Get a water trampoline or a bouncer to make the most of your time on the water. Playing on regular trampolines is entertaining, but being flung into the air from a water trampoline is thrilling! The adrenaline rush is incredible, and these activities are tremendous fun for the entire family; children and adults will be amused for hours.

Adults can enjoy water trampolines and bouncers as well.

You should get one as soon as possible if you don’t already have one.

If you’ve ever used one, you know how much excitement they can bring to a day on the water. One of my favorite water toys has to be these trampolines.

There are various types of water trampolines and bouncers on the market, which is wonderful since it gives you many options, but it also makes making a decision more complicated. Fortunately for you, we’ll be reviewing the

Best water trampoline bouncers

Check out this list for the best water trampoline bouncers. Later in this article, we also have tips and tricks for buying a water trampoline bouncer.

RAVE Sports Bongo Water Bouncer (10-20 ft)

Both water trampolines and water bouncers have advantages and disadvantages, as you will see in the following paragraph. If you decide to go with bouncers, look at the Rave Bongo water bouncer.

First and foremost, Rave Sports has been a leader in the world of water trampolines for over two decades, consistently improving and manufacturing high-quality products that make them dependable and trustworthy.

Unlike sophisticated trampolines with springs, the Rave Bongo bouncer has a simple and functional construction, consisting of a single inflation valve and a nylon jumping surface immediately attached to it. It takes around 20 minutes to put it together and inflate it. 

Furthermore, the jumping surface is 66 square feet, large enough for two or three to four youngsters to jump on. It has a black nylon webbing that has been proven resistant to water and UV rays, making it suitable for holiday use.

In saline water and sunny weather, the nylon rope connecting the surface to the inflated tube performs admirably. However, if something unforeseeable occurs, the complete cover can be replaced, so don’t be concerned.

Furthermore, because the trampoline weighs just 50 pounds, carrying and transportation will not be an issue. It comes with an anchor connector rope, so all you have to do now is pick an anchor that weighs roughly 35 pounds, as recommended by the manufacturer. You should also think about bringing accessories to make the water trampoline more enjoyable.

For further information, see our options after the article. But these are the top three accessories you must have:

RAVE gives a lifetime warranty, demonstrating their commitment to their product.

We’ve never used it because the Bongo is such a high-quality product.

The RAVE Sports Bongo Water Bouncer is a big hit with us. You’re OK to go as long as you remember a few safety precautions.

Another amazing feature is that the Bongo has a longer track record of customer satisfaction than some other water rafts/toys that have only been on the market for a short time.

We see no reason not to award the Bongo 5 out of 5 stars.


  • Simple to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Spacey
  • The surface that can be replaced
  • Resistant materials


  • Discreet bounces

Island Hopper 13′ Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Regarding water trampoline variety, Island Hopper has a lot to offer, and the Island Hopper 13’ is one of the goods worth looking at. 

Let’s begin by defining the general type of the object. The Island Hopper 13’ is a water bouncer, which means it has no metal, rust-prone springs, or other moving parts.

Its mechanism comprises interwoven nylon webbing that is bounceable in and of itself and weighs only 77 pounds.

Regarding durability, water and UV resistance, and general quality, nylon as a synthetic material has a lot to offer. 

In addition, 12 foam cushioning is included for a more convenient and comfortable experience. On the other hand, the major material is high-quality commercial PVC that is exceptionally robust and long-lasting. As a result, the risk of salty water or sun damage is low to non-existent.

The bouncing surface is 13 feet in diameter, which means it can hold two adults or three children. It also has ten grips for swimming aid, six anchor D-rings, and a four-step ladder for comfortable and convenient use. In addition, because of the great quality of Island Hopper Trampolines, Aqua Sports Technology is willing to stand behind its design and offer a five-year “no blow out” warranty, which is said to be the finest in the market. 


  • The bounce surface is quite large.
  • Design without springs
  • Simple to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • Handles and a ladder are provided
  • Has warranty


  • Pricey
  • Bouncing quality is poor

RAVE Sports O-Zone Plus Water Bouncer

Some are aware of the high costs of water trampolines and are willing to spend as much as is necessary to obtain one for themselves and those looking for cheaper alternatives. RAVE Sports O-Zone should be the product of your interest if you belong to this category.

To begin with, this water bouncer has a smaller bouncing surface than most other water bouncers on the market. It has a diameter of 5-7 feet, depending on the model, and can accommodate 1-3 users, depending on their weight. 

This device, made of high-quality PVC and does not contain any metal springs or other metal elements, weighs only 37 pounds, making it very portable and functional. 

It also has two handles for easier access for small children and a boarding platform. But that’s not all. The O-Zone Plus model incorporates a slide for an even more thrilling experience and extra enjoyment for your kids.

Finally, if you want a comfy addition to relax while the kids have fun, an oasis lounge is available in the free sale and can be incorporated into this set.

Rave Sports O-Zone is now one of the most economical options for water trampolines and sand bouncers, and it’s a great place to start for families planning a vacation at the beach. 


  • Affordable 
  • Materials of superior grade
  • A boarding platform, as well as a slide, are included.
  • Portable
  • Lightweight


  • The surface area for jumping is limited

Island Hopper 10′ Bounce N Splash Padded Water Bouncer

Island Hopper, as previously stated, is the market leader in the water trampoline sector. If you’re looking for a water bouncer that takes up less space, their Island Hopper 10’ might be the one for you.

This springless water bouncer has a diameter of 10 feet, slightly less than the industry average but large enough for two to three users. This is a useful solution for buying a trampoline for your children or yourself. The Island Hopper 10’, like the Island Hopper 13’, is made of high-quality nylon webbing with foam padding for added comfort and safety.

The bouncer in question is quite light, making transportation much easier. In addition, the inflatable tube has a simple design to inflate and install.

The model also has handles and a 4-step ladder for simple access and, once again, security, making it perfect for children.

  • “No Blow-Out” seam for 5 years; only a limited warranty is offered.
  • Construction of large commercial buildings with exclusive 12” foam perimeter made of 1000 Denier PVC Comfort and safety are enhanced by using padding.
  • 6 anchor-tie-D-rings (3 on the inside and 3 on the outside of the tube) for a safe and secure fit Mooring
  • Ladder with four steps for “easy access” and ten handles for swimming assistance 
  • Interlaced nylon webbing “bouncer” with no springs
  • 4 step access ladder, carry/storage bag, repair kit, and instruction manual are included.
  • Bouncer 10’ jump surface with a 26” rise off the water


  • Kids will enjoy it
  • Space-saving, warranty, lightweight
  • Ladder is included


  • It’s not particularly springy
  • Surface with a small bounce

Aquaglide Platinum Supertramp Water Trampoline

The Platinum Supertramp water trampoline by Aquaglide has a 14-foot octagonal frame (a huge 23-foot version is also available). Its durable design is suitable for both residential and business applications.

Three children or two adults can jump on this item with a 10-foot jumping surface and powder-coated springs.

The Supertramp is enjoyable on its own, but it also comes with an ingenious interlock system that allows you to connect various Aquaglide Aquapark accessories for even more water fun.

The manufacturer has provided an access platform with robust handles for easy boarding in the water. Attaching an anchor or rope is a breeze with the built-in anchor bridal.

The springs that pull in multiple directions are one of the most remarkable aspects of the Aquaglide Supertramp. Some springs pull in the center, while others produce an overlapping web to provide a better bounce. 

The Aquaglide Supertramp water trampoline is said to be enjoyable for people of all ages. However, two persons are required for setup and takedown, and the manufacturer recommends removing the device from the water for storage during the winter to extend its life. To protect your investment, a 3-year limited warranty is included. 


  • Sizes (foot): 14, 17, 23
  • Jump Space (foot): 10 for the 14-foot size, 14 for the 17-foot size, and 17 for the 23-foot size


  • Premium materials were utilized in its construction
  • Guaranteed for life
  • UV protection is provided


  • Costly

How to buy the best water trampolines and bouncers

Knowing the fundamentals of anything before purchasing it is a wise strategy. So, in this section, we’ll go over the important elements to look for when purchasing the best water trampolines and bouncers.

Inflatable tube

The main feature of water trampolines and bouncers is the inflated tube. The tube is primarily responsible for the bouncer and trampoline being afloat. As a result, the main structure should be sufficiently sturdy. It also has to be flimsy and impervious to water. For the tube, most brands now use high-quality denier PVC material. 


The size of your trampoline is really important. When buying a large model, you must carry additional weight when assembling or disassembling it. Furthermore, larger models are more expensive than smaller models.

You may wonder what size you should consider for yourself or your family. That is entirely dependent on your needs and the size of your household. Water trampolines typically accommodate two adults or four children at a time.

As a result, this can serve as a guideline for determining the size of your water trampoline. If you require a  trampoline that can accommodate a higher number of people at the same time, larger trampolines should be considered.

We always advise you to invest sensibly. Because you will not be purchasing and updating your water trampolines regularly, you may want to choose an average-sized or bigger type. This way, the water trampoline may grow with you as your family grows. 

Construction material

Water trampolines will be used in the sun, as well as maybe in salty water. As a result, the construction material should withstand the sun, saltwater, and other adverse conditions.

Nowadays, high-quality commercial-grade materials are used to manufacture water trampolines.

These materials come in various forms, including K80 PVC, 28-gauge PVC, 1000 denier PVC, and so on. Each of them is excellent for use in construction. 

Check the building material before you buy or choose a water trampoline or bouncer. This great habit will benefit you for the rest of your life. 

Jumping mat

While you or your children are jumping on the trampolines, the fun level is determined by the jumping mat. The size of your water trampoline affects the jumping surface, and a larger jumping surface boosts fun.

Jumping mats are typically constructed of flexible cloth. The flexible fabric can be manufactured from various materials, the most common of which is polypropylene. It’s similar to jumping on a good gymnastic trampoline, but it’s much more fun. 


We may learn about many trampoline shapes and sizes from trampoline history. There is no frame employed in the case of water bouncers. Instead, the inflatable tube is directly attached to the jumping surface.

However, you should ensure that the connection between the mat and the tube is strong enough. Elastic straps or interlocking webbing are commonly used to make the connection. A metal pipe frame is utilized for water trampolines. The frame and jumping mat are connected by springs. It is preferable to choose a water trampoline with a galvanized frame. The frame will rust quickly if it is not galvanized. 

Anchor systems

Legs and sometimes wind pegs are used to maintain regular trampolines in places, such as square-shaped trampolines or rectangular trampolines. Anchors are also required to keep a water trampoline in place.

Water trampolines and bouncers require a lot of anchor points. Therefore, you should inspect the anchor systems before purchasing a water trampoline. Also, check how many anchor points you’ll earn with your chosen option. Four to six-pointed anchor systems are recommended. They’ll hold your bouncer or trampoline in place just fine. 

D rings

D rings are essential when moving your water trampoline or bouncer from one location to another. They also make a significant contribution to the anchor systems.

These rings are D-shaped metal attachments that come standard on some of the market’s best water bouncers and trampolines. Choose one with D rings if possible. It will assist you at all times and minimize your stress. You can also use them for a variety of applications.


Handles are included with every decent water trampoline and bouncer. Depending on the model, the number of handles varies. Handles, on the other hand, make it easier to utilize the trampoline or bouncer. They are typically positioned near the ladder to assist you in climbing it comfortably.


An easy-to-use ladder adds a new dimension to your enjoyment. You can have a better time with it. Some models include a ladder, while others do not. As a result, you must determine whether or not a ladder is included in the box. The ladder’s steps are likewise different. Some ladders have three steps, while others have four. 

Ease of assembly

If you don’t use your bouncer or trampoline very often, you should deflate it and store it safely. As a result, the ease of assembly and disassembly must be guaranteed. Otherwise, you’ll have to endure a lot of pain every time you set up the bouncer.

However, our recommended models include this useful feature, and you will only utilize water bouncers during the summer, so there’s no need to be alarmed. 


Quality trampoline manufacturers, like Rave Sports, provide a variety of trampoline extensions. Some are also available from other brands. These add-ons are intended to be purchased individually and can dramatically improve your jumping and splashing.

Check whether you’ve chosen enough extensions before making your final decision. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you have enough money but nothing to buy. So double-check before parting with your hard-earned cash.

Extra feature

Only a small percentage of bouncers and trampolines are available with optional extras. SLides, balancing logs, resting sofas, and other features could be included. You can, of course, purchase each item separately.

However, everyone enjoys getting extras with their base plan. So why not take advantage of that opportunity? In addition, some goods come with a little repair kit that will come in handy if you have an emergency. So, as a result, think about it. 

Some innovative trampolines are also on the market, such as water trampolines. They have a few different characteristics that the regular types don’t have. 

Water trampoline vs. Water bouncer

The water trampoline is one of the many different types of trampolines available. In the same settings, water trampolines and water bouncers are used. They are not, however, the same. However, because they both give a bouncing or jumping facility on the water, you could consider them to be the same.

They differ in terms of construction as well as basic application. There is no spring in a water bouncer. Rather, an interlocking strap or webbing connects the jumping mat to the inflatable tube. They are light and easy to transport from one location to another. You don’t have to worry about rust or take extra care of the trampoline because it doesn’t have a spring or a steel frame. 

On the other hand, water trampolines feature a steel frame with springs connecting the mat to the frame. Therefore, it is preferable to have a galvanized frame and springs for long and trouble-free life. Also, you will have to carry more weight because they are heavier than bouncers.

In terms of applicability, they both have their distinct characteristics.

Bouncers do not generate as much bounce as trampolines. As a result, they are safer for children. In addition, the trampoline allows you extra jumping chances. As a result, when jumping on a water trampoline, you must take precautions. Because of their form, their trampolines are also very easy to clean.  

Price and warranty

The price range will fluctuate depending on the type of product and its dimensions. For example, in price, water bouncers are not the same as water trampolines. And as the size of the room grows, so do the prices. As a result, you must make your decision based on your requirements. Furthermore, various products may have varying warranty periods. So, before you buy anything, double-check. However, choose one with a long warranty duration. It will be an advantage for you.

How to inflate and deflate water trampoline

Water trampoline users must understand how to inflate and deflate their trampolines. The inflatable trampoline may be inflated and deflated using either an electric or manual pump. If the trampoline is large enough, an electric pump is the best alternative for saving time and effort. The electric pump often takes about half an hour to inflate standard-size water bouncers.

However, prevent overinflation and keep the proper air pressure. The best inflatable trampoline can be deflated by leaving the air valve, or two-way air pumps open. The air valve approach is a time-consuming procedure. Furthermore, using an air pump decreases the risk of rips or tears. 

Are water trampolines safe?

Yes! Simply ensure that the trampoline you purchase is appropriate for those utilizing it. Also, pay heed to the manufacturer’s capacity and weight restrictions.

When using a water trampoline, children should always be supervised. Life vests are also a smart option, especially for children who aren’t strong swimmers. Because time flies when you and your kids are having fun, it’s crucial to apply sunscreen at regular intervals, and users may wish to wear rash guards while on the trampoline or bouncer. 

Water trampolines and bouncers can give hours of entertainment for children and adults. Who says working out can’t be enjoyable?


What are the best trampoline brands?

This article covered the most popular brands of inflatable water trampolines and bouncers. Furthermore, you should be familiar with well-known brand names to determine whether or not you are on the right track.

However, we always recommend researching the existing products on the market because new products can have interesting characteristics. Rave Sports, Island Hopper, Aquaglide, and other topwater bouncer and trampoline brands are among the best. 

How much is water height required to set up inflatable water bouncers?

In most circumstances, a water depth of 8 feet is sufficient for water trampolines to be set up. You can, however, set up the greatest water bouncer in an area with a water height of more than 10 feet for a greater experience. Also, keep the bouncer at least 30 feet from any hard surfaces.

Can I use a water trampoline as a traditional ground trampoline?

You can do that if you wish, but it’s not recommended. This will be more susceptible to wear and tear. In addition, solid objects might cause serious harm to the inflatable tube. 

How to assemble a water trampoline?

Attaching the bounce surface and inflating the tube are the two steps in assembling water trampolines and bouncers. Because water trampolines are made of metal parts and springs, putting them together takes time.

On the other hand, water bouncers are simple to attach to the bounce surface and tube. The procedure of setting up a water bouncer takes over 40 minutes. The tube maintains typical air pressure when expanding for a better bounce. 

What is the best water trampoline to buy?

You must read the complete buying guide above. However, we’ll go over some key issues again. Water trampolines with springs have a better bounce and a higher weight restriction than water bouncers. 

Water trampolines can accommodate numerous people, whereas bouncers can accommodate one to two. Compare the features of the available water trampolines and bouncers after considering these. 

Is it necessary to wear life vests or floaters when using water trampolines?

For individuals who cannot swim, life vests and floaters are required. Before leaping on the water bouncers, kids should wear life-saving gear. 

How do you repair water trampolines?

There are various ways to repair water trampolines and bouncers. Small holes and rips can be repaired with the help of repair kits and glues. However, if the hole is significant enough, you should engage an expert to repair it.

What is a floating trampoline?

These are reasonably large floating platforms with a bouncing surface to jump around and off. They’re designed to be simple and provide hours of entertainment. They’re used in lakes, larger ponds, and even calm rivers. The majority of water trampolines can hold 3-6 persons or children. 

Can you use a water trampoline on land?

Yes, if you use it on a grassy, soft surface. Never use it on a gravel surface, abrasive materials, cement, or other porous surfaces. Keep in mind that these are inflatable and so a little fragile. 

Some safety tips for water trampolines and water bounces

  • Before putting the trampoline together, double-check all of the parts.
  • If a flaw is discovered, it must be corrected right away
  • Ascertain that the lake is free of dangerous insects.
  • With groups, play in the deep water. 
  • Wear a PFD that has been certified. 
  • If you have a fear of water, avoid using a water trampoline. 
  • Adult supervision is required for children.
  • While playing, avoid sharp objects. 


Whether looking for the greatest water trampolines or the best water bouncers, make an informed decision first and then spend. Hopefully, the variables above will be of great assistance to you.

Most of the complexity evaporates once you understand the basics before buying anything, and it becomes extremely easy to find the right trampoline or bouncer for jumping in the water. But, of course, choosing the ideal one is the most crucial thing.

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