Grilling season is finally here! Suppose you are fortunate enough to own a Traeger grill. In that case, you may be curious about what Traeger grill accessories are available to make your time using the grill/smoker much more enjoyable.

Traeger pellet grills are the best option because of their product support, including a large selection of accessories.

If you’re unsure which accessories are right for your grill, look at these must-have items. They’ll help you get the most out of your Traeger and make it easier to maintain its excellent condition.

Best Traeger accessories to buy

We’ll look at the best Traeger grill accessories on the market now. Some of these extras may be considered necessary, while others are optional. How and how often you use your Traeger grill will determine this case.

Traeger bucket lid and filter kit

It’s worth thinking about the Traeger Bucket Lid and Filter accessories. Traeger recommends not leaving wood pellets in an open bag. They will gather humidity from the air and expand with time. As a result, with the Traeger bucket lid and filter kit, you can convert most 5-gallon buckets into a suitable storage container for Traeger BBQ wood pellets. You can effortlessly pour just enough pellets into the hopper using the bucket lid and lifting cap.

Staydry pellet bin

The most important step in fully utilizing your Traeger is to keep your pellets dry. The StayDry pellet bin has an airtight lid that keeps Traeger pellets fresh and dry by sealing in flavor and keeping moisture out. Each bin can hold up to 22 pounds of pellets and is stackable, allowing you to keep your varied flavors organized.

Traeger all-natural grill cleaner

The All-Natural Grill Cleaner is one of the most effective and safest ways to maintain your grill clean and in good working order. Traeger’s all-natural grill cleaner is worth considering. Reading several internet reviews, it appears to perform a good job of keeping the grill clean without requiring too much labor with a grill brush. 

Some individuals also use this all-natural cleaning to clean the outside of their Traeger pellet grill. Of course, cleaning the outside of the smoker with a food-grade cleaning is not as important, but it’s still not a bad idea.

You should never use an excessively abrasive cleaning that will damage your Traeger’s paint finish. Instead, using an all-natural Traeger grill cleaning and some warm water, you can remove grease from the exterior of your grill without destroying the paint finish.

The Traeger stainless steel grill basket

You might think about getting the grill basket accessory if you cook small-diameter meat, fish, or vegetables on your Traeger.

There are only a few minor holes in the Traeger grill basket. As a result, it’s ideal for cooking small pieces of fish, meat, or vegetables. You can continue to turn the food on the grill basket while it is cooking without the danger of losing it to the drip tray liner. This is not a necessary addition if you never cook little bits of meat or veggies like asparagus on your Traeger grill.

Digital instant-read thermometer

The digital instant-read thermometer from Traeger makes it easy to check temperatures. In addition, the retractable probe automatically turns on the thermometer and turns it off when you fold it back in, which helps to save battery life.

Traeger custom grill covers

Several grill covers are on the market now, so you don’t have to buy a Traeger-specific cover. There are, however, a few reasons why you would wish to. To begin with, not all grill covers are breathable, and breathability is important. Also, if you cover your grill/smoker with a plastic cover, you will be in for a terrible surprise when you come to use it again next season.

Because of the humid atmosphere around the grill, mold will grow on it. All Traeger grill covers are breathable, allowing moisture to escape. A Traeger pellet grill/smoker is an expensive purchase. As a result, you don’t want to scrimp on a low-quality cover that encourages mold and speeds up corrosion damage.

Another reason you may want to consider a Traeger cover is because they make several covers designed to fit specific models. What is the importance of this? On the other hand, a fitted cover is less prone to tear and fall off the grill when it gets windy. Furthermore, moving the grill will be much easier with a fitting cover. A large/oversized cover will drag on the ground and become entangled under the wheels or your feet. If you decide to go with a Trager grill cover, make sure you get the right size for your grill.

Winter insulated cooking blanket

This insulated cover is the most important of all the accessories listed above if you want to use your Traeger grill during the cooler winter months.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, when the outdoor temperature exceeds 35 degrees, Traeger does not recommend using the insulated blanket. Please remember that this insulated blanket is not intended as a weather-resistant grill cover. When the smoker is not in use, you should still wear the breathable cover mentioned above.

Finally, please never use your pellet grill indoors or in your garage during winter. It’s not a good idea. Because of the smoke from the grill, you would create a hazardous environment. As a result, you should only use your Traeger grill outside in a well-ventilated area.

The Traeger front folding shelf

You might be asking yourself two questions right now. First and foremost, why isn’t this shelf included with the Traeger grill? Second, is a shelf truly essential addition to considering at all? Both are valid inquiries.

Some models already have this foldable front shelf installed regarding why the shelf isn’t included. The Traeger Pro Series, for example, includes a shelf. Some lower-spec models, however, do not include a self. As a result, buying the shelf as an optional accessory is possible.

With the shelf sitting in front of the grill, there is virtually no risk of the food dropping on the floor before you can get it on the grill. The beauty of the shelf folding is that you can stand much closer to the grill when watching the cooking process with the shelf folded down. Also, when you place the grill in storage, the cover on the shelf is obviously in the folded-down position.

The Traeger 12v to 110v power inverter

When camping or tailgating in the past, it was difficult to enjoy the delicious flavor of cooking with wood pellets ‘on the go.’ In addition, for starters, many of the first Traeger grills were rather large and hefty. As a result, they couldn’t be easily defined as ‘portable.’ Traeger, on the other hand, released their portable/tailgate wood pellet smoker after receiving a lot of criticism from their consumers on this problem.

If you want to use your Traeger Grill while tailgating or camping, like with Traeger’s tailgater 20, you’ll need a source of 110V power, which this inverter can provide from your vehicle.

You might bring a separate 12V battery to power the power inverter. However, depending on the quantity and condition of your car/12V truck’s battery and how long you intend to run the Traeger, you can connect this power inverter to your vehicle’s starter battery. You must exercise caution because you do not want to drain the vehicle battery and become stranded in the middle of nowhere!

Pellet level sensor

If you have a Traeger Timberline pellet grill, you will already have this attachment installed. However, if you own a Gen 2 Pro Series or an Ironwood pellet grill, you can now add a pellet level sensor to your WiFire D2 Controller.

The Traeger pellet sensor provides an amazing birthday or Christmas present for anyone with a Gen 2 Pro Series or Ironwood pellet grill.

Chicken leg hanger

Traeger’s chicken leg holder allows you to cook up to 12 chicken legs at once. This steel rack helps to evenly roast your chicken legs on all sides and works nicely with Traeger’s convection process underneath the hood.

Rib rack

Traeger’s rib rack is ideal for backyard barbecues because it can grill up to eight racks of ribs simultaneously! This convenient rib rack elevates your ribs off the grill, allowing you to achieve that mouth-watering smoke ring without the bother. If your grill is large enough, you can cook two rib racks simultaneously!

Traeger pellet grills, magnetic tool hooks

This is an amazing idea. Magnetic, heat-resistant plastic hooks securely attach to your grill or smoker, providing the ideal location for hanging your tools. These come in a three-pack and have shown to be effective. What we like best about these hooks is the ease they provide. You can place them wherever you like. As a result, this is a great gift for left-handed grillers living in a right-handed environment.

Traeger pellet grills bbq tongs

Of course, your pellet grill will require a pair of tongs. These Traeger tongs have heavy-gauge construction and super-strong teak wood handles. Serrations on the business end ensure a secure hold while carrying that rack of ribs. In addition, these tongs will not fold, bend, or fall apart like many low-quality products.

We prefer the feel of these tongs over those on the market. They are heavy but not too heavy to be cumbersome. The tension is just right, ensuring a firm grasp on the meat rather than merely the power of the tongs straining to open. Hang them on the magnetic hooks above so you always have the tools you need close at hand.

Traeger grills bbq flip tool

A meat hook is a need for everyone. This is the most practical way of handling large pieces of meat such as brisket, butt roasts, and ham hocks. The strong metal hook will not bend easily, and the lovely teak wood handles will flawlessly match your other Traeger items.

This is not a cheap tool. Instead, Traeger uses high-quality steel that will withstand years of usage and damage. It’s a great accessory to the tongs we’ve just mentioned because it makes gripping unwieldy portions of meat quick, safe, and disaster-free.

Traeger pellet grills xxl bbq spatula

When it comes time to flip, shuffle, or pull a large part of meat from your pellet smoker, a thin spatula will be your worst enemy. This spatula is over 6 inches across and made like a tiny shovel. You can use it to pick up an entire turkey. Don’t try it with defective products. This one goes nicely with grilled fish, pork, and burgers.

You know you’ve got a serious smoking tool in your hands when you grab this spatula. It’s large, buff, and stunning. Teak handles are long-lasting, heat resistant, and do not discolor readily, and they complement the other Traeger smoking accessories you currently own.

Jalapeño popper tray

Smoke your jalapeno poppers on the Traeger to take them to the next level! This jalapeno popper tray keeps all of your jalapenos from falling off the grill. Stuff the peppers, season them, put them in your Traeger jalapeno popper tray, and let the Traeger do the rest.

Traeger wooden grill grate scrape

Traeger’s Wooden Grill Grate Scrape is quite easy to use, effective, and won’t leave metal shards on the grates before your next cook.

They’re an absolute must-have for any grill owner. Traeger’s is also made of a good rosewood hardwood, so it’s sturdy enough to survive for years while remaining safe to use near food-prep surfaces. It’s also not a bad deal when compared to other non-branded alternatives!

Traeger x oren pink bbq butcher paper roll

If you want next-level bark, aluminum foil is no longer sufficient. Traeger’s FDA-approved Pink Butcher Paper, on the other hand, allows you to lock in the juices while remaining breathable enough to keep the bark from becoming soggy.

Grab a roll of this stuff, and you’ll quickly find yourself using it to line trays, plates, and baskets since it looks professional.

Traeger’s is a little more pricey than others. However, it is long, powerful, and FDA certified, so you can be confident that it is safe to use around food.

Traeger grill liners

Traeger offers a wide range of drip trays and bucket liners that make clean-up a snap if you want to spend less time cleaning your smoker.

They’re made to fit your grill perfectly and will catch the fat and drippings from your food, allowing you to whip it off, throw it away, and replace it with a clean one.

Unless you’re performing an extremely long cook, one of them should last at least a few cooks before needing to be replaced. As a result, they’re also fairly priced.

Conclusions on the best Traeger grill accessories

Traeger does make a wide variety of several optional accessories, as evidenced by this link to their accessories page. Many of them, however, such as utensils, aprons, and magnetic hooks, are identical to those from any other brand/supplier.

The accessories mentioned above certainly have some unique benefits. For example, there are covers and insulated blankets that will properly suit your individual Traeger grill, and the cleaner is a Traeger-approved product. Unfortunately, as a result, you will not be able to claim a warranty if you use it and damage the paint finish of the grill.

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