold a maximum of 7 people. You can find the controls for the temperature and the water jets above the pump.

There is also a timer that allows you to set the temperature of the water up to 72 hours prior. The only downside is the price which is almost a thousand dollars. 


  • Functional design
  • Multipurpose water pump also inflates the tub


  • Less number of bubble jets
  • Pricey

Coleman SaluSpa Hawaii Square Inflatable Outdoor Hot Tub

The best square inflatable hot tub

  • Hot Tub Capacity: 4 people
  • Water Capacity (gallons): 177
  • Maximum Temperature (Fahrenheit): 104 degrees
  • Bubble Jets: 114Size: 71.0 x 71.0 x 28.0 inches
  • Weight: 73.1 pounds

The square shape of the Coleman Hawaii SaluSpa inflatable hot tub deviates from the typical circular and round shapes of most hot tubs.

Nonetheless, it still has the essential features that hot tubs have. It is equipped with 114 bubble jets as well as a cushioned floor. It can also fit 4 people at the most. Blue and gray are the color variants available.

You won’t have difficulty controlling any settings because the controls are digital and easy to figure out. You can adjust the temperature, bubble jets, and timer above the pump. The filter cartridges are easily replaceable.

When not in use, you easily put it away as it is small enough to store in an average-sized garage. Inside the package, you will find the tub itself, a pool liner and cover, the pump, two filter cartridges, an air pad protector, a chemical floater, a repair kit, and the AirJet bubble system. 


  • Attractive design
  • Excellent construction


  • Too small for 4 people

Bestway SaluSpa Miami Hot Tub

Great buy for entry-level hot-tubbers

  • Hot Tub Capacity: 2 to 4 person
  • Water Capacity (gallons): 177
  • Maximum Temperature (Fahrenheit): 104 degrees
  • Bubble Jets: 120
  • Size: 71.0 x 71.0 x 26.0 inches
  • Weight: 53.9 pounds

The Bestway SaluSpa Miami closely resembles the Coleman SaluSpa. With a capacity of 4 people and the ability to hold a volume of 177 gallons of water, this tub with 120 bubble jets is one of the most competitive in the market today.

But we just would like to give a heads up that only one massage setting is available and the bubble jets only operate for 30 minutes and then automatically switches off.

It can heat the water to a maximum temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit which can be adjusted using the LED control panel.

This product received a lot of positive feedback because of its size and durability. The tub’s material is optimally puncture-resistant, and the I-beam construction contributes to its large weight capacity. 


  • More affordable compared to other models
  • 120 bubble jets


  • Does not come with any additional accessories

Coleman Saluspa Havana Hot Tub

Best remote-controlled hot tub

  • Hot Tub Capacity: 2 to 4 person
  • Water Capacity (Gallons): 177
  • Maximum Temperature (Fahrenheit): 104 degrees
  • Bubble Jets: 60
  • Size: 71 x 71 x 26 inches
  • Weight: 73 pounds

This is the only remote-controlled hot tub that we put on this list and rightfully so because apart from that one unique feature, the rest of the specifications of the Coleman Saluspa Havana Hot Tub is quite competitive.

In terms of the remote control mechanism, you can control everything from the temperature to the massage system. Like the rest of its competitors, it also has a 4-person maximum capacity and a power-saving timer that allows advanced heating for up to 72 hours. 

Even with those features, the model still comes at a reasonable price. It has a multifunctional pump that can inflate the tub while regulating the water filtration mechanism. If you lose the remote, there is the main control panel where you can still operate the settings.

Though it does not have as many bubble jets as the others, there is still so much more to adore with this hot tub, and it remains to be a great choice, especially if the lack of bubble jets does not concern you that much. 


  • Can be controlled via the remote control
  • Features power saving timer


  • Not many bubble jets

What to Consider When Choosing an Inflatable Hot Tub


  • Yard Dimensions: Make sure you have adequate space for the hot tub.
  • Capacity: Smaller hot tubs are cozy for two, while larger ones can accommodate a family.


  • Durability: Consider puncture and abrasion-resistant materials like PVC or vinyl.

Level Surface

  • Stability: Only a flat surface will provide the stability you need for a hot tub filled with water and people.

Jet Preference

  • Noise: Air jets are generally noisier but less expensive than water jets.


  • Heating Time: Inflatable hot tubs typically take longer to reach the desired temperature.


  • Space: While most are round, some square or rectangular models offer more legroom.


  • Safety and Insulation: Always opt for locking, and insulating covers.


  • Comfort: While built-in seats aren’t common in inflatables, you can purchase add-on booster seats for extra comfort.

Filtration and Pumps

  • Water Quality: Periodic filter changes and proper maintenance are crucial for water hygiene.

Additional Features

  • Efficiency: Extras like digital control panels or LED lights can enhance your hot tub experience.

How to Use an Inflatable Hot Tub Safely

  • Preheat: Plan and set the heater timer in advance.
  • Monitor Temperature: Don’t exceed 104°F, and always consult a doctor if you have health concerns.
  • Stay Hydrated: Water temperatures can dehydrate you quickly.

Maintenance Tips for Longevity

  • Regular Cleaning: Empty and clean the tub regularly.
  • pH Monitoring: Keep an eye on the water’s acidity or alkalinity.
  • Cover Usage: Always use a cover to protect against debris and to retain heat.

How to Save on Operational Costs

  • Location: Shield your tub from the elements.
  • Insulation: Use an insulation lid and a protector for the bottom part.
  • Size: Smaller tubs are less costly to operate.

There you have it! Armed with this comprehensive guide, you’re well-prepared to make an informed decision on the best inflatable hot tub for your needs. So go ahead, dip your toes into a world of relaxation, and enjoy the soothing comfort that only a hot tub can provide.


What can you put under the inflatable hot tub?

You can directly put the hot tub above grass or concrete as long as there are no objects that can puncture the material. You can make use of a folded or cut-out tarp to serve as an extra layer of protection for the bottom part of the hot tub. But it does become slippery when it gets wet. 

Rubber tiles or foam can also be good alternatives; you can buy them online or from physical stores. These can be good protection for your hot tub from sharp objects underneath. But if you really want a long-term and more reliable solution, a hot tub pad is your best option because it also serves as insulation. 

What chemicals can you put in an inflatable hot tub?

To control the water quality in your hot tub, you must conduct regular pH determination. You can add some chemical additives to disinfect the water and prevent algae growth, similar to what they do with traditional swimming pools.

The pH of the water should be near the neutral levels and should not be too acidic or too alkaline. You can use acidifiers or alkalinizes for adjustments. Chlorine or bromine derivatives are the most common chemicals for water disinfection or regular shock treatments. 

Can you use an inflatable hot tub indoors?

The great thing about inflatable hot tubs is that you can set them up anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors, as long as you have the power source and the space.

For indoor use, you have to consider the flooring of the room. Carpeted or wooden flooring is not waterproof and will therefore need a layer of protection. Line up some towels so you won’t be dripping and spilling water directly onto the floor. 

Hot tubs are heavy, so make sure that the flooring can take the weight of the entire thing, especially when filled with water and when people are in it. The best area to place an inflatable hot tub is somewhere on the ground floor. 

Do I need to build a fence around my hot tub?

It depends on the rules set forth by the authorities in your local community. But you might need a lockable barrier that passes the criteria stated in the ASTM F 1346. You can ask your local government or the homeowners association in your neighborhood if there are any specific rules regarding hot tub fences. 

A common fence is at least 4 ft in height and should not be scalable. Some communities require a concrete wall to be built around the hot tub. It must only have one access point and should not be easily climbed on but strong enough to take the weight of a full-grown person. 

They are quite heavy expenses but they also serve as additional protection for you and anyone else who will use your hot tub. 

Can I use the water from an inflatable hot tub to water my lawn or plants?

Yes. Just allow the water to cool down for a while and allow the disinfectants like chlorine and bromine to dissipate to a less concentrated level. Make use of a hose to distribute the water. 

Do inflatable hot tub spas offer hydrotherapy?

Traditional hot tubs are known for their hydrotherapy treatments with the water jets installed in them that generate high-pressure water for sore muscles. Inflatable models also have this feature, but the pressure’s intensity is less than that of traditional hot tubs. 

Instead of the high-performing water jets used in conventional hot tubs, inflatables use air-powered jets to create the bubbling effect. The pressure and water flow are not as strong because inflatable hot tubs are a lot cheaper; therefore, there will be some compromises regarding the features offered. 

Hydrotherapy can still be attained using air-powered jets in inflatable hot tubs because there is still a certain level of pressure emitted, and immersing in the warmth of the water also contributes to the soothing feeling. 

The number of jets varies in every model, so if this is important to you, you can check out those models with more than 100 built-in air jets if you want that massage feature. 

How much do inflatable hot tubs cost to run?

There are many factors that affect the overall cost of owning an inflatable hot tub – electricity, water, filters, maintenance, disinfectants. The size of the hot tub will also determine the amount of water it will consume and how much time and power it will take to heat such a volume.

The frequency of your use and how well you clean it add to how long it will last. In terms of the electricity bills, it depends on the area where you live. 

We have gathered that around $600 a year is the average cost of running an average-sized standard inflatable hot tub. A larger one and more frequent use will lead to much higher expenses. 

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