Small air fryers are not just trendy kitchen gadgets; they symbolize a new era in cooking, where flavor, health, and convenience converge. For busy professionals, college students, or anyone with limited kitchenn space, the benefits of owning a small air fryer go far beyond cooking french fries without oil.

These compact appliances provide a guilt-free way to enjoy favorite fried dishes, an opportunity to explore new culinary horizons and a practical solution for cooking in smaller living spaces.

This article will guide you through everything you need to know about small air fryers, from choosing the right size and features to understanding how they can transform your daily cooking experience. It’s not just about buying an appliance; it’s about investing in a healthier and more efficient lifestyle.

Our recommended best small air fryers

Regular deep fryers submerge protein-rich foods in a bath of oil, resulting in drowned food. Isn’t that very unhealthy? However, avoiding fried food is not an option.

Fortunately, some of the greatest air fryers are on the scene to help. They can prepare low-fat meals that taste just as good.

The greatest little deep fryers can prepare delicious meals just as well as their larger versions. It might be difficult to choose the finest option for your kitchen with many possibilities available. 

Philips Kitchen Appliances Avance Digital Turbostar Airfryer Mini-v192

Hot air is the new oil in this air fryer. Philips is well-known for making reliable televisions and smart homes, and now it’s also a leader in tiny air fryers.

With its advanced features and stylish appearance, this aesthetically pleasing air fryer has risen to the top of our list.

Even though it is a more expensive option, Philips’ Turbostar technology makes it suitable for healthy cooking with up to 75% less fat. Even if the food is heaped high, the small air fryer cooks everything evenly and leaves a crispy golden crust on top.

Philips Digital Turbostar is one of the best little deep fat fryers on the market since it warms up quickly and eliminates preheating. But it’s the adaptability that makes this one stand out. It can grill, roast, and bake in addition to frying, so you’ll never run out of options.

Simply set the temperature with QuickControl Dial, pick the time, and click to start cooking. You may also utilize the Keep Hot option to keep the meal hot and fresh for up to 30 minutes after it’s been cooked.

Cleaning is made easy by the removable basket and dishwasher-safe alternatives.

The lack of stainless steel accents and the high price are the only drawbacks to this masterpiece. If you’re prepared to invest a little money on an air fryer, this one is a good choice.


  • The exterior has a gleaming design.
  • Turbostar technology provides instant heating.
  • 3-in-1 capabilities
  • Dial for Quick Control
  • Keep It Hot feature
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the removable basket.


  • It’s more expensive than comparable air fryers.
  • There are no stainless steel accents.

COSORI Air Fryer

COSORI has built a name for itself in the business thanks to its air fryer. The COSORI Air Fryer is made entirely of stainless steel and can be used to cook everything from fries to roasted meats, veggies, and even desserts.

This is the greatest tiny deep fryer you can get if you want performance and simplicity. You can choose from 11 One-Touch Presets to automatically set the temperature and time for your particular recipes, or you can customize your settings for your recipes.

Furthermore, the digital LED display is tilted for easier reading and a full view of the cooking action. Aside from that, the removable basket makes cleaning the air fryer that comes into contact with your food a breeze.

It also makes plating food easier, and the nonstick surface ensures that little to no residue remains in the fryer. Because preheating takes two to five minutes, you may need patience.

However, it takes less time to heat up than traditional ovens, so it’s not a waste of time.


  • Easy operation
  • 11 settings with just one touch
  • Digital LED display
  • Cleaning is a breeze with the removable basket.
  • Nonstick


  • Pre-heating is required

Ninja Air Fryer

If you’re looking for something larger in the little air fryer category, the Ninja Air Fryer is ideal for a small family. Like the Philips’ Digital Turbostar AirFryer, you can cook guilt-free food in the fryer with 75% less fat than in traditional ways.

Many people commend this model’s ceramic-coated crisp plate, which allows for equal heat dispersion throughout the machine, resulting in evenly cooked, crispy dishes.

A user-friendly control panel with a digital display that lets you select the preferred cooking mode is also a standout feature. Select one of the four cooking functions to achieve the best results and manually regulate the cooking time.

  • Set the Air Fry setting if you want a crispy golden delight.
  • Select Roast mode for roasted meat and vegetables.
  • Select the Reheat option if you want to reheat leftovers and bring back their crispness.
  • You can eliminate moisture from your food using the Dehydrate function. This aids in preparing ideal dried fruits, jerky, and other items.


  • High-gloss sheen
  • Crisp ceramic-coated plate
  • Control panel that is simple to use
  • Four distinct cooking functions.


  • The size of this fryer is larger than that of other tiny fryers.
  • It takes up considerable counter space. 

T-Fal Actifry Oil-Less Air Fryer

T-fal makes some fantastic, durable pots and pans that elevate your kitchenware. T-fal has also become well-known for its high-quality T-Fal Actifry Oil-Less Air Fryer.

The company has employed cutting-edge technology to produce an air fryer that is light years ahead of its competitors.

The fryer has a ring-shaped basket instead of a pull-out compartment that can hold a respectable amount of food. The Actifry includes a built-in stirring paddle that spins the food in the basket while hot air circulates it.

You won’t have to flip, stir, or reposition the food to ensure equal cooking because the fryer will do it for you.

Additionally, the translucent top lid allows you to see what’s within without having to open the lid. Even if you don’t keep track, the fryer’s alarm will alert you when it’s time to check. You also get a handbook, a measuring tool for precise cooking, and an air fryer.

Disassembling and washing the removable ceramic-coated pan and paddle is a breeze. The sole drawback is that the ActiFry is unable to handle liquid foods. If the basket overflows with fluids, it will pour onto your kitchen counter from the fryer.

As a result, this smart air fryer falls short regarding adaptability.


  • Innovative design
  • Built-in stirring paddle
  • See-through lid
  • Ceramic-coated removable pan


  • I’m not a fan of liquidy foods.

Dash Compact Air Fryer

With its appealing colors and low price, the Dash Compact outshines other compact air fryers. The many color selections may complement any kitchen decor, making it the finest tiny air fryer to gift to a friend.

Although it has capabilities, this air fryer is great for beginners and infrequent users who don’t require a lot of extras.

What are your responsibilities? Simply set the temperature and time for your dish to begin cooking, and flip or stir it occasionally as needed. Cooking fried food without oil takes only a few minutes.

The 1.6-quart bucket can fry enough food for two people at once, including fries, wings, desserts, and more.

On the disadvantage, because the quality is equivalent to the low price, there isn’t much longevity. You won’t have anything to complain about if you only use the fryer once a week.


  • Affordably priced
  • Color selections are adorable.
  • This is a little basket that does the job.


  • It won’t last you very long.
  • For certain users, the small basket may be prohibitive.

Benefits of Small Air Fryers

The appeal of small air fryers extends well beyond their ability to create healthier fried foods. These compact appliances are designed to fit comfortably in smaller kitchens, making them ideal for apartment living or dorm life. But their size doesn’t limit their functionality. Here’s a closer look at what sets them apart:

  • Healthier Cooking Options: Small air fryers utilize hot air technology to fry, roast, or bake your favorite dishes without the need for excessive oil. This results in fewer calories and less saturated fat without sacrificing taste.
  • Space Efficiency: For those with limited counter space, a small air fryer provides a versatile cooking solution without taking up too much room. It’s a multifunctional tool that can replace several other kitchen appliances.
  • Ease of Use: Even if you’re not a seasoned cook, small air fryers are user-friendly. With intuitive controls and a variety of preset options, you can create delicious meals with minimal effort.
  • Energy Efficiency: Compared to traditional ovens, small air fryers heat up quickly and cook food faster. This means less time waiting and lower energy bills.
  • Culinary Versatility: From crispy chicken wings to soft muffins, the cooking possibilities with a small air fryer are vast. Experimenting with new recipes is encouraged, and your culinary creativity can flourish.
  • Easy Cleaning: Most small air fryers come with removable, dishwasher-safe parts. This ease of cleaning encourages more frequent use and simplifies the post-meal cleanup process.
  • Budget-Friendly Options: With a range of price points, small air fryers are accessible to various budgets. You can find quality options without breaking the bank.

Choosing the Right Small Air Fryer

Selecting the right small air fryer for your needs involves more than just picking a compact model. Careful consideration of specific features and functionalities is essential to ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment. Here’s what to consider:

  • Capacity: Though small, air fryers still vary in capacity. Select a size that suits your daily cooking needs, whether it’s for solo meals or small family gatherings.
  • Temperature Control: A good air fryer offers a wide range of temperatures to allow for precise cooking. Look for models that allow you to easily adjust the heat to your desired level.
  • Preset Functions: Many small air fryers come with preset cooking functions for popular dishes. These can simplify your cooking process and ensure consistent results.
  • Durability and Build Quality: Check for robust construction and quality materials. A well-built air fryer will not only perform better but also last longer.
  • Ease of Cleaning: As mentioned earlier, an easy-to-clean model can save time and effort. Look for air fryers with removable, dishwasher-safe parts.
  • Warranty and Customer Support: Good warranty coverage and responsive customer support add an extra layer of security to your purchase.
  • Additional Accessories: Some air fryers come with additional accessories like grilling racks or baking pans. These extras can expand your cooking options and offer more versatility.

Cooking with Small Air Fryers: Tips and Tricks

Successfully cooking with a small air fryer is not just about turning it on and waiting for the food to be ready. A few tips and tricks can elevate your culinary experience:

  • Preheat Your Air Fryer: Just like a traditional oven, preheating your air fryer can lead to better and more consistent results.
  • Don’t Overcrowd: Give your food space to cook evenly. Overcrowding can lead to uneven cooking and less crispy results.
  • Shake or Turn Food Regularly: For even cooking, shake or turn the food items at regular intervals.
  • Use Oil Wisely: While air fryers are designed to reduce oil use, a light spray or brushing can enhance flavor and texture.
  • Experiment with Recipes: Don’t limit yourself to fried foods. Small air fryers can bake, roast, and grill. Explore different recipes to make the most out of your appliance.
  • Mind Cooking Times: Smaller portions may cook faster than expected. Keep an eye on your food, especially when trying a new recipe.


Small air fryers offer an enticing combination of convenience, health benefits, and culinary versatility. Whether you live in a tight space, want to eat healthier, or simply love the idea of quick and efficient cooking, investing in a small air fryer could be a game-changer for your daily meals. By considering the factors outlined in this article and embracing the tips and tricks provided, you can make an informed decision and embark on a rewarding culinary journey with your new appliance.

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