Nothing beats watching your favorite movie or television show under the stars. A movie party outside is a terrific way to get the whole family out of the house and into the fresh air.

But you don’t have to watch your favorite movie in your living room through the windows. The greatest outdoor movie screens allow you to take your entertainment outside without sacrificing quality. You can create an incredible home theater even in your garden if you pair it with a good projector.

Finding the greatest screens and where to find them in our complete guide doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Best outdoor movie screens

1. Elite Screens Yard Master 2

This massive screen has everything you’ll need for a larger movie night. Coupled with a powerful projector, it has enough room to display your favorite movies in excellent definition at 120 inches across when measured diagonally.

The screen is white and has a gain of 1.1. It can reflect light so brilliantly that it may be used both during the day and at night. Its material is mildew-resistant; if it gets dirty overnight, it’s simple to clean with soap and water. This is ideal for moviegoers who want to unwind rather than squint at their screens to see what’s happening. 

The screen has a 160° viewing angle and is made of sturdy black-backed plastic. The screen is held in place by a strong frame of light aluminum square tubes. With the provided carrying bag, you can effortlessly transport these from one backyard to another. 


  • Simple to clean and store
  • Simple to put together
  • Made of high-quality materials
  • Wide viewing angle


  • Easily blown over strong winds

2. Mdbebbr 120-Inch Projection Screen

This is another screen with a fixed frame. It does not, however, come with a stand that raises it off the ground. This screen is supposed to be hung on the wall or attached to the ceiling using hooks or nails. As a result, the frame is made of a single lightweight and foldable piece of cloth. It’s not inflatable nor as durable as a fixed frame screen.

Instead, the material is crease-resistant and capable of absorbing and reflecting light. The fabric is an all-natural polyester fabric that reflects light more sharply and brightly than many other fabric screens. While watching your movie, the anti-creasing design ensures that there will be no creases. The cloth can be cleaned without causing damage even with these features.

The equally spaced hook holes strategically positioned along the screen’s perimeter make setup a breeze. The screen is set up for 16:9 projectors and has a viewing angle of 160 degrees. It’s a terrific choice for larger movie parties because of its superior viewpoint. The backline around the screen’s edge makes it simple to position your projector at the proper projection distance. 


  • It’s simple to move
  • Made from a single, machine-washable fabric piece
  • There are easy hanging holes on the back
  • Exceptionally wide field of view


  • You’ll need a place to hook or hang it
  • At most, the gain is 1.0

3. Jumbo 20 Feet Inflatable Outdoor And Indoor Theater Projection Screen

The KHOMO GEAR Jumbo 20-Feet Inflatable Outdoor and Indoor Theater Projector Screen is an inflatable solution that should work well in any house or outdoor setting. The 20-foot size isn’t likely to take up most rooms. Despite its 16:9 aspect ratio, it can still accommodate a big group of friends and family.

Velcro allows the screen to be readily affixed to the inflatable frame. As a result, raking it down to clean it is as simple as it gets. The screen is set up quickly and easily with the help of a blower. To keep the inflatable screen in place, ropes and stakes are included. When you’re done watching, a zipper is built to release the air quickly. Also included is a storage bag for storing the outdoor screen until next time. 


  • It’s a good size
  • The picture clarity on the screen is excellent
  • It’s simple to set up
  • The blower is included with the package
  • Both front and back projections are offered
  • It’s simple to set up and takedown
  • Doesn’t have a chance of collapsing 
  • The fan that inflates is quite silent.
  • Allows no ambient background light to pass through


  • It can be risky to use in windy circumstances
  • Deflating and putting away might be tough for one person
  • If you don’t have good speakers, the blower will be a little distraction
  • The frame isn’t very durable
  • The viewing angle on the screen isn’t ideal

4. Abdtech 100-Inch Projector Screen With Stand

This projector screen has a diagonal of 100 inches and a viewing angle of 160 degrees. It’s one of the greatest outdoor movie screens for larger gatherings or arrangements that necessitate a dispersed audience. Polyester and spandex are used to make the screen. This screen material is thicker than most others, allowing for brighter image quality.

A three-sided black border adds to the screen’s strength. This is ideal for setting up your projector and determining the appropriate distance for placement. 

The screen is held aloft by light aluminum poles that do not easily rust or deform. These stands, on the other hand, aren’t very well supported. Under severe winds or if someone bumps into it, the movie screen has a danger of tipping over. Keep this in mind as you decide where you want to put it.

Because the frame and fabric are attached as a single piece, you can fold the screen when it’s time to move it. It’s lightweight, weighing only 5.7 pounds in total.


  • The screen is a good size
  • For large groups, a wide viewing angle is beneficial
  • It is simple to move from one location to another 
  • The screen is made of a tough material that won’t break easily.


  • It is more readily knocked over than other screens.

 5. Camp Chef Outdoor Big Screen

For campers, this outdoor movie screen is great. Rather than depending on unstable platforms, it is put up by driving boundary stakes into the ground. This makes it excellent for setting up on uneven terrain or lumpy ground, as you’d find in a campground.

The rear of the movie screen is black. This shuts out ambient light from the back and boosts the main fabric’s light-reflecting abilities. When completely expanded, the screen measures 144 inches diagonally, making it suitable for both large gatherings and small families. 

It usually only takes a few minutes to set up. Several guiding lines are included in the purchase for securing or stabilizing the frame. When it’s time to relocate it to a new location or store it, simply pack everything into the supplied carrying bag.

Overall, the versatility to place this screen almost anyplace makes it the greatest option for off-road moviegoers. It isn’t the best in screen gain, but it will suffice for most movies.


  • Excellent style of setup
  • It can be placed almost anywhere
  • For groups, the large viewing screen and angle size are ideal.
  • It comes with a handy carrying bag


  • The screen gain might be improved

The Complete Guide to Outdoor Movie Watching: Beyond The Living Room

In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the subtleties that set outdoor and indoor movie experiences apart and what you need to know to get the most out of your alfresco film nights. From understanding the challenges posed by ambient light to choosing the perfect outdoor projector screen, we’ve got you covered.

The Reality of Outdoor Movie Watching

While your indoor movie setup provides a dark and controlled environment, emulating this experience outside comes with challenges. Factors such as ambient light from street lamps, the moon, or even your own backyard BBQ can interfere with your viewing. Simply put your indoor projector and screen may not be cut out for the great outdoors, where elements like light and wind can affect your cinematic experience.

Types of Outdoor Projector Screens

Retractable Outdoor Screens

If you’re a homeowner who loves hosting movie nights in your outdoor space, consider installing a retractable projector screen. These screens roll down when you’re ready to watch and roll up when you’re done. Thanks to weatherproof casings, these screens can stay outside year-round. They also offer excellent stability even in windy conditions, thanks to cable guides and weighted dowels.

Inflatable Screens

These are your go-to if you’re looking for massive screen sizes. Inflatable screens are relatively easy to set up and provide excellent picture quality. They come with built-in fans or air pumps, so no manual labor is involved. Just be mindful of the blower noise and the screen’s stability in windy conditions.

Foldable Screens

These are lightweight and perfect for temporary setups. Foldable screens are typically made of lightweight aluminum and come with a carrying case for easy storage. Just keep in mind that they’re not ideal for windy conditions.

Tripod Screens

Another cost-effective alternative, tripod screens are easy to set up and are best for small group viewings. However, they are smaller in size and less stable than other types.

Projector Screen Paint

For a permanent solution, consider painting a wall with special projector screen paint. This paint is engineered to provide an optimal surface for projection, although it may not offer 4K resolution due to surface texture limitations.

Considerations for Choosing an Outdoor Screen

Viewing Angle: Ensure the screen has a wide viewing angle if you’re hosting a large gathering.

Material: The screen’s material can affect the movie’s final resolution and contrast levels. Generally, white screens are versatile, while gray screens are good for daytime viewing.

Gain: This measures the screen’s reflectivity. A gain rating of around 1.0 is generally safe for all types of viewing conditions.

Screen Size: Keep in mind that a larger screen disperses the projector’s light over a greater area, potentially affecting picture quality.

Type: Choose between fixed-frame and inflatable screens based on your needs and the frequency of movie nights.

Ease of Cleaning: Opt for screens made from materials like PVC or polyester, which are easy to clean.

Stability: Especially important for large screens, make sure you have stakes and ropes to anchor your screen.

Tensioning: A tensioned screen prevents wrinkles and provides a smooth surface for better viewing.

Tips for Setting Up Your Outdoor Cinema

When setting up, make sure your screen faces away from direct light sources for optimum picture quality. Consider the outdoor projector placement as well, factoring in the screen size and viewing distance. Always anchor the screen properly to prevent it from toppling over due to wind or other disturbances.


The thrill of watching a movie outdoors is unmatched, but it does require thoughtful planning and the right equipment. Knowing the types of screens available and what to look for when choosing one can make all the difference in your outdoor movie experience. So, go ahead, pick the right screen, and transform your backyard into the ultimate movie theater.


Is there anything else you should know about outdoor movie screens? Here are some popular queries and their replies. 

What screen is best for my projector?

The aspect ratio of your projector determines this. The aspect ratio of HD TV movie projectors is commonly 16:9. This is a regular occurrence in almost all forms of visual media.

This projector requires a normal widescreen outdoor movie screen, supported by most movie screens. Projectors with a 4:3 aspect ratio are preferable for media created on laptops or tablets.

Find an outdoor movie screen that is more like a square presentation screen that you find in schools if your projector has native SXGA+, XGA, UXGA, or QXGA resolutions. 

What is the ideal distance between my projector and my screen?

Typically, this distance (also known as the “throw distance”) is calculated through trial and error. Turn on your projector and play a few test clips before seating your audience for the movie. 

Feel free to move the projector around until the image is balanced and fits inside the confines of your screen.

Remember that your projector can’t be too close to the screen. As a result, the image will be fuzzy or will not fill the entire screen.

Can I mount my screen on a tripod?

In most cases, no. To be steady, most outdoor movie screens require dedicated mounts.

Can I watch movies on my outdoor movie screen during the hottest part of the day?

However, achieving a good photograph within this window may be tough. We recommend a high-lumen projector and a high-gain screen if you want to use an outdoor movie screen frequently during the brightest portions of the day. 

Can I have a movie theater in my backyard without a screen?

You can construct your screen out of anything: a sheet, the side of your house, the garage door, a painter’s tarp, and so on. A projector and a sheet between two trees made for some of the nicest outdoor movie theaters we’ve seen. 

However, you may choose a more refined appearance for your outdoor theater. Manufacturers have recently released a plethora of reasonably priced outdoor screens.

There is bound to be an outdoor screen that meets your demands and budget, ranging from cinema-grade material that can be attached to your garage to standalone displays that are set up in minutes.

What are the materials used to make outdoor movie screens?

The majority of outdoor cinema screens are constructed of 210D Oxford nylon cloth. The water-resistant, lightweight fabric is built to withstand damage and filth.

It’s an excellent choice for outdoor movie displays because it can withstand the environment. However, it is widely utilized in manufacturing bags, tents, and even shoes. 

Is it possible for outdoor movie screens to become wet?

While it’s advised that you take down your outdoor movie screen after each viewing, they can get damp. The 210D Oxford fabric is often used and is made to last.

It’s made tant to dirt and moisture, so watching it in the rain shouldn’t be a problem. However, you should always maintain your projector dry to avoid electrical problems.

However, as everyone who owns an outdoor screen, especially an inflatable movie, knows, you should avoid putting up any form of the screen during windy circumstances because they’re effectively giant sails that can fly away in high winds.

Wrap up

The Elite Screens Yard Master 2 is generally the best of the best. You can’t go wrong with this option if you have an outdoor movie party in a regular backyard. Its ease of use, wide viewing angle, and high grain rating makes it a good choice for watching high-definition movies.

Alternatively, campers may like the Camp Chef Outdoor Big Screen, which is ideal for uneven ground. Consider the Mdbebbr 120-Inch Projection Screen if your party will be on a terrace. This is a great option if you already have a blank wall that needs to be filled.

It’s entirely up to you to choose the ideal outdoor movie screen! You’ll have a terrific time if you choose the appropriate one. After building your outdoor theater, check out some additional backyard landscaping ideas. Best of luck!

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