A huge part of being a soccer parent is going to games that aren’t at home and on bleachers that aren’t exactly cozy. You’ll sit on them for roughly an hour and a half every game, which can harm your back and other body parts. 

So, what are your options? First, you can get the nicest seats for soccer games! Then, you’ll be able to watch every game your child plays from the sidelines in comfort and luxury, without having to deal with chilly, stiff bleacher chairs or, even worse, potentially damp grass.

You already prepare your vehicle or van with gear, spare clothing, beverages, snacks, and more for every game, so why not add the perfect portable chair to the list? With this in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the top five greatest soccer seats. 

Don’t worry; they’re also great for dads! We’ve also put up a buying guide to assist you in making your decision and answers to some commonly asked concerns about these fantastic seating options.

Best soccer game chairs

Chaheati 11.4V Battery-Heated MAXX Heated Chair

This is one of the greatest soccer seats available. This chair may be used in any temperature, climate, or environment. However, this might be the chair closest to being perfect.

This chair was designed to be used year-round and is constructed of sturdy 600D fabric. You’ll be comfortable during your child’s soccer game no matter the temperature since this chair is temperature-controlled and adjustable to your needs. In addition, it employs woven heat technology directly in the fibers instead of coils to achieve these temperatures and settings.

It includes a carrying case and a strong lithium-ion battery that, once charged, will provide hours of continuous or intermittent usage, depending on your demands. So stay relaxed when rooting for your kids or spending time with your family outside!


  • This is an all-season chair with numerous temperature adjustments and weather resistance.
  • Instead of coils, it uses patent-pending woven heat technology.
  • On a single charge, the lithium-ion battery lasts for hours.
  • 600D denier fabric material
  • A carrying case is included.


  • As far as we’ve noticed, there’s nothing we don’t like about this chair!

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Portable Folding Rocking Chair

This GCI Outdoor portable folding rocking chair is ideal for providing you with a sense of home even while you’re away from home. Even when you’re sitting on the sideline, it employs a revolutionary spring-action locking mechanism to give you that pleasant, familiar rocking chair experience. 

This is ideal for soccer parents who have to bring their sometimes-aggressive newborn siblings to the game. This chair’s powder-coated steel frame can easily take up to 250 pounds, with some users suggesting it can also support persons who are a bit heavier, so you shouldn’t have any concerns about it failing to support you.

The revolutionary EAZY-FOLD technology makes it simple to open and close, so no chair wrestling is necessary to set it up or take it down. In addition, it’s available in two appealing colors: cinnamon and indigo blue, and a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee back it.


  • Available in two colors: indigo blue and cinnamon
  • With proprietary EAZY-FOLD Technology, it opens and closes or folds.
  • For extra comfort and relaxation, it has revolutionary spring-action rocking technology.
  • A powder-coated steel structure that can support up to 250 pounds is included.
  • The manufacturer provides a limited lifetime guarantee.


  • Due to the highly upright back, the chair nearly pushes you to sit in a specific position; It Has a four-can cooler bag built to keep cold drinks close at hand.
  • It’s available as a single chair or as a pair.
  • The foldable shape makes it simple to travel, store, and carry.
  • The back and seat are also completely padded.
  • If the chair is on an uneven surface, you must resist the shocks to sit comfortably.
  • The seat is a bit shallow, and depending on where you sit, the front edge of it might be unpleasant on your legs. 

Coleman Portable Camping Quad Chair with Cooler

You’ve undoubtedly seen, heard of, or used a Coleman product if you’ve ever gone camping, fished, or done any other outdoor activity. However, we’ve got some exciting news: they also produce camping chairs, which are ideal for soccer parents to utilize regularly. This one, in particular, is outstanding.

This chair may be purchased alone or in a two-pack, so if you and your soccer spouse want to attend your child’s game together, you can get the double pack without any effort. This chair features a foldable design that makes it simple to travel, store, and carry. It’s equally simple to fold and put up.

It can support up to 325 pounds, enough to comfortably hold you and any younger children, such as newborns or toddlers, in your lap. It also has an integrated cooler bag that can hold up to four cans and keep them cold until you remove them. In addition, this chair has a completely padded seat and back for added comfort.


  • Hold up to 325 pounds.


  • The carrying bag appears to be smaller than the previous Coleman bags.  
  • The seat may be too upright.

KingCamp Heavy-Duty Steel Camping Folding Director Chair

It takes a little extra effort when unfolding and folding this heavy-duty folding chair from KingCamp, but it’s definitely worth it. This extra-large, heavy-duty soccer mom chair can support up to 330 pounds and is made of 600D Oxford fabric resistant to water, wear, abrasions, and normal weather conditions.

Thanks to the high-quality fabric and robust steel frame, you can rely on this chair for years of sporting activities, excursions, and general use. However, because of the heavy-duty frame and seat materials, this chair is substantially heavier than the other chairs on our list.

It has an insulated cooler bag and a cup-holding table on both sides of the chair. The maker also offers a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.


  • A lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee are included.
  • Comes with a 12-liter insulated cooler bag and a side table with a cup holder.
  • Has an extra-large size and a 330-pound weight capacity.
  • Made of 600D oxford fabric, which is wear-resistant and long-lasting.
  • The chair has a sturdy steel frame and cushioned armrests.


  • They’re heavy-duty, so they’re much heavier than the other folding chair alternatives we looked at.
  • Folding and unfolding take some effort, and it’s easy to pinch your fingers in the process.

Coleman 2000019354 Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair

You’ll probably benefit from having two chairs instead of one if you often attend your soccer kid’s games with a spouse, friend, or another moderately-sized human being. But what if one chair turned out to be two? This is where the Coleman model is useful.

This chair comfortably accommodates two persons and has a high degree of comfort. It can support up to 225 pounds for each seat, for a total weight capacity of 550 pounds, with no signs of strain. 

It is heavier than other alternatives available since it performs the functions of two seats in one unit. Still, it is also more convenient than loading, unloading, and setting up extra chairs.

This chair includes mesh cup holders on both armrests and storage pockets on the back for accessories, backup shin guards, munchies, supplies, phones, and keys.


  • Seats two persons easily and comfortably in one unit.
  • Both armrests have mesh cup holders.
  • There are pockets on the rear of the seats to store accessories, refreshments, and other personal stuff.
  • The provided carrying bag easily folds for convenient storage and transit.
  • Each seat can support up to 225 pounds, for a total of 550 pounds.


  • It’s a little heavier than typical folding sideline seats because it’s two chairs in one.
  • It sits rather low, which may be a concern for some. 

Kijaro Dual Lock Portable Camping Chair

Kijaro made this camping chair. It’s also the finest model to bring to any picnic location because it is the pinnacle of stability, durability, and portability. 

When taking a closer look at this outdoor chair, pay attention to the structure first. It’s made of alloy steel. The chair is significantly more durable as a result of its design. In addition, the alloy steel allows the chair to support a weight of 300 pounds.

Diamond ripstop polyester is used for the seat. The back, on the other hand, is constructed of breathable mesh. Both the seat and the back contribute to a relaxing sitting experience. Most significantly, when you sit, the seat does not sink. As a result, the chair is extremely solid and soothing.

This camping chair’s dual-lock technology adds glitz to the product. The seat does not slump as a result of this locking. A push-button is provided to assist in the unlocking of the chair. After that, you must push the arms together to secure them.

In addition, this beach chair has two mesh cup holders, one on each armrest. A zipped organizer is also visible. It also serves as a useful accessory storage bag. A carry bag is included with the box. 

You may carry the chair by folding it and packing it in the bag. The chair does, however, include a carry strap. You may hang the chair on your shoulder once folded instead of packing it in a suitcase.


  • Durable and comfortable
  • The comfortable back angle
  • Compared to previous versions, this model is a little taller.


  • Quite hefty

Quik Chair with Arm Rest Cup Holder

It is a very inexpensive patio chair. But, while being a low-cost utility, it’s not without its charm. Its easiness and comfortable construction entice you to sit on it. So, buy this one to appreciate the true value of beach chairs.

It is constructed of alloy steel. As a result, durability and lifespan are self-evident. The cloth on the back and seat are of excellent quality. It’s made of durable polyester fabric with a 300D rating. And the best thing is that this polyester is both water and stain-resistant. It allows the chair to stand in the rain.

The cloth on the back and seat is not just long-lasting. However, it is well-fitting and provides a pleasant sitting experience. A mesh cup holder can be seen on the right armrest. It allows you to enjoy a cool beverage while watching an exciting match.

When your athletic event or barbecue party is over, simply fold the chair since it folds conveniently and compactly. As a result, storing it in a carry bag is a breeze. Don’t buy a carry bag separately because it’s included in the bundle. A carry bag has a strap that allows you to carry the chair on your shoulder comfortably.

This lightweight foldable chair can support up to 225 pounds. So, if you meet the requirements, this is perfect for you.


  • Simple
  • Affordably priced
  • Extremely light
  • Stylish cup holder


  • Adults who are overweight should not use this chair.

Quik Shade Adjustable Canopy Folding Camp Chair

The canopy on this Quik Shade chair is a pleasant surprise. This one is the only chair on our list that will keep you safe from the sun as you enjoy the great outdoors.

The chair is large enough to support even huge boys during a heated soccer game, measuring 21.2 x 35.8 x 68 inches. Its weight isn’t particularly heavy. With a weight of 9 pounds (4.1 kg), you can carry it wherever.

The canopy, on the other hand, provides no problem in terms of transportation. Whether you want it or not, it is upon you. If you don’t want it, all you have to do is uninstall it.

The canopy comes in helpful when it comes to shielding the sun. You can even tilt it to either side to shield your eyes and face from the light. However, some users have had difficulty keeping it up to date, owing to the loss of attachments.

Aside from that, you may expect the standard features. Two mesh and cloth cup holders, one storage bag, and two folding straps suggest that this one may be folded from both sides. However, one particular item has irritated customers: the armrests. Some people find them too broad to support their arms adequately.

There are also just two color options: blue and green. This is one of the greatest folding chairs on the market today for those hot summer soccer games.


  • Comes with a canopy
  • Enormous size
  • Sturdy construction


  • Doesn’t swivel or recline

Buyer’s guide

With our top five picks fresh in your memory, you’re undoubtedly wondering how we came up with those specific soccer mom seats. What distinguishes them as the best? What should you look for while selecting the greatest soccer game seats? First, we’ll go over it.

Comfort, convenience, and portability

Your normal seating situation, whether bleachers, grass, or a blanket, is why you’re seeking a chair for all your soccer-mom activities. So you’ll need something lightweight, handy, and comfy.

Every chair on the list above is foldable and comes with a handy carrying bag to make it even easier to transport. Some are heavier than others owing to materials or size, so keep that in mind when deciding whether you’ll load and unload your car alone or with assistance.


Some soccer mom chairs will claim to be 600D polyester or 600D Oxford, but what do those phrases mean? Is there a distinction between them, and if so, what is it?

Yes, although it’s a little more difficult for the state than you may expect. That’s because Oxford is made of polyester, but it’s treated differently. Although not all manufacturers highlight the difference, the higher the number before the “D” indication, the more probable it is to be branded as Oxford rather than polyester.

In short, 600D polyester is the same as 600D Oxford. In most cases, however, the material is “polyester” in ranges below 420D and “Oxford” for ranges of 420D and higher if specified requirements are followed.

At this point, you’re undoubtedly wondering what the “D” stands for. The letter “D” stands for “denier,” a measuring unit. It determines the thickness and weight of your polyester fabric. That is to say, the higher the number, the heavier and thicker the fibers utilized in manufacturing your chair.

Heavy, thick fibers are more weather-resistant, abrasion-resistant, and scratch-resistant. 600D textiles are also mildew-resistant and have a high water-resistance rating. Backpacks, equipment bags, awnings, and boat coverings employ this fabric.

Features and advantages

When you browse through the world of soccer mom chairs, various features and perks, from armrests to cupholders to storage pockets to heating components, which features and advantages are most significant to your goals and requirements is entirely up to you.

It will also depend on what additional equipment or accessories you bring, such as coolers, fans, blankets, and other items.

Weight restrictions

We understand that no one likes to discuss their weight, especially after having children and occupying their days with sports and family activities. However, the weight capacity or weight limit of your soccer mom chair is critical. After all, you don’t want to spend money on a chair that you won’t be able to use.

Check the weight limit of your possible chair, and then check your weight or the weight of whoever would be sitting on it. It’s normally fine if you’re within five or ten pounds of the limit, especially in chairs with heavier, more robust frames.

You’re probably nowhere close to the weight limit of your chair, which means you can be the best soccer mom in whichever chair you choose!

Stability and support

Along with everything else described above, one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new soccer mom chair is its support and stability. This is also related to weight and comfort issues. 

You want a structure and material that will hold up under your weight while remaining pleasant and supportive for the hours you’ll be sitting on the bench. The chair’s seat and back should be constructed of thick or robust fabrics and materials, and the frame should be heavy-duty but not too heavy to handle.


Unfortunately, these soccer mom seats may quickly become too pricey. However, a pleasant chair may be found in almost any price range. So, before you go shopping, make a budget. This will help you choose which chairs you should and should not consider. 

Expect a low-cost chair to endure a short period because the makers typically utilize less durable materials on the chairs to justify the low cost. Therefore, spending more money upfront to ensure you obtain a good soccer mom chair might be worthwhile.


When choosing a soccer mom chair, you should pay close attention to the size. If you don’t, you may find yourself with a seat that is too narrow to sit comfortably on. On the other hand, a chair that is too huge for your frame might be difficult to move around and transfer. 

It’s also possible that getting in and out will be tough. So when you start looking, remember that the size includes the weight range.

Single or double occupancy

Are you looking for a single or double-seated soccer mom chair? The majority of these chairs are single-seaters. However, there are a few double-seaters available. 

If you have a friend or family member who wants to accompany you to the game, these are a good alternative, but they’re generally more expensive, larger, and heavier than the single option. If one person gets up, there’s also a difficulty with stability. Choose the one that will work best for you and limit your selections.

Top soccer chair brands


Whatever soccer mom chair you select should include at least one or two storage compartments and cup holders. Some of our favorites had an insulated storage section where you could put cold food or beverages.

 Others featured built-in twin cup holders or tiny mesh storage pockets. Consider what you’ll bring to these soccer games and match your chair to your storage requirements. You never know; you could come across one that keeps everything safe.

Top soccer chair brands

Depending on the items and the market, some brands are better than others. However, there’s no denying that the following four brands are the best for recreational chairs.


Chaheati was created to create comfy, improved chairs for spectators at sporting events and activities. Although it is a newer firm, it has already established itself as a leader in terms of quality, dependability, and comfort.

GCI Outdoor

GCI Outdoor was founded in 1996 to combine intuitive engineering with outstanding marketing. The firm is still operated by the founders and co-founders, who continue to produce innovative goods and provide excellent customer service.


Coleman is a well-known company that constantly produces high-quality goods. There’s something for everyone, from seats to tents, barbecues to coolers. With a Coleman product, you can’t go wrong.


As a brand, KingCamp focuses on the memories we make with our loved ones when spending time in nature. They provide high-quality camping equipment, including some of the nicest seats available.


Do you have any queries concerning the finest soccer chairs? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the most often asked questions and provided answers below for your convenience!

Were these seats designed with soccer parents in mind?

While some chairs are designed expressly for soccer mothers and include the title boldly displayed on the back or seat, the chairs we tested were not designed to be used on the sidelines of your children’s sporting games.

You can take your new soccer mom chair camping, picnicking, family vacations, fishing expeditions, and more if you want to. What you can do with your soccer mom chair and where you can sit comfortably are both unlimited.

Can these chairs also be used for other sports or hobbies such as football, field hockey, or camping?

Yes, you may use your soccer mom chair at other sporting events, camping vacations, and other such adventures. In addition, you may use your chair anywhere you need to sit outside or even indoors in some cases.

What is the finest playground chair for watching children’s sports?

A variety of chairs available on the market are ideal for the elderly. The most prevalent types include bleachers and soccer mom chairs. 

Bleachers, on the other hand, are uncomfortable and, in certain cases, can induce back discomfort. In contrast, a char’s comfort, mobility, and convenience is the most suited solution.


After reading all of this, you should now have a much better understanding of what to look for in your ideal soccer mom chair. The Chaheati 11.4V Battery-Heated MAXX Heated Chair, which is amazing in all weather conditions, comfy, and widely regarded as the best portable chair available, is, in our opinion, the best chair for soccer games.

The KingCamp Heavy-Duty Steel Folding Director Chair is a good option if it isn’t what you need. It’ll endure a long time, and the handy side table can hold beverages, accessories, and more. If you want to share a chair with a buddy, spouse, or anybody else, the Coleman Quattro Lax Double Quad Chair is a great option.

Regardless of your preferences, you can’t go wrong with any of the chairs mentioned above. However, if you want to purchase independently, don’t forget to check out our handy shopping guide!

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