Are your carpentry and garage tools dispersed across your workshop? Such disorganized storage wastes time while searching for a specific tool and takes up more space.

You decided to get a pegboard to address the problem. Yes, a pegboard can hang various tools for easy access. However, you can’t use it on its own.

It must be complemented by pegboard hooks instead.

These hooks come in various styles, making it difficult for customers to choose. This article will show you how to choose the best pegboard hooks.

They are long-lasting, strong, and fashionable. They’ll also assist you in firmly hanging your tools on the pegboard.

10 best pegboard hooks reviews

1. Frimoony pegboard hooks assortment with pegboard bins for organizing various tools

These Frimoony hooks will be a terrific solution if you’re looking for the most adaptable and sturdy pegboard hooks. There are 80 pieces in the bundle, with 13 various types of hooks.

As a result, you won’t need to purchase a separate set of hooks for different uses.

These heavy-duty hooks are made of long-lasting and durable iron for long-term use. Not to mention the nickel plating, which protects it from rust and corrosion.

As a result, you can use them in wet and humid environments. The coating also adds to the appeal of the hooks. 

Most regular ¼” and ⅛” pegboards with a 1” spacing will work with these hooks. As a result, they’re ideal for mounting storage wherever in your home. 

Pegboard containers constructed of premium polypropylene material are also included in the bundle. As a result, you can rest assured that these tool pegboard hooks can handle items weighing at least 2 pounds. Use more than one hook if you wish to hold a heavier load. 


  • Rust and corrosion resistance
  • Hooks are used for a variety of things
  • The pegboard containers can hold a variety of little items


  • On the bins, a short hook is used. 

2. Neiko pegboard hanging hook garage organizer kit

Different pegboard hooks may be required to create a gorgeous workplace in your house or garage. That’s why companies like NEIKO make things like this 50-piece set.

Furthermore, these hooks are so powerful that they can support instruments weighing up to 4 pounds. This is because they have been hardened to boost their strength.

As a result, they can support heavier tools than normal steel rods of the same size.

You may use it for a workshop, shed, workbench, or garage because all hooks are L-shaped. You can also use them to hold a few objects in your kitchen. These pegboard hooks are 4 inches long each.

These hooks are also compatible with all universal pegboards with 1” spacing, which is a huge plus. Because they’re ⅛” broad, they’re perfect for pegboards with ⅛” holes.

They have a nickel covering on top of the hardened steel construction. The hooks are protected against rust and corrosion with this coating. 


  • Sturdy and long-lasting
  • It’s simple to put together and works with any universal pegboard.
  • Resistance to corrosion and rust


  • Because they only come in one design, they’re only useful for a limited time.

3. NAVSEEK pegboard hooks assortment

This NAVSEEK product is all you need if you’re seeking pegboard hooks with many adaptabilities. 114 various pegboard hooks are included in the kit.

Not only that but there’s more. There are 15 different sorts of hooks in the whole set.

Any standard-sized pegboard may accommodate these pegboard organizers and hooks. This contains pegboards with holes measuring ¼” and ⅛” in diameter and 1-inch spacing. The hooks include clips on the back that keep them firmly attached to the pegboard. 

5 containers are included in the box for storing small items. It’s also worth noting that the attachments have metal hooks.

These hooks allow you to attach the bins to the pegboard securely. Thanks to the two hooks on each bin, you fit well in the pegboard without sagging.

As a result, unlike other plastic pegboard bins, these are extremely sturdy and will not crack or shatter. These dumpsters, however, are not particularly enormous. 


  • Extensively adaptable
  • Fits into the majority of common pegboards.
  • A wide range of pegboard objects are available


  • Heavy tools are not recommended.

4. WallPeg locking pegboard hooks

J-shaped pegboard hooks are thought to be better than L-shaped hooks. This is because they are one of the most simple hooks to employ.

And if you’re looking for the greatest J-shaped hooks on the market, this WallPeg product will suffice.

WallPeg hooks, unlike most J-style hooks, are lightweight but extremely strong and resilient. As a result, they can hold up to 3 pounds of weight.

They’re made of durable recycled polypropylene material. A total of 100 black J-style pegboard hooks are included in the set. This dark hue complements its appearance and provides a nice finish.

On most pegboards, each hook fits snuggly. They also include a proprietary flex lock that keeps the hook in place. As a result, your items will not be scratched when mounted on this hook. 


  • It’s simple to hang on the pegboard. 
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Securely fastened to the pegboard


  • During installation, the pegs are readily broken.

5. Presa heavy-duty metal pegboard hooks

Imagine having a stylish, long-lasting, sturdy pegboard hanger in your garage. When you acquire these Presa pegboard hooks, you’ll receive exactly that. All thanks to the long-lasting, heavy-duty build. 

The kit includes 50 L-shaped, long-lasting hooks. With this, you’ll have enough pegboard accessories to arrange most of your tools.

Each hook measures 8 inches and fits into a 14-inch pegboard hole. It’s great for storing cords, wires, household equipment, and other goods. 

The super-duty structure of these pegboard hooks for tools ensures that heavy things can be hung. So hang anything you want, including hefty accessories, as long as your pegboard can support it.

These hooks have a chrome-coated finish for a sleek appearance. As a result, this gadget is an excellent addition to give your garage or home that appealing appearance.

This coating also prevents them from rusting and increases their longevity. As a result, you won’t have to be concerned about the coating flaking off like you would while hanging your tools.


  • Installation is simple
  • Heavy-duty structure for long-term use 
  • Resistance to rust


  • ⅛” pegboards are not compatible

6. NEIKO 53102A pegboard hook organizer kit | great for a wall hanging and shelving

Given that this is the second product from the same manufacturer on our list, you can rest assured that NEIKO is a reliable brand. A set of 50 L-shaped pegboard hooks is included with the NEIKO 53102A model. Each hook measures 6” in length and weighs 2.5 pounds.

This multifunctional organizer set can be used to hang or store numerous tools on the pegboard. Despite their thinness, the hooks perform admirably. This is because they are composed of hardened steel, increasing strength.

When fastened to the pegboard, their ends are also slanted for added strength. However, add a zip tie to both ends to improve the overall hold. They’re then nickel-coated to avoid rusting and corrosion.

These pegboard hooks are compatible with all 14” pegboards with 1-inch spacing. Due to their adaptability, these hooks may be used in various settings, including workplaces, kitchens, and garages.


  • Suitable for a wide range of tools and applications
  • Rust-resistant and long-lasting 
  • Excellent value
  • Construction of high quality


  • Only L-shaped hooks are included 

7. Right Arrange steel pegboard hooks that don’t fall out

Peg locks on most pegboard hooks keep them firmly on the pegboard. Even with such locks, though, some hooks fall out over time.

It’s time to upgrade your pegboard accessories if you’re having trouble with them. Get these Right Arrange Pegboard Hooks as well. 

Unlike other hooks, this pair of pegboard hooks does not feature plastic peg locks. Instead, the unit features two long hooks that keep the merchandise in place.

They won’t shatter or break once you’ve installed them. The hooks are pointed slightly upwards. This makes it easier for them to carry goods. 

Another advantage is that they may be used with any universal pegboard. So whether your pegboard’s holes are ⅛”, 14”, or even 3/16”, these hooks will fit. 

This set includes 50 hooks and is available in stainless steel or black. This product is regarded as the best plier pegboard hook. 


  • All varieties of pegboards are compatible
  • Hooks with multiple uses


  • There is only one type of hook

8. Calax metal pegboard hook J style for pegboard tool organizer

This product comes with 85 pieces of accessories, making it one of the top pegboard hook sets from Calax. The nicest part about these hooks is that they can be adjusted to fit 14” and ⅛” pegboards.

As a result, these hooks will come in handy for various home organization chores. For example, you can use them to hold stretch cables, tools, and organizer items.

Each hook features a black detachable lock that keeps the hooks firmly attached to the pegboard. This also makes installing and removing them from the pegboard a breeze.

With a variety of accessories, we recommend purchasing this set. You will save money, time, and effort by doing so. The bins are also great for keeping little objects around the house. 


  • Adjustment is simple
  • Price that is reasonable
  • All 14” and ⅛” pegboards are compatible


  • Bins of various sizes

9. Oyydecor pegboard hooks assortment organizing tools for kitchen craft room

Some goods are too hefty for pegboard hooks to hold. Furthermore, most pegboard containers are far too small to accommodate such goods.

If you have a lot of bulky tools, consider getting an Oyydecor pegboard hook for power tools instead. 

There are 122 metal pegboard hooks included, as well as three different-sized pegboard baskets. Pegboard baskets, unlike bins, are sturdy and large enough to accommodate large goods.

These baskets and hooks can be used on both ¼” and ⅛” pegboards. They have black peg locks that keep them firmly on the board and make them simple to use. 

The structure of these hooks is constructed of high-quality, long-lasting iron. The hooks are then electroplated to prevent rusting and corrosion.

The baskets have a long-lasting vinyl coating that makes them rust-resistant and easy to clean. Paint brushes, athletic equipment, extension cords, and other supplies can all be stored in the baskets. 


  • Corrosion and rust resistance
  • Cleaning and installation are simple


  • Ideal for a variety of applications

10. NAVSEEK pegboard hooks assortment with metal hooks sets

NAVSEEK is a leading maker of metal and plastic pegboard hooks and other products. This item is one of the most versatile pegboard accessories on the market today.

It has 228 pieces of varied metal hooks and can be used for various purposes. This tool is for you if you want to arrange your basement, kitchen, shed, workshop, or even garage.

The hooks are made of high-quality, long-lasting metal. As a result, they are protected from corrosion and rust. Each pegboard hook also contains a detachable peg lock that secures it to the pegboard.

They’re also compatible with standard ¼” and ⅛” pegboard with 1-inch spacing. The bundle includes 10 pegboard boxes for storing tiny goods.

You’ll also like that this item comes with a 1-year warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee. We don’t know what would if it doesn’t persuade you of the product’s dependability. 


  • It’s well worth the money
  • Construction is strong and long-lasting


  • Extremely adaptable
  • The peg locks are detachable and come uninstalled

What is a pegboard?

A pegboard is a piece of wood having a grid of holes spaced at regular intervals. Solid wood, MDF, steel, and other materials can be used to create it.

Thanks to the grid of holes, pegboard attachments, such as hooks, can be used to hang and organize objects such as accessories, tools, and supplies.

Types of pegboard hooks

Single hooks – single hooks make up the majority of pegboard hooks on the market, including several curved, looped, and angle jooks. The single hook that protrudes from the pegboard is their most distinguishing feature.

Some have a single peg to attach to the pegboard, while others include a split barb to keep them firmly attached. 

Double hooks – Features two hooks of any sort protruding from the pegboard. To keep them stable on the pegboard, they have split bars. They’re primarily utilized to hold goods that are too heavy for single hooks to handle. 

Curved hooks – Curved hooks come in single or double versions. This category includes the J and U styles. Curved hooks can hold small tools such as a wrench, hammer, small saws, rulers, and other household items.

J style hooks can handle fewer objects than U style hooks, but U style hooks can hold more.

Looped hooks – These hooks are essential for hanging tools like screwdrivers. Make sure you get a pack of these hooks.

You might lose track of your screwdrivers if you don’t. The hook has a loop-like appearance.

Angle hooks – Have steep angles to assist hold objects in place. This category includes the L styles, V styles, and Box styles.

When it comes to carrying curved-handled tools, the box form is the best. The other two groups are in charge of heavier objects and ensuring they don’t fall off.

Plastic bins – These bins store tiny objects too small to hang on the hooks.

Pegboard baskets – In the kitchen, these mesh baskets are essential. In the garage, you can use them to drip dry your tools.

Jumbo hooks – Jumbo hooks are required to keep the bulky goods in the garage. 

What to look for while buying a pegboard hook?

Are there certain factors that you consider while purchasing a product? Pegboard accessories are no exception, especially when selecting the best pegboard hooks. Some of the elements are: 

Pegboard size

You must examine the size of your pegboard before deciding on a set of pegboard hooks. You can’t just go out and purchase any pegboard hook.

As a result, double-check that the holes you intend to purchase will fit in your pegboard’s holes. You can end up with hooks that aren’t compatible with your pegboard otherwise. 

Number of pegboard hooks

The spacing and size of your pegboard’s holes will also have an impact. As you can see from the list of items, different brands have varying amounts of hooks.

As a result, you need to purchase the appropriate amount of pes for your pegboard. 


The pegboard hook’s construction is crucial since it affects whether it will be sturdy and strong enough to hold various things.

As a result, when you buy a hook, think about the type of material that was utilized to construct it.

Plastic is used in certain pegboard hooks, whereas metal is used in others. As a result, make an informed selection. 

Your type of pegboard

The pegboard you have or want to buy is the first thing to consider. Examine the board’s thickness, the size of the holes, and the hole spacing. 

Metallic and non-metallic pegboards are incompatible with specific hooks. As a result, you should think about the hooks’ compatibility with the pegboard’s material. 

Drip trough

You may need to hang some items that spill liquids from time to time. As a result, you’ll require a drip trough. You have your drip trough at that location in this case.

Then you’ll need rust-resistant and corrosion-resistant hooks. There are a variety of rust-resistant pegboard hooks on the market; all you have to do now is decide which one is best for your needs.

Thickness and length of the hook

Pegboard hooks are available in a variety of sizes. 3/12 inch, ⅛ inch, or 14 inches are all possibilities. Sometimes you’ll come upon hooks that aren’t normal sizes.

Consider the holes on your pegboard before deciding on the hook thickness. Many hooks will fit a pegboard with 14 and ⅛-inch holes. Only a few will fit on a pegboard with 3/12 inch holes.

Pegboard hooks come in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. The length of your hook will be determined by the task you intend to complete. 

Benefits of pegboard hooks

  • They’ll assist you in organizing your workspace. Working in a well-organized environment will be smooth and fluid. 
  • They assist you in making the most of your vertical space. We underutilize vertical space most of the time, sometimes owing to ignorance or a lack of required tools.
  • You will have no trouble finding your little goods and important equipment. You know how difficult it is to locate a measuring tape in a storage bin. 
  • When compared to other pegboard attachments, hooks are easier to install. Without the assistance of a handyman, you can replace them.
  • You’ll have no trouble mounting and unmounting your things.
  • Pegboard hooks come in a range of shapes and sizes. As a result, finding hooks that match your style and taste is simple.
  • Some pegboard hooks are aesthetically pleasing. For example, if you need them for a paparazzi display, you’ll be able to pick the perfect one to complement your merchandise.
  • Nickel, chrome, or zinc plating is used on metal pegboard hooks. As a result, they will prevent rust stains on your objects, tools, or fabrics. The plating also adds to the visual features of the hooks by giving them a nice and shiny finish.

How to use pegboard hooks

It’s simple to use pegboard hooks. However, the hooks will appear defective if you overlook some crucial stages during installation.

This video will show you how to put your pegboard together. The following are the steps to using pegboard hooks:

Gather all the items you’ll need to mount before attaching the hooks to the pegboard. Sort them into groups based on their size.

Arrange them on the floor to look as they would on the pegboard. This step is crucial because it will show you how to install and space the hooks.

Following your outline on the floor, attach the hooks to the pegboard. Heavy tools should be supported by the thick and sturdy pegboard hooks, while the thin and weaker hooks should support light things; wire or glue can be used to secure the hooks.

Mechanic tools should be hung according to their size and weight. Items that are light in weight should be used for heavier things.

When the hooks are loose, use pegboard clips. These clips are included with some pegboard hook sets. You can buy them in your local store if they aren’t available. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight do pegboards hold?

This depends on several parameters, including the material and thickness of the pegboard. Pegboards that are thicker and metal can hold greater weight than those that are non-metal and thinner.

Pegboards made of non-metal can hold roughly 100 pounds, each holding about 5 pounds. To extend the life of the pegboard, you should not hang the maximum weight on it. 

How do you attach the hooks firmly to the pegboard?

Pegboard hooks are made to stay firmly attached to your pegboard. They can, however, grow loose over time. If this occurs, you can use glue or wire to keep them in place.

You can also purchase peg locks to hold them in place. Because they never slip off any pegboard, you can buy hooks with a locking system. 

Are pegboard hooks durable?

Most pegboard hooks are crafted from high-quality, strong material. Furthermore, they use a chrome, zinc, or nickel coating to avoid corrosion and rusting.

As a result, their lifespan will be extended even further. 

What is the best type of pegboard hook?

It’s difficult to choose a certain peg hook because there are so many. However, you should always select a pegboard hook that will fit into your pegboard’s holes. 

How much space should be left behind the pegboard?

Although some may believe this is unimportant, you must consider the space behind your pegboard. This is because having that extra space ensures that your hooks are correctly installed. A gap of roughly ½” is normally recommended. 

Final Thoughts

You must first determine your requirements before deciding on a pegboard hook. You can buy an ineffective product if you don’t know what you need.

As a result, you’ll have squandered both your time and your money.

We’re confident that by reading this essay, you won’t have to deal with any of that frustration, especially since we’ve only included the best pegboard hooks available on our list.

Evaluate the variables listed above and read through each product’s review. After that, you can choose the product that best suits your needs.

You’ll have chosen a high-quality and sturdy device that will ensure greater organization and save you time and money. 

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