If you’re serious about BBQ smoking, you know that a reliable smoker thermometer is not just an accessory but an essential tool. The built-in thermometer on your smoker simply won’t cut it. A dedicated smoker thermometer offers accurate readings that can make the difference between a tender, juicy brisket and an unpalatable, rubbery mess.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll give you the lowdown on the best smoker thermometers available, so you can cook with confidence.

Reviews of the best smoker thermometers

Thermopro TP20 wireless meat thermometer

This is a high-quality meat thermometer designed for professional chefs. The probe wires are designed to withstand up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit (380 degrees Celsius).

A five-year warranty covers the sensor. If you experience any issues or get inaccurate temperature readings, the company will replace the probes without question.

The thermometer’s twin probe design allows it to read the temperature of the food and the pit temperature and be used as a grill surface thermometer. Because the screen is backlit, it may be used even in low-light situations.

There are preset temperatures and doneness levels for nine different types of meat (ground poultry, ground beef, chicken, veal, beef, pork, lamb, poultry, and fish) (rare, medium-rare, medium, and medium-well done). Temperatures can also be set manually.


  • Dual probe design with big backlit display
  • Comes with its receiver
  • Timers and alarms


  • Beeps loudly whenever a button is pressed
  • No alarm

ThermoPro TP25 500ft Wireless Bluetooth Meat Thermometer

The ThermoPro TP25 is a four-probe thermometer with Bluetooth connectivity, as the name implies. It’s intended to show the cooking temperature on your smartphone or tablet.

The Bluetooth range of this smart thermometer is an astounding 495 feet. Bluetooth operates at 2.4GHz, which is the most appropriate frequency for a wireless meat thermometer.

It can effortlessly measure temperatures ranging from 14F to 572F, allowing you to ensure exact cooking.

This handy thermometer comes with a lithium battery, a USB charging connection, and a dual-headed USB charging cable. You’re lucky because you can swiftly charge it with your laptop, phone charger, or power bank.

This straightforward thermometer has simply three buttons. By pushing the Power/C/F button, you can simply switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit values.

Fortunately, it comes with a wire stand that allows you to position it at a suitable viewing angle. Alternatively, you can hang the thermometer.

For each probe, the transmitter is separated into four pieces.


  • Four probes are included.
  • Temperatures are pre-set for nine different types of meat.
  • Features that connect to your smartphone The Bluetooth range is 495 feet, and the temperature range is 14F to 572F.
  • USB port for charging


  • App that is buggy
  • The app is difficult to use.

Maverick ET-732 long-range wireless dual probe bbq smoker meat thermometer

It may not have the most intuitive design, but if you read the handbook, you’ll be able to master it in no time.

It does not include pre-sets for USDA temperature recommendations. Therefore, you must know what temperature you want to achieve. That may be a deterrent to novice smokers, but it’s something you should understand regardless (and it’s only a fast google away.)

All of the essential functions are present, including a lost signal alert to inform you to move back into range, as well as over- and under-temperature alerts.

Overall, we believe the Maverick ET-732 offers a lot of bang for your dollars (or pound, or Euro). It’s a dependable machine that’s ideal for everybody, but especially those who have a little more than a beginner’s knowledge of smoking meat.

The ThermoPro TP-20 is slightly easier to operate in my perspective, and it also has that rubberized covering that protects it from drops and falls; otherwise, these two devices are nearly identical. That is why I chose the ET-732 as the runner-up best smoker thermometer.


  • Small and easy to carry around.
  • Provides audible alerts 
  • Count-up and countdown timers
  • Belt clip and kickstand on receiver


  • Only 2 Probes 
  • No preset temperature settings for meat doneness and alarms.
  • Minimal buttons means less intuitive operation
  • 90-day warranty

Dozyant 3 1/8″ larger face 550f temp gauge

Some experts believe that because it is made of steel and has no fragile probes or cables that could melt inside the oven, this type of temperature gauge is the best grill surface thermometer for an oven.

This heavy-duty stainless steel thermometer is built to last, resisting rust and withstanding the environment. The dial’s glass is anti-fog, which helps to prevent condensation under the glass.


  • Simple design, no electronic components
  • Easy to use: no buttons or settings to fiddle with


  • Must be calibrated before use

Thermopro tp-16 meat thermometer for smoker

This is one of the brand’s basic electron thermometers. It keeps things basic, which means it’s also inexpensive. If you’re on a tight budget, this may be the option for you.

This fantastic wired meat thermometer is a single-channel food thermometer with excellent accuracy and a low price.

The target temperature may be determined by selecting the type of meat and the intended degree of doneness. You can choose whatever temperature you like.

The thermometer includes a magnetic back and a stainless steel mesh probing cable 40 inches long. The probe can accommodate temperatures of up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit.

One downside of this model is that it is not waterproof. Therefore it cannot withstand splashes or liquids.


  • Long enough probe cable
  • Easy to use and program


  • It is not water (or marinade!) proof.

Weber iGrill 3

The Weber iGrill 3 meat thermometer is ideal for keeping all their electronics and devices up to date with the latest technology.

This smoker thermometer, unlike other wireless thermometers, employs Bluetooth technology. You can quickly connect the thermometer to your tablet or phone and check the smoker’s temperature in the palm of your hand.


  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Professional-grade probes
  • Illuminated display
  • Free Weber iGrill App
  • Four probe capacity
  • 200 hours of battery life


  • Some Bluetooth and connection signal difficulties have been reported.

Thermopro TP08s

Another excellent smoker thermometer for outdoor smokers and barbecues is the ThermoPro TP08. It contains all of the essential features that you would expect from a smoker thermometer.

Furthermore, it is reasonably priced, making it the best budget thermometer.


  • Pairs automatically, and the controls are easy to read and press.
  • Extra-long food probe – Perfect for larger pieces like brisket and pork shoulder.
  • Excellent features alarms for temperature, signal loss, and more.


  • Only use a dual probe to monitor one piece of meat and the grill grates.
  • No doneness presets — Unlike the TP20, it is a simple thermometer with no preset temperature settings.
  • Short pit probe cable – At only 3 1/2 feet, it may be insufficient for most grillers.

Why Invest in a Quality Smoker Thermometer?

  • Perfectly Cooked Meat: Using a reliable thermometer minimizes the risk of undercooking or overcooking your meat, thereby avoiding foodborne illnesses.
  • Reliable Temperature Detection: Forget the unreliable methods you’ve seen on TV; a thermometer is the only surefire way to determine if your meat is ready.

You can learn more about some of the Best Wireless Meat Thermometers here.

How to Choose the Best Smoker Thermometer

Key Features to Consider:

  • Readability: A good thermometer should offer a clear read-out from a reasonable distance.
  • Timer and Alarms: Look for options with timers and alarms to reduce constant monitoring.
  • Remote Range: Opt for thermometers that offer a sufficient range for remote monitoring, but also consider the type of connectivity—WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • Probe Options: Choose a model with multiple probes if you’re if you’re cooking multiple types of meat.

Things to Avoid:

  • Cheap Build: Low-quality thermometers can give inaccurate readings and are usually not durable.
  • Lack of Customer Support: Always opt for a thermometer that offers a warranty and good customer service.

In Conclusion

Your BBQ experience should be enjoyable, not stressful. The key to achieving mouthwatering, perfectly cooked meats lies in choosing the right smoker thermometer. A little investment today could save you from many a grilling disasters in the future. So, whether you’re an aspiring pitmaster or an established pro, make sure you equip yourself with the best thermometer for your needs. 


How can I use foil to protect my probes?

Many grillers advise using aluminum foil to extend the life of the probes on smoker thermometers. This method helps in the protection of the cable against hot spots.

Wrap only the part of the cable that is in contact with the hot area with foil. However, make sure the foil does not extend beyond the hot point.

Wrapping the entire cable length in foil can direct hot air down the tube, so only use it where necessary and nowhere else.

How do I use my thermometer to monitor the temperature?

Typically, all you need to do is keep your eye on the thermometer’s dial or check the digital display. Most meats and proteins require smoking at temperatures ranging from 225F to 250F.

If the temperature rises above 250 degrees Fahrenheit, you should close the vents. As the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere decreases, so will the temperature.

If your smoker’s temperature falls too low, reverse the process and open the vents.

What’s wrong with my thermometer if the temperature appears to be off?

If you believe the temperature reported on your thermometer is incorrect, there are a few things you might do. This could be because the probe was pressed too far into the food or not pushed far enough.

It could be making touch with bone, which would skew the reading. Check to ensure that the probe and wire have not absorbed or taken on moisture internally.

If the plug or socket was exposed to water, the same thing might have happened. The probe may have failed due to contact with water or flame.

The probe may be pinched or damaged in some circumstances. Check all of them and refer to the user manual for your smoker thermometer model.

You may be able to avoid buying a new thermometer, but you may have to accept that the unit is fried.

Is it worthwhile to invest in a remote control smoker thermometer?

This is entirely dependent on your tastes. If you enjoy using smart devices and are comfortable using apps on them, a Bluetooth-enabled thermometer is your best bet.

We explore a variety of remote control thermometers, which allow you to step away from the smoker without jeopardizing the outcome of your barbeque.

Is it possible to replace the probes on my thermometer?

The probes on your thermometer are readily replaceable and can even be added to increase its range from two to four or six. Make sure to read the instructions with the model you’ve chosen.

As a result, they will advise you on the safest manner to remove the probes and add any new ones. Though it will vary depending on the type, the main concept of replacing them will be identical to each smoker thermometer.

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