Recreation or fitness trampolines can provide you with both. If you have a large space in your backyard that you have no idea what to do with, you might as well get a trampoline and get in on some bouncing fun.

Who says adults can’t enjoy trampolines? 

In this buyer’s guide, we will be listing down the best quality trampolines that work for both adults and children. We will also provide common information like important factors to consider when buying a trampoline, determining if the quality is good, and safety tips while using it.

Along with that, we will give reviews on the common trampoline brands on the market today. 

Reviews for adult trampolines

Zupapa 15ft Adult Trampoline with safety enclosure

The Zupapa 15ft 2020 model is our top pick because of the efficiency in its construction. You can notice the upgrades made from the previous version.

The weight limit of this trampoline is 375 lbs which are a tad higher than most. It has a no-gap design system for safety that is achieved via the tight stitches that hold the jumping mat and the spring cover together.

The spring cover’s material is thick and durable, and the springs underneath the mat are heavy-duty and made to last a long time. 

The 375-lb weight limit is made possible by the 108 pieces of springs that are 7 inches long. This allows not only the weight capacity but also supports high bounces.

They are made of galvanized rust-resistant steel. 

In terms of the frame construction, they did not hold back on quality as well. Constructed using hot-dip galvanizing technology that is 5 times more efficient than conventional galvanizing, the trampoline frame can support adult weight and motion for a long period.

The jumping mat is made of UV-resistant polypropylene, and the enclosure net that surrounds it towers 8.9 feet.

The poles holding the net are wrapped with 10mm thick foam for maximum safety. Included in the package are 6 wind stakes to keep them in place during strong winds.

To get it set up, you are already provided with 2 pairs of working gloves and 2 T-spring pull tools in the package. The warranties are as follows: 10 years for the frame, 2 years for the mat, pad, net, and springs. 


  • TUV certified
  • No-gap design system
  • Higher weight limit
  • Best rated adult trampoline
  • Great warranty period
  • Comes with a non-slip ladder
  • Rain cover included
  • Gloves and spring puller tool included in the package


  • Takes time to assemble the enclosure

JumpSport AlleyOOP PowerBounce Trampoline with enclosure

For two decades, JumpSport, a US-based family-owned company, has performed well, particularly in the trampoline manufacturer business. Their AlleyOOP PowerBounce model is one of their masterpieces.

The PowerBounce technology gives the trampoline a fine-tune resilience that can accommodate a wide range of weights and motion. It has 96 heavy-duty springs plus 48 PowerSprings supporting the 14-foot high trampoline that is able to absorb shock.

The safety enclosure net has a lifetime manufacturer warranty, rated at 295 lbs and exceeds the standards set by the ASTM Impact Performance test. T

hey also have a patented overlapping door system that does not have any zippers, and therefore, the net is never open. 

The padding of the net’s external mounting is durable foam wrapped in a 21-oz PVC cover that can be leaned on for resting. There are two variants of the trampoline – a 12-foot and a 14-foot height. 

For the former, the weight capacity is 260 lbs, and for the latter, it can carry up to 270 lbs. Actual testing revealed that the combined weight capacity reached up to 800 lbs. 

In terms of the frame, it is made of galvanized steel coated with forest green for that nature and outdoor aesthetic. The ladder is sold separately.

If you want other accessories to go with your trampoline, JumpSport also sells trampoline basketball sets, bounce boards, and other games and party packs. 

You can also opt for the more advanced DoubleBounce model with a secondary mat that serves as an air reservoir for a softer landing. It also reduces the energy transfer between the body and the mat, which is good if there are a lot of jumpers.

Lower-end Elite models come in 3 sizes 10, 12, and 14 feet. 


  • Adjustable Springs for 3 Levels of Performance
  • Safety Net with Overlapping Door System and Lifetime Warranty
  • Rest Zones with Extra Thick Padding
  • Engineered with 50+ Safety Innovations and Patents
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Durable Mat
  • Exceptional Bounce and Safety Qualities


  • Installation may seem time-consuming

Acon Trampoline Air 16 Sport HD with enclosure

[amazon box=B00WAQ3TIM”]

The unique rectangular shape of the ACON Air 16 Sport is one of its defining qualities apart from its outstanding heavy-duty performance with consistent bounce. It already comes with a safety net enclosure and a ladder as well.

The shape of the trampoline makes it ideal for training and practicing tricks aside from just mere bouncing fun. 

It does not have a weight limit for single users, and it can also accommodate adults and even the whole family.

You do not need to go through the hassle of manually adjusting the springs because they are specially engineered to adjust to the trampoline construction.

Users get to experience a Synergy Design with the optimization of each spring. 

This is a great model to enjoy with your family or for other purposes like fitness and learning new tricks.


  • Optimized spring and mat for perfect bounce dynamics
  • Heavy duty frame
  • No weight limit for single user
  • Sleek black design with logos and blue accents
  • Rectangular shape
  • Large 10’ x 17’ jumping area
  • Ladder and enclosure are included
  • Great warranty support


  • More expensive than some models


Springfree 13ft Jumbo Square Trampoline with safety enclosure

A remarkable characteristic about this trampoline is that its construction does not involve the use of springs. Spring-related injuries and damages can be avoided with the Springfree 13ft Jumbo Square Trampoline.

They are usually considered to be the safer choice.

Instead of the typical steel springs, this type of trampoline design uses flexible rods that are placed below the jumping surface, perfectly concealed to avoid misleading and injuries.

The weight capacity of the Jumbo Square is up to 330 pounds.

The jumping mat is 30 times more shock absorbent than regular trampolines, given that it is made of high-quality SoftEdge mat that eliminates the hard edges. 

It also involves using FlexiNet enclosure system to serve as a cushion so that the people using it are kept safe. The poles are not made of metal, but they are rather flexible for maximum resilience when bouncing.

Both the mat and net are made of high-quality polypropylene UV resistant. The frame is double powder coated galvanized to prevent rapid degradation under environmental conditions. There is a 10-year warranty on trampoline parts. 


  • Springfree design
  • 330lbs weight limit
  • 10-years of warranty
  • Flexible net and poles
  • Top-quality jumping mat


  • Expensive
  • Takes some time to install

SkyBound Stratos Trampoline with full enclosure net system

The SkyBound Stratos Trampoline is ASTM certified with good safety features. The warranty is outstanding, it offers a resilient bounce, and the metal parts are rust-resistant.

The entire assembly process can be done in just less than an hour. 

The safety enclosure net is concave-shaped, which keeps jumpers safe from hitting the enclosure mounting poles and the springs outside the net. There are 12-foot, 14-foot, and 15-foot model variants of the trampoline.

SkyBound is easy to assemble and set up. 

The product went through quality testing and is made of reliable and durable construction with the yellow-zinc plating of its trampoline frames that renders it resistant to corrosion, oxidation, and degradation. If you want an all-around trampoline for fun and fitness, this is a great pick. 


  • faster Installation With Push Pin Technology
  • Enclosure Attaches to Mat Protecting Jumper from Springs and Steel Parts
  • A Rated Bounce Quality
  • UV and Rust Protection
  • High-Density Safety Netting
  • ASTM Safety Certified
  • Skybound Customer Service Support


  • Higher cost than most comparable sizes
  • Doesn’t include a ladder for mounting

Skywalker Trampolines 15’ Rectangle Trampoline With Enclosure – Blue

  • The package includes One Skywalker Jump-N-Dunk Rectangular 15′ Trampoline with enclosure.
  • Trampoline dimensions: 15’ x 9’ x 9’. Frame height from the ground: 37.4”. Jumping surface: 92 sq. ft. Weight limit: 250 lbs.
  • This trampoline uses two different (80-7” & 4-5.5”) springs at 25mm each
  • Made of soft, safe play materials with a hook-and-loop breakaway rim to minimize damage to enclosure net and poles
  • A patented enclosure eliminates gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface, protecting children from pinch points & openings. All of our products are tested for safety and durability to meet or exceed ASTM standards

Since 2004, Skywalker has grown in popularity with its quality products that exceed ASTM safety ratings and their great bounce resilience. Aside from that, the products are also pretty affordable. 

For the frame, the manufacturer warranty lasts 3 years and 1 year for the rest of the trampoline parts. The patented no-gap safety enclosure ensures maximum security for the jumpers since it is directly attached to the springs.

The frame is made of galvanized steel resistant to rust and other weather conditions. The jumping mat is also made of UV light-resistant polypropylene.

This Skywalker model comes in a unique rectangle shape that is ideal for learning tricks and optimal bouncing. There are reinforced T-sockets for maximum stability in the leg part, while enclosure mounting poles are angled safely to reduce collision possibilities. 


  • 3 Year Frame and 1 Year Parts Warranty
  • Rectangular Shape Provides Even Bounce
  • No Gaps Between Enclosure and Jumping Surface (Patent #RE45182)
  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM Safety Standards
  • Weather and Rust Resistant
  • Extra Thick Fade Resistant Spring Pad
  • UV Protected Polypropylene Jump Mat
  • Galvanized Steel Frame


  • Weight limit is less than others

Choosing a trampoline for adult use

Here are a few pointers to help you determine the right kind of trampoline that works for you.

Available yard space

Trampolines are large. Location is a big factor to consider when buying a trampoline because it will take up a lot of space.

It is also difficult to transport so make sure that if you buy one for your current residence, that it should be your permanent house and or at least for a long-term basis.

If the space in your backyard is large enough, you can get a heavy-duty trampoline so a lot of people can enjoy it simultaneously, especially if you have a big family.

Shape and size

Outdoor trampolines, specifically ones designed for adult use, come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These also determine the price of the trampoline.

You want one that is just the right size for your yard and is ideal for the main purpose of your trampoline. The typical circular trampolines are the ones that are primarily for fun, while the rectangular trampolines are usually used for exercise and fitness purposes.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t use either shape for both purposes. 

Weight limit

This indicates the maximum weight a trampoline can carry even with the extreme movement, impact, and stress inflicted upon it. In case it’s unclear, adult trampolines are larger than indoor and mini trampolines and, in turn, have higher weight capacities.

Regular trampolines have a minimum weight limit of 250 pounds. Adult trampolines in public parks have even greater weight limits reaching 500 to 800 pounds. 

Jumping mat

The part of the trampoline that is most prone to wear and tear and receives the most impact is the jumping mat. Its construction quality determines the bounce it produces, like water trampolines.

The jumping mat must be durable to ensure that it can survive various weather conditions and extreme impacts. Good materials for adult trampolines are polypropylene mesh, cross-sewn polypropylene, and high-tensile Permatron.

Some models are double-matted. Stitching can either be 8 or 10 rows. 

Safety net

The enclosure net plus the padded mounting moles are very important to have not just for adult trampolines but for all ages.

This is the biggest factor that determines the safety of a trampoline.

You should ensure that the net is made of reliable materials such as Terylene mesh or polyethylene. It must also be UV-resistant since it will most likely be exposed to sunlight all the time.

Check the stitches, too, for they must be tightly woven together. The closing mechanism of the trampoline can either be double-zipped or overlapped.

However, it is important to remember that the net must not be raised at a height that would block your vision.

Heavy-duty frame

The frame is the main support system for the entire trampoline. It is the foundation for the structure, and it holds the entire thing together.

The quality of the frame is vital in ensuring safety, so your best bet is a galvanized steel frame. There are different kinds of galvanization – quality, hot-dip, and double powder coating.

The galvanization should be from the inside out and be thick enough. The optimal thickness is around 3mm. 

Spring number and length

The jumping mat and spring combination will determine the bounciness of the trampoline. The number of springs can range from 90 to more than 150, and the sizes can be from 6 to 10 inches and maybe even more.

The more springs, the better. Also, it is important to check the construction of the springs as well. Like the frame, galvanization is something you should look for because this renders the steel resistant to rust, and therefore, it will last longer and maintain its efficiency better.

Aside from that, conduct regular cleaning and maintenance of your trampoline. 

Spring-based or springless

Springs are the way to go if you want quality bounces that fit your budget. Most trampoline brands such as Skywalker, Zupapa, Jumpking, and Propel produced spring-based products.

But springless trampolines also offer good bounce quality plus the added safety of eliminating spring-caused injuries and damages. You should know that springless trampolines are generally more expensive than spring-based ones. 

Indoor, mini, or outdoor trampolines

This post is mainly focused on outdoor trampolines only because when you hear the word, you automatically think of a large one usually used outdoors. But there are also indoor, mini, and fitness trampolines that serve other purposes as well.

If your needs call for a particular type of trampoline, then you might want to dig a little deeper. Overall, outdoor trampolines are the most versatile type that can cater to almost every need, from recreation to fitness. 

Additional accessories

Some brands include other accessories in the package like wind stakes, ground anchors, ladders, safety gloves, repairing kits, spring pulling T tool, basketball hoop, and a rain cover, to name a few.

This means you won’t have to go through the hassle of buying them separately. It’s always a bonus if the essential equipment and accessories are already included in the deal. 

Price and warranty

Financial capability is an important factor. You should know that trampolines are quite costly, and the price is even greater for high-quality ones.

But rest assured, it is definitely worth the purchase.

Price increases with more features and accessories and advanced construction. Also, the trampoline should come with a long warranty period.

Some manufacturers offer warranties that range from 1 year to 10 years for the frame and shorter times for other parts. Only a few brands offer a lifetime warranty.

Lengthier warranty periods will give you the security of being covered if there ever will be a need for repair or replacement. 

Professional installation

There is almost always an instruction manual included in every unit package. With a few helping hands, you can get the whole thing set up in just a few hours without needing professional assistance.

But if it is beyond your capability, you can always contact the manufacturer for professional installation support at an extra cost.

Weather resistance

Extreme weather conditions like strong winds, heavy rain, and intense sunlight do not affect heavy-duty and good-quality trampolines. They withstand drastic weather changes, moisture, humidity, and winds.

Their construction is reliable and durable and can survive UV light. 


Large, outdoor trampolines are generally non-foldable. 

Characteristics of a heavy-duty trampoline

The common denominators of heavy-duty trampolines are large weight capacities and durable steel frames. The frames are usually made of solid galvanized steel that is unbendable and unshakable even with the constant motion and impact.

Since large trampolines are most of the time placed outdoors, they should also be resistant to weather conditions like rain, wind, and sunlight.

You want a trampoline that is tightly staked to the ground and UV-resistant materials for the jumping mat, paddings, and safety net. 

The frames should also be rust-proof and moisture-resistant. This can be achieved via power-coating, plating, and galvanization.

Trampolines are constantly exposed to moisture and the air, so they must remain durable through whatever environment they are in.

8 benefits of having a trampoline

Fitness exercises on a trampoline can do good things not only to your physical health but for your mental health as well. These two aspects of your well-being go hand in hand.

The following are eight health benefits of trampolines. 

1. Builds strong leg muscles

Toned calves are achievable with regular standing and rebounding on trampolines. It can also increase your bone density, reversing the effects of aging, which makes you lose strength in your bones over time.

Your core muscles, knees, hips, and ankles will also be exercised when you use trampolines. 

2. Lymphatic detoxification

Jumping is quite a strenuous physical activity. You will surely sweat, leading to more excretion of body toxins, particularly in your lymphatic system.

Your lymphatic fluid will be filtered, and any excess toxins will be eliminated by your urinary system. 

3. Improves posture and balance

12 weeks of regular rebound exercise on a trampoline improved the balance of elderly women, according to a study conducted by the University of Northern Parana.

Rebounding exercises are great for children to have good posture starting at a young age. 

4. More effective than jogging

An hour of jogging makes you lose 460 calories, while jumping on a trampoline takes away 510 calories in the same time frame. This is great if you want to stay fit without leaving the comfort of your own home. 

5. Stronger heart and lung muscles

The modern lifestyle that almost everyone is engaged in today lacks physical activity. Most jobs are merely just people sitting at their desks and staring at a screen for 8 hours and even more.

We are deprived of physical activity. It is necessary that we compensate for that every once in a while, and we engage in some motion every once in a while to exercise our cardiovascular and respiratory systems. 

6. Stress buster

If your mental health is failing or you are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, a good pause is a trick. A few minutes on the trampoline will release happy hormones and help you destress to get you back up and running again. 

7. Coordination

If you want a fun team-building activity for your workmates or simply a way to let everyone bond and unwind, you can let them be kids again by allowing them a few minutes to horse around inside a trampoline.

Good colleague relations build employee morale and help form strong and harmonious professional relationships within the office. 

8. Outdoor activities

Nowadays, technology is keeping kids glued to their screens. Trampolines are loved by children and adults alike.

Having one readily accessible in your backyard will make kids want to engage in more outdoor activities. There are a lot of fun games you can let kids do inside the trampoline to make the experience more fun. 


What are some health benefits of trampolines?

Exercise is the main benefit. It gives a fun twist to your regular exercise routine. Trampoline exercises also improve your coordination and enhance the strength of your core.

It also helps with the regulation of your lymphatic system. 

Are trampolines good exercise for adults?

Yes, definitely. Exercising using a trampoline is just a low-impact workout that allows movement for your entire body.

You can control your movements based on your physical capacity. 

Are trampolines safe for adults?

Generally speaking, outdoor and heavy-duty trampolines are safe for adult use. As long as you don’t overexert yourself or engage in risky exhibitions that may injure parts of your body, you should be fine.

Also, make sure that the safety enclosure net is securely intact. Risk is always present, so you should also be vigilant and careful. 

Can I use a trampoline without a net?

Yes, but you are more at risk of misleading somewhere else other than the trampoline mat if there is no enclosure net. You are more prone to injuries. 

Are there trampolines without springs?

The Springfree brand, in particular, specializes in the manufacture of springless trampoline design and bounce systems. 

How do trampolines get delivered?

The parts of trampolines are usually divided into 1 to 3 boxes, and they are shipped to your house.

Can I hire a professional to assemble my trampoline?

Yes. It’s not an easy job to set up a trampoline. Many manufacturers, private sellers, and even Amazon offer installation assistance.

It’s better to let an expert install it to ensure that everything is properly attached and secure. 


Construction quality, weight capacity, bounce quality, size, safety, and the financial aspect are important factors to consider when buying a trampoline, especially a type that is for adult use.

We have listed some options for you, along with some tips and guidelines. It’s not an easy decision to make, and you should weigh your options carefully.

But one thing’s for sure, trampolines are a great addition to your otherwise empty backyard, and you are sure to have a lot of fun and reap health benefits from it as well. 

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