The backyard can accommodate a wide range of equipment, from grills to swimming pools. There is space for an outdoor swing set in tiny yards, but the amount of area is limited. 

Make concessions rather than dismissing the notion because you don’t have enough space for a swing set. The best swing sets for small yards can be found in people’s houses who have done their homework. Make a concerted effort to find the appropriate playground equipment for your small yard. 

Sportspower My First Metal Swing Set

Things we like:

  • Two adjustable swings and one trapeze bar are among our favorites
  • A single slide
  • Built to ASTM playground equipment safety requirements
  • Steel with a corrosion-resistant finish
  • Designed for backyards that are small, medium, or large.
  • Dimensions: 89” wide by 89” long by 74” tall
  • Each seat has a 100-pound weight limit.
  • Maximum weight of 400 pounds can be supported.

Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, or single-family home, Sportspower’s My First Metal Swing Set is a small, robust swing set that can fit in any small backyard. It’s best for children aged 3 to 8 who desire a tiny, private room all to themselves.

This swing set will fit into any corner or empty spot only 89 inches in length, even if your yard is covered with a patio deck or overrun by a garden. A few additional feet of space should be available so the children can swing freely. 

The swing set’s aluminum framework and foam-padded legs make it difficult to dismantle. The maximum weight limit per swing seat is 100 pounds, with a total weight limit of 400 pounds. It is one of the tiniest swing sets available, being 7 feet long and supporting an average child’s weight.

At any given time, four children are encouraged to use the set. As long as children and parents follow the instructions, they will be able to utilize this swing set for many years. 

Movement God Metal A-Frame Two Seat Swing Set

Things we like:

  • The design is simple, with only two swings
  • Steel framework that is strong and long-lasting
  • For any small backyard, this is a safe and compact option
  • Warranty of two years
  • Each seat has a weight limit of 100 lbs
  • Dimensions: 102” long, 74” wide, and 71” tall

The Movement God Metal Swing Set will fit in any backyard with a size of 10 feet or more. There’s a space for this swing set whether you have a small plot of grass near a garden or behind the pool.

Adults are not permitted to utilize the set because each swing can only support 100lbs of weight. The swings are designed specifically for children aged 8 and under and their companions to enjoy for hours. The steel frame is corrosion resistant and will last for years in any condition. A two-year warranty is given to give the buyer additional peace of mind. 

Some people find the sample design unappealing. There aren’t many swing sets that are really detailed and elaborately made. Parents can easily buy different equipment separately if their children want to engage in other types of play.

A swing set should ideally be simple for children who prefer to swing above all else. The swings are the playground’s most popular attraction, and at some elementary schools, the swings fill up before the monkey bars or merry-go-round. Overall, this is a fine beginner set for those who do not want a more sophisticated and pricey play set. 

XDP Recreation Camo Commander Swing Set

Things we like:

  • Two swings, a wavy slide, a disc swing, and a two-passenger glider are among the five types of play equipment available
  • Comes in a green camouflage pattern
  • 6 children’s weight limits are met
  • Each seat/play station has 100lbs weight limit
  • Official safety standards are met
  • Measurements: 180 inches long, 106 inches wide, and 74 inches tall

Two swings are attached to this set, the same as every other. A Fun Glider, in addition to the standard swings, accommodates two riders who can either sit or stand while riding. When two children are already swinging, the glider is extremely useful.

A huge disc swing, which seats one child at a time, is also available. Finally, look for a wavy slide on the side. Each user of the play equipment must weigh 100 pounds. Adults and many children who wish to pile on top of the set at the same time should not use it. As long as it is not overused, this swing set remains sturdy and undamaged. 

The swing set incorporates steel frames and foamed legs for further safety and comfort. The blow-molded material is a weather-resistant polyethylene plastic that will not crack, bend, or break. It complies with the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), and Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act’s (CPSIA) approved safety requirements. 

The Camo Commander Swing Set provides a strong first impression with its fashionable, safe, and durable appearance. Six children can play simultaneously without feeling crowded. Despite its sophisticated design, the swing set is relatively simple. 

Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set

Things we like:

  • Two swings, a trapeze bar, and a slide
  • Steel framework that is safe and ideal for small yards
  • At the same time, it can accommodate four children
  • 120” in length, 90” in breadth, and 70” in height

On the Fun Time Swing Set, there are four stations to enjoy and play on. There’s a little wavy slide and two swings that each holds 105lbs. A trapeze bar is also attached for kids to try acrobatics and a separate seesaw. 3 to 12 years old is the ideal age range. 

The two swing chairs are the main advantages since they provide hours of enjoyable swinging. Even preteens enjoy swinging, and this swing set will appeal to them. Younger children with shorter legs will enjoy attempting to climb to greater heights on their own. Parents can connect baby swing seats with leg openings to their swings for toddlers. 

This swing set is compact and was built with safety in mind. Because the swings do not swing out too far or span a large area, children are always safe, and parents are never concerned about threats. The swing chains are vinyl-covered and may be adjusted in height.

The Fun Time Swing Set is a good place to start for developing children and parents on a budget until they can afford a more expensive upgrade. If the set is left in the yard while the house is being sold, it will boost the property value. It’s perfect for elementary school children who don’t have large backyards but want to have their private playground. 

Swing-N-Slide Orbiter Complete Wooden Swing Set

Things we like:

  • Two sings and one trapeze bar
  • A-frame foundation made of sturdy steel
  • Guard posts made of wood with a 5-year warranty
  • 3 children can be accommodated at the same time ASTM compliant
  • Measurements: 113” long, 96” wide, and 84” tall

The simplistic design, consisting of only two swings and one trapeze bar, is intended for children who prefer to swing. Three children can use two different pieces of equipment at the same time.

A horizontal bar and two rings tied to chains allow kids to swing back and forth on the trapeze bar. The apparatus can be adjusted at various heights above the ground to accommodate varied body sizes. 

The Swing-N-Slide Orbiter’s swings each hold 115 lbs and are suitable for youngsters aged 11 and up. The complete set takes up a tiny amount of yard space, but not so little that children feel crowded or bump into one another when swinging. 

Because it is assured to be safe, the Orbiter is not another complicated playground. The set has been designed and tested to fulfill ASTM playground safety standards. The A-frame construction is strong and takes only a few hours. 

The wooden guard posts will not rust or deteriorate as long as the set is left outside. Because the wood is sealed, no cracks or splinters occur, and no maintenance is required. Steel poles are commonly used in playsets, although the posts are considered to be stronger and endure longer.

Buyers guide for finding the perfect swing set for your small yard

Swing Set

Designing a small room in your home requires some planning. Finding a backyard swing set is more difficult because you want it to be enjoyable, yet everyone assumes that the larger play sets are better.

You should consider decreasing your desired equipment or employing less equipment that fits into the available area. If expanding your yard isn’t an option, you’ll have to do what you’ve got. 

Determine the Maximum Space Available

To begin, figure out how much space you have for your swing set. To make measuring easier, draw straight lines with chalk or tape. Include the furthest point at which a person’s feet can swing without colliding with another person or object. Test the swing to see how near it comes to colliding with an obstruction. Then have someone test the swing by swinging out fully extended legs. 

Use your swing set to consider the children’s average height and leg length. Because legs can still hit the table if the swing stops only two feet from a patio table, it’s not a good idea.

Consider adding a few more feet to the patio table to allow people to move around it freely. Allow at least six feet between the swing seat and the nearest object, whether that object is a wall, door, or patio furniture. 

Measure the Dimensions of the Small Space

Measure the space’s width, height, and length once you’ve determined the maximum amount available. The length is the essential factor in determining the swing’s maximum length. The person’s height also influences the distance a swing can travel. 

Review the Dimensions of the Swing Set

Next, determine the size of the swing set based on the dimensions of your yard. You can choose a swing set that is ten feet long and six feet broad if the maximum length and width available are ten feet and six feet, respectively. Examine the dimensions given in the product description and avoid any set that exceeds these specifications. 

Consider the swing set’s height, as it influences how far the swing can travel. The higher the person’s height, the farther they can swing and the more fun it is. Check the weight because some little sets can easily break down.

On each swing, be aware of the maximum amount of body weight that is permitted. If the weight of each child is only 100lbs, allowing adults to use the swing seat risks damaging it. 

Consider the Age Ranges

Some swing sets are made for people of specific ages and weights. Baby swings that swing out barely one or two feet are available. Then there are swing sets for youngsters aged 6 to 11 that can be found in elementary school playgrounds.

Older children with long legs will not like swinging on sets that only swing a few feet out. If they aren’t careful, they can potentially break the seats. Similarly, younger children will not be safe or comfortable on big swings that their legs are not strong enough to manage. 

Consider the Type of Swing Set

Choose from various swing set styles, each with its size and design. Basic swing sets are metal poles with one or two swings attached. Two to four swings with a slide, playhouse, ladder, sandbox, or other amenities are included in more complex setups. 

Some parents believe that purchasing an all-in-one playset, which is the same size but more expensive, is more cost-effective than purchasing a simple swing set with one or two swings.

Determine whether you have enough room for a large playset or whether you need to add a few more feet. It is up to each individual to decide the swing set to purchase. 


The set’s durability ensures that it will last a long time. A robust set would also be able to handle the weight of youngsters running and leaping on it and hanging off it without cracking. 

To determine how long a swing set will last, you must first understand the materials used in its construction. Swing sets of the highest quality are typically made of hardwood, while those of lower quality are frequently made of high-grade plastic. 


The more features a swing set has, the more the kids will like it and spend their time playing on it. As a result, purchasers prefer swing sets that offer more in less area. Rock walls, picnic tables, telescopes, swings, rope ladders, bridges, and steering wheels are just a few examples.

At the same time, because of space constraints, most swing sets for tiny yards cannot provide a diverse range of functions. As a result, even 5 to 6 features are sufficient for such a set. 


Upgrades must be considered in addition to accessories. As your children age, upgrades to an existing swing set can help you save money. Some manufacturers, for example, allow you to modify baby swings to belt swings that are ideal for older children. Add rock walls, slides, and buildings to an existing swing base to upgrade some simple models. 

When purchasing a swing set, the tip to follow is to plan ahead of time. Consider what your children might desire as they age, and make sure the set allows you to add accessories or the required upgrades so you don’t have to purchase another one. 

What Are The Biggest Complaints About Swing Sets?

Many purchasers are interested in learning about the most common complaints concerning swing sets and playground equipment. The most serious worry is safety, but this isn’t a widespread complaint because most businesses adhere to basic safety regulations. Injuries are rare, and when they do occur, the manufacturer is almost always to blame.

It is also not a typical difficulty to be unable to install or set up a swing set. Most firms provide step-by-step instructions to assist anyone in putting together a play set in a few hours. Some parts are pre-assembled, while others only need to be snapped and locked into position. Most buyers do not require assistance from specialists to assemble their equipment. 

Instead, play equipment breaks down after a few years is a common concern. As a result, playset warranties are frequently included in the buying price. Poor manufacture or misuse of equipment is to blame for these failures.

Identify the Materials

You can do a few things to prevent purchasing unreliable play equipment. The first step is looking through the materials used to construct your play set.

Most businesses spend two or three words describing the materials utilized, such as steel, plastic, or strengthened wood, as well as the advantages of each. Begin by understanding the fundamentals of how the equipment was constructed, rather than memorizing every detail. 

Prevent Misuse

It’s usual to have issues directly related to the play set’s usage. The owners of the play sets are on their own in this scenario and are not protected by the guarantee. When someone unintentionally ruins a swing set, this is known as misuse.

A good example is when an adult smashes a swing that was built to support a child’s weight. If the corporation establishes a weight limit, anybody who uses the swing is expected to be aware of it and will be held liable if it is exceeded. 

Misuse is not the same as abuse. Someone intentionally damages the swing set by leaping on the seats, kicking the frames, or tugging too hard on the chains. This is only noticed in youngsters who act in a risky and violent manner.

The buyer may prevent misuse and abuse by controlling and monitoring the types of persons using the swing set. The proper usage of the equipment should be taught to both children and adults. 

Difficulty in installation

Many sets bring purchasers difficulty and irritation while putting them together. 

  • Problems arise not only during the set assembly but also during its placement at the intended site.
  • The instructions are often vague and difficult to follow, while other times, the swing set must be installed by an expert. 

Set becoming loose

The nuts and bolts on the set may come loose shortly if it is not frequently inspected and maintained, or if the set is of low quality, then playing on it can become quite dangerous. Buyers frequently do not know how to verify the set or tighten the loose nuts. Thus this is a common issue. 

What Are The Biggest Highlights Of Swing Sets?

Ease and Support of Swing

There are just as many praises from folks who come across good swing sets as there are complaints. The easiest and most enjoyable aspect of the swing is the ease with which it can be used.

First and foremost, the swing should be able to sustain the whole weight of the child or adult using it. After only a few years, the chain on a poor swing can fall apart or become unattached. 


The height of a swing set is another positive feature. The person swings farther the higher the swing is. The height of the swing set, however, should not exceed a few feet to operate in a small yard. 


The swing set’s appearance is also important. The majority of people make purchases based on how appealing a product appears. The first thing individuals notice about another person or object is their look. Kids are more superficial than adults, preferring colorful and physically appealing swing sets. 

Partner Swings

Swings that can accommodate two or more passengers are popular among children. They prefer to swing with a pal rather than alone. They like the two-seated gliders and disc swings, which are not like the usual one-seated belt swings.

Worthwhile investment

This is considered a valuable investment because it eliminates the need for parents to purchase various playground equipment for their children. Children can spend all day playing with a single swing set since it has many exciting features. 

A swing set is correct to say that it is pricey, but it is considerably less expensive compared to various other playground equipment. Furthermore, swing sets usually last long, so you get your money’s value.

Children are occupied for a long.

Children may be kept entertained for a long time on a swing set because there are so many different activities they can do. They can enjoy rock climbing or ladder rope climbing, which will develop their coordination and fine motor abilities.

They can even picnic on a built-in picnic table with wonderful refreshments.

There are also different-shaped slides and swings, two of the most popular things for kids to play on. 

Enhanced creativity and imagination

Because of the limited space available, swing sets for small yards have limited features. However, this can be a good thing because it encourages children to be creative and develop enjoyable activities with limited resources.

Children benefit greatly from such mental exercises since they learn to examine and analyze things early, resulting in a more curious and creative mind later in life. 

Best Brands

Swing sets, trampolines, bounce houses, and water slides are all available at Sportspower LTD. They’ve made high-quality hardware and inflatable equipment for children’s outdoor playgrounds since 1992.

They were one of the first companies to produce water slides, and their products were sold to big merchants worldwide. Play and swing sets, as well as basketball hoops and backboards, are all available from Movement God. Their swing sets are made of simple designs that are sturdy, quick to assemble, and adaptable to the demands of the user. 

For more than 30 years, XDP Recreation has provided outdoor play equipment. Indoor workout equipment and playground swing sets with safe touch elements and robust steel frames are available. Flexible Flyer has been selling metal swing sets and accessories for almost a century. They have amassed the largest number of swing sets in the United States since 1889. 

Swing-N-Slide manufactures swing sets, slides, playground sets, and accessories that comply with ASTM safety regulations. They’ve been one of the top makers of do-it-yourself outdoor playground equipment for more than 30 years, since their founding in 1985. Twisting tube slides, as well as slides, playhouses, and rock climbing walls, are their specialty. 


How important is safety in a small yard?

The most crucial consideration when designing a small yard is safety. People and objects frequently collide, resulting in accidents. The risks are particularly significant while children play in the yard since most children are careless and have a low awareness of danger.

Provide adequate space for kids to swing without coming too close to a wall or door when purchasing a swing set. Consider who will be walking around the yard while the children are swinging. They shouldn’t have to take the chance of being hit by the swing or dunk and sprint across the yard to avoid it. 

What are other factors to consider besides safety?

Consider your privacy next. Swings tend to go over the fence, allowing your youngsters to peer into their neighbors’ yards. Keep some seclusion in the yard so the neighbors can see what your kids are up to. 

Consider how everyone will feel in the presence of a swing set. Swings are suitable for many types of yards, including those with swimming pools or animals roaming freely.

When there isn’t enough room to walk around freely, owning one becomes a problem. Swinging requires ample room for children to do so without bothering others in the yard.

What are the additional features of a swing set?

Swing sets aren’t all created equal. The most basic versions attach metal poles to one or two belt swing seats. Swings, slides, ladders, trapeze bars, and clubhouses are all included in the more sophisticated designs.

Sliding poles, seesaws, monkey bars, and roof canopies are other amenities. When it comes to purchasing the appropriate swing set, consider all of your options as a consumer. 

Should I go by official safety standards?

Many buyers adhere to established safety guidelines by organizations such as the FDA. Similarly, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) establishes international standards for playground equipment.

It is recommended, but not required, to follow ASTM standards. To buy safe things, it’s just as beneficial to read the product description attentively and use your best judgment. Heavier swing sets are normally more dangerous than those that are lighter, and the choice of material also impacts safety. 

Should I test the swing set first?

It is not required to test a swing set before purchasing it. You should test the swing to ensure it is comfortable, safe, and enjoyable. It is not possible or required to use consumer reviews when shopping online. You rely on the feedback of those who have purchased the goods.

The more reviews a product has, the more data you can gather on its effectiveness. It’s just as useful to know that a swing set has 100 positive ratings as it is to try it out for yourself. Even having ten reviews on hand can assist you in making a wise decision. 

Do you need to do anything with the swing set after installing it?

The swing set must be inspected, cleaned, and regularly maintained following installation. Painting over discolored surfaces, tightening loose nuts, and wiping the set’s surface are all examples of this. 

What is the difference between a playset and a swing set?

Both names are used interchangeably since they are nearly identical.

Can you build a swing set for a small yard at home?

Yes. A DIY swing set can be built at home. However, this necessitates a thorough understanding of and ability to deal with wood, plastic, and other materials. 

How long would the installation process take?

Most swing sets for tiny yards may be set up in a day or even a few hours. However, the length of time may differ from one set to the next.

How do I level the ground for a swing set?

Where your swing set will be installed must be fairly level, including leveling an uneven lawn. This comprises determining the amount of space required for your swing set, clearing grass and soil, and digging down a few inches with a level to verify the surface is level.

You may need to use sand to raise a section that is heavily devoted to the same level as the rest of the ground. Afterward, you may put your swing set together and cover the area with shock-absorbing material. 

How do I anchor a swing set? 

To keep them from toppling, most swing sets must be secured to the ground in several ways. Some swing sets include ground anchors that screw into the ground, similar to the ones used to stake a tent, and these anchors can also be purchased online.

Larger swing sets, on the other hand, may require concrete anchoring. This entails drilling a hole for each leg and attaching them with concrete; make sure to level your swing set carefully before anchoring it, as you won’t be able to alter it after the concrete is dry. 

What do I put under a swing set?

When playing on a swing set, which is why a shock-absorbing substance should be placed beneath the play area, one of the better materials for this is vinyl or rubber mulch, which absorbs shock well, resists mold, and won’t splinter your children.

Other popular options include sand or wood mulch, which will soften falls and should be applied in layers of several inches for optimal results. 

How much space do I need around a swing set?

You’ll also want to measure out a “safety zone” or “fall zone” surrounding the swing set, in addition to ensuring sure your yard can support its size.

There should be at least 6 feet of space around your swing set in all directions – you don’t want to put it too close to a tree or fence. This extra space will keep kids from hitting anything when swinging or playing on the set.


Among all of the greatest swing sets for tiny yards, the Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set is the clear winner. Small yards with a limited area will benefit from the two-swing set. The trapeze bar and slide give two lovely finishing touches to an otherwise straightforward design.

The Orbiter swing set is a great option if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a swing set. The steel and plastic framework is durable, allowing the swing set to last for decades without needing to be maintained. 

For kids who desire a more versatile swing set, the XDP Recreation Camo Commander Swing Set is the second for kids who desire a more versatile swing set choice. The biggest issue is its 15-foot length, which is too long for many tiny yards. The advantages include the five separate play stations and the conventional two swings.

The Swing-N-Slide Orbiter Swing Set is another good option similar to the Fun Time Set in terms of look and function, but its high-end build design makes it out of reach for most people.

Some swing sets are attractive in design but prohibitively pricey. Others are less expensive but have design and durability limitations. Consider the Flexible Flyer Fun Time Metal Swing Set for a simple, c, and high-quality swing set that will work in any tiny yard. 

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