If you want to improve your pass-receiving skills, you’ll need a partner to practice with. Whether this player is as good as you are in this area makes no difference. Why? A terrible player, on the other hand, will teach you how to receive a bad pass, but a talented player will teach you how to receive a good pass. 

When you have to practice by yourself, the problem arises. Sure, you can kick the ball against your house’s wall.

However, you will only harm your ball if you do so. So rather than slamming the ball against a wall or a set of steps, you should invest in the best soccer rebounder available.

This netting is made of soft elastic linked to a frame and used to receive and return the ball. Don’t know where to start when it comes to purchasing a soccer rebounder? This guide will teach you all there is to know about soccer rebounders.

Reviews of the best soccer rebounders

1. Tekk Trainer Rebounder Goal

Tekk is well-known for producing high-quality soccer training gear, and this rebounder is no exception. An aluminum tube, a 6mm thick net, and steel brackets contribute to the product’s strength.

If you’re looking for a rebounder that can help you improve your skills, the Tekk Trainer is the rebounder for you. It has seven angles to choose from.

Another feature you’ll appreciate about this rebounder is that the net rests quite securely once it’s put together. This results in a spectacular game-speed rebound. It will take you two to five minutes to set it up, and once you’ve done so, you’ll never have to take it apart again.

With all of these great features, it’s no surprise that the Tekk Trainer is on the higher pricing scale. On the bright side, professional soccer teams can employ this type of rebounder. Its long-lasting quality will allow you to utilize it for many years, justifying its hefty cost. 


  • Ideal for self-training, but because of its large size, it can accommodate more than one person.
  • The net can be adjusted in seven different ways.
  • The frame is made of aluminum, making it both strong and light.
  • A multipurpose rebounder that may be used in a variety of sports.


  • The net’s height isn’t as adjustable as other rebounders’.
  • Despite its ease of installation, the directions can be difficult to understand. 

2. QuickPlay PRO Rebounder

This rebounder is available in 5’ by 5’ and 7’ by 7’. This makes it excellent for individual practice as well as partner training. However, the key characteristic that distinguishes it is its net can be totally adjusted. Adjustable angles have the advantage of allowing you to recreate various settings, allowing you to train in a more realistic environment.

In addition, the Quickplay Pro rebounder has rubber feet at the bottom. This means you can use it indoors and outdoors on various surfaces. This rebounder is powerful enough to survive all external factors, regardless of where you set it up. Its galvanized steel frame and high-tension rebound net make this possible.

However, there is one disadvantage: the materials’ sturdiness and strength make them rather hefty. It weighs about 47 pounds, making it inconvenient to transport. In addition, this isn’t the type of rebounder you can shift about on the spur of the moment.  


  • Adjustable in every way.
  • A 2-year warranty is included.
  • Extremely durable.
  • It can be used on any type of surface.


  • It’s too cumbersome to transport.

3. SKLZ Quickster Soccer Trainer

Despite the high-end rebounders’ incredible features, not everyone is ready to spend over $200 on a soccer rebounder. The SKLZ Quickster is a more cost-effective option if you’re on a tight budget.

This rebounder boasts several appealing features in addition to its reasonable price. One of these features is its adaptability. You will be able to practice volleys and half-volleys thanks to its innovative design. Additionally, repetition training might help you enhance your talents. This innovative design is a dual rebounder net with a large net measuring 6’ by 4’ and a small net measuring 6’ by 20”.

This rebounder, like the Tekk Trainer, is easy to set up. However, it also only weighs 13.2 pounds, making it quite portable. It takes less than 8 minutes to put together, and it’s just as simple to take apart.

Another feature that distinguishes the SKLZ Quickster is that it is composed of high-quality materials.  Thanks to this sturdy structure, you may take strong shots without worrying about the net ripping or the rebounder tripping over. 


  • It’s inexpensive
  • It can practice ball control, passing, and other skills.
  • It’s simple to put together and travel.
  • For solo practice, this rebounder is ideal.


  • The stakes don’t effectively anchor to the ground.

4. Trigon Sports Soccer Rebounder

The Trigon Sports Rebounder is one of the largest in our study, measuring 6’ by 12’. Its vast surface area makes it ideal for inexperienced players still working on their aim. On the other hand, the frame is somewhat tall, which makes it prone to tipping over. The net includes 3’ legs on each side to increase its sturdiness. The four ground-anchoring stakes additionally enhance its solidity.

The first thing you’ll notice about this rebounder is how basic it appears. But don’t be fooled by the appearance; it’s built of high-quality materials. The structure is galvanized steel tubing, and the net is UV-treated.

Furthermore, this rebounder includes a push-button set mechanism, ensuring a quick and easy setup.


  • Strong enough to resist heavy strikes.
  • It’s a rebounder that may be used for a variety of purposes.
  • Both sides can be used


  • It’s not possible to set up at various angles.

5. PodiuMax Portable Soccer Trainer – Great For Goalkeepers

PodiumMax has been innovating high-tech training equipment to help players worldwide master their art for over 20 years. But, with their newest soccer rebounder net, they haven’t forgotten about goalkeepers.

When you set up this net, you’ll first notice how tall it is. It’s ideal for anyone who wants to work on their volleys and hit high shots into the top portion of the net. On the other hand, the trap is great for goalies who want to improve their over-arm throws into the net.

In addition, this is possibly the greatest soccer rebounder for uncertain ball returns. As a result, it’s an excellent tool for keepers to employ to improve their responses and shot-stopping abilities. This net felt heavier to me than the others on the list. However, this strengthened it and gave the rebounds a match-like feel. If you’re a goalie trying to improve your ball-handling skills, I recommend looking into acquiring a net. 


  • Both goalkeepers and outfield players will benefit from this item.
  • On each side, there are two nets. 
  • For volleys, tall netting is ideal.
  • It has the appearance of a match.


  • The galvanized steel frame of this net is heavy to handle and carry, but it is extremely solid and resistant to hard strikes.
  • If left outside, the frame may rust, but it is simple and quick to pack away. 

6. Goalrilla Striker Ultra-Responsive Soccer Rebound 

You’ll know this soccer rebounder is a piece not to be overlooked as soon as you see it. It is safe to assume that coming from Goalrilla (probably one of the greatest brands on the market), it comes with everything you need in a rebounder.

It’s possible to make it a goal. It allows users to strengthen their hitting abilities. It can be used as a practice goal for goalkeepers.

However, its back shape, which rebounds brilliantly, may also be utilized as a passing aid. This rebounder aids with the development of passes, quickness, and other skills.

The biggest benefit is that anyone may use this soccer rebounder.

Every skill level – from juniors to semi-professionals – works like a charm. And if that weren’t enough, it’s remarkably light for its size. The rebounder is solid enough to serve as a goal but also light enough for two people to maneuver around easily. 


  • People of various ages will find it useful
  • It can withstand any type of use and condition
  • It works nicely in every setting
  • It’s ideal for goalkeeping and striking.


  • Construction is a little heavy

7. FORZA Dual-Sided Soccer Rebounder

The Dual-Sided Rebounder from FORZA is the most practical and well-made multitask rebounder ever.

With this rebounder, you get the complete package. The freestanding design is the first step. After that, you don’t need to set up a base or anchor point because it will stand sturdy without additional support.

This gives a sense of practicality. Nothing, however, compares to the huge internet. Despite its freestanding construction, this rebound net is 12 feet wide and 6 feet high. You can also choose the largest model, 16 feet wide and 7 feet high.

You can use it to train anything because of its freestanding design and huge build. It gets the job done in any situation, from low passes to upper control, striking, and even goalkeeping; finally, you will appreciate the simple setup procedure. A youngster can set up this rebounder with minimal work and time. 


  • Freestanding design with extreme sturdiness
  • It can be used for any purpose
  • Large but with dependable construction 
  • It was simple to fold when not in use


  • It comes with a muddled instruction manual

What is a soccer rebounder?

A soccer rebounder is a gadget that bounces soccer balls back to you when you kick them at it. They’re usually made to be portable and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Why use a soccer rebounder?

The majority of soccer skills are simple to master. First, grab a few balls and shoot from the edge of the box to improve your shooting skills. Then, grab a friend and practice passing the ball back and forth if you want to improve. 

High balls are a much more difficult component of the sport to practice for. When you’re playing by yourself, it can be difficult to practice your initial touch, chest control, trapping, and volleys. 

Soccer rebounders (also known as soccer trainers) are here to help. Simply kicking the ball at the net will cause it to bounce back at a reasonable height, allowing players to engage in more advanced soccer training. You’ll be scoring volleys like Hernan Crespo and using your weaker foot like Neymar in no time if you practice enough.

Soccer trainers are also beneficial for players who are practicing their shooting. For example, instead of staying in the net, you can bounce the ball right back to you if you acquire a flat rebounder (like with a regular soccer goal). This is ideal for soccer drills involving chest control, heading, and knee control.

Types of soccer rebounders

Soccer rebounders can be classified based on their intended use. Some are good for shooting, others are good for passing or control, and others are good for goalkeeping. We also have rebounders that can be used for a variety of purposes. The various types of rebounders are listed below.

Multi-purpose rebounders

The name speaks for itself. Rebounders are sports equipment that can be used in a variety of sports.

Although rebounders can be used for a variety of purposes, the majority of them are made specifically for football. As a result, they would be unsuitable for other sports. For example, as a result, you might come across a net design that doesn’t fit a baseball or golf ball.

If you plan to use your rebounder for sports other than soccer, search for those labeled as versatile. You’ll be able to move from soccer to basketball with such rebounders easily.

Surprisingly, multipurpose rebounders are less expensive than other types of rebounders. Perhaps this is because they serve no specific purpose, allowing manufacturers to use low-cost materials. But on the other hand, these multi-purpose rebounders can be used in various contexts.

Passing and control rebounders

Passing is an important component of soccer. However, if passing the ball isn’t your strong suit, here are the top five ways to do it. You’ll also want to look for rebounders specifically designed for this skill.

The taller and wider rebounders are better for beginners because they provide a larger target to hit. On the other hand, smaller, shorter rebounders are the greatest for advanced players because they take up the least amount of space.

When looking for a passing rebounder, the most important feature is the ability to kick along the ground and recover the ball. Some rebounders include little bars at the bottom that make getting the ball back nearly hard. Other designs include nets that catch and return the ball to the player.

Shooting rebounder

If you’re buying a rebounder to practice your shooting, we recommend getting a large one. Shooting, a skill with high volatility, is best suited for bigger rebounders. If you utilize a little rebounder instead, you’ll increase your chances of missing your target, forcing you to chase after the ball. But, of course, this outweighs the benefit of having a rebounder, to begin with.

Aside from the size, you should also look at how the rebounder returns the ball. A coil-based design is ideal if you want a net that makes the ball bounce back strongly. On the other hand, if you want a rebounder that hits the ball back at a fair speed, look for one that fits into an existing goal.

Essential features to look for when buying a soccer rebounder

There are a few things to consider when buying a soccer rebounder to guarantee you get the perfect one for your needs. These are the following:


Soccer rebounders come in various sizes to accommodate the needs of various players. Keep two things in mind when choosing a size: your age and the same region of the game that you wish to master.

A little rebounder, for example, is ideal if you want to enhance your accuracy. On the other hand, a bigger rebounder would be a better alternative if you’re an older player looking to boost your kicking strength.

Another factor to consider is the rebounder’s portability. Smaller nets are more portable than larger nets, even though some rebounders are equipped with quick-break mechanisms.


Aside from the size, the frame is an important consideration. It needs to be strong enough to endure kick after kick.

Plastic and fiberglass have numerous advantages, including their lightweight and portability. Unfortunately, they are more likely to topple over since they are too light. Plastic and fiberglass rebounders, on the other hand, are great for kids and low-impacts kicks.

However, the bulk of soccer rebounders you’ll come across are composed of metal, with aluminum and steel being the most prevalent. The most important advantage of metallic framing is that it creates a sturdy foundation that can resist a variety of kick strengths. This means you can put your kicking power to the test and exercise it as much as you want without worrying about its structural integrity.

When shopping for rebounders, opt for ones with a frame made of circular tubing. These circular frames are kinder to your soccer ball, reducing the risk of breakage. In addition, the all-weather treatment ensures that the frame materials can resist any weather conditions. It also aids in the prevention of deterioration and rusting. 

The last point to mention about the frame is that it is not always necessary to choose a T-shaped one. This is especially true for players who want to vary the return routes of their kicked balls. In such cases, choose rebounders with various angles and sections that can be adjusted. Because not every kick will come back to you, creating a variety of angles guarantees that you are well-prepared for real action on the pitch.


Another thing to think about is the rebounder’s netting. You’ll want to go with a net that says it’s all-weather. A small, tight-knit is also recommended. An all-weather netting, like the frame, is important because it can withstand the occasional extreme climatic conditions. When working with little soccer balls, tight-knit creates a better reaction and is easier to deal with.


You’ll want to train as much as possible to improve your soccer abilities. That is why you should invest in a soccer rebounder that is both robust and long-lasting. The PodiumMax Portable Soccer Trainer is a durable and long-lasting soccer rebounder.

Offers different training exercises

You’ll want to choose the greatest soccer rebounder that can supply you with multiple training workouts to get the most bang for your buck. I favor ones evaluating your ground passing and aerial talents, such as the SKLZ Quicker Soccer Trainer.


No coach wants to be stranded at the end of a practice session, attempting to pack up many soccer traps. So, a soccer rebounder like the Gear FC Soccer Wall is always a good idea.

Your needs as a player

Each soccer rebounder has different qualities that can assist you in bettering your part in the squad, depending on your position. The PodiuMax Portable Soccer Trainer, for example. It is recommended for goalkeepers, while the FORZA Soccer Rebound Wall is recommended for strikers.

Best soccer rebounder brands

  • Tekk

Tekk was founded in 1999 with the primary purpose of producing cutting-edge soccer training equipment. One thing that makes this company distinct is that all of its goods are developed with the help of professional trainers and athletes.

  • Quickplay

Quickplay is a well-known sports brand that sells soccer rebounders and matches goals to consumers and retailers. This business is focused on developing high-end sporting equipment through research and development. 

  • SKLZ

This company was founded to give athletes and players top-of-the-line sporting equipment. SKLZ’s headquarters are in Carlsbad, California, which serves as the company’s manufacturing and testing center.

  • Soccer wave

This company specializes in producing one-of-a-kind and highly effective soccer rebounders. Unfortunately, their items have varied curvature, resulting in inconsistent ball returns.

  • Trigon sports

This is another well-known athletic goods brand. This organization, which has more than four decades of experience, tries to suit the needs of a wide range of customers, from high school and college students to professional soccer players.


What is the best soccer rebounder size for kids?

A 6.2’ by 12’ soccer goal is ideal for children. However, this necessitates using a 6.5’ by 12’ soccer net. 

What’s the best soccer rebounder for teens and adults?

Teenagers and adults will almost certainly have far superior abilities than children. As a result, invest in a smaller rebounder to assist you in enhancing your hit, cross, and long pass accuracy.

How thick should the roping be?

A soccer net’s standard thickness is 2mm. However, if you want a net that can endure strong kicks, we recommend one with a rope diameter of 3 to 3.5mm.

Can I make my rebounder?

Yes. Using only plywood and utility timber, you may make your rebounder. This post will walk you through the process of creating your rebounder.

Are soccer rebounder nets good for team practice?

Yes. In group sessions, many professional instructors across the country employ rebounding nets. However, they’re mostly utilized in warm-up activities to assist players in concentrating on their reactions before a game or training session.

Do professional teams use soccer rebounders?

During specialized training drills, several professional clubs in the MLS and Premier League soccer rebounders are used to assist strikers and attackers in moving the ball around before assaulting the goal.

Wrap Up

A few training gears can compare to the rebounder honing your football talents. A rebounder is similar to a football goal, except that its bungee-loaded netting returns it instead of receiving the kicked ball. You can improve your accuracy, kick power, placement, and speed in a short amount of time by using the best soccer rebounders. 

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