It weighs almost 94 pounds when a 40-quart cooler is filled to capacity. What if you had to carry it about for the entire day? The finest wheeled coolers on the market will be discussed in this article if you prefer not to carry your cooler around.

The market for coolers has expanded since man first put wheels on coolers. A wheeled cooler, on the other hand, is not a one-size-fits-all alternative.

At a tailgating occasion, a normal camping cooler may be the best alternative.

But to determine the best 10-wheeled coolers available, we’ve analyzed over 50 coolers just for you (and that’s not an exaggeration). Coolers for every type of function were included, so there is no need to worry.

There are certain ones that will keep your items cool for days, while others are quite easy to carry around. With so many options, you’re sure to discover one that you adore in the end.

Why a wheeled cooler?

As a camper or hiker, you may be familiar with the need to carry a cooler to transport your drinks throughout the summer.

And when it’s hot outside, who doesn’t want to consume ice-cold beverages? It’s true that a cooler may be used for much more than that. Food, drinks, and ice should be fresh and ready to be served at camping or family activities.

But a standard cooler has a huge drawback: it’s impossible to move it around. To make life easier, coolers with wheels are available.

Knowing which cooler with wheels is the greatest will be one of the best investments you make. Why? Because you can have a good time without worrying about your food and drinks getting damaged by the weather.

You’ll understand what we mean when you consider how convenient it is to be able to bring a mini-fridge with you on your journey. Here are a couple of aspects to look at when you choose your cooler. 

Our top choices for wheeled coolers

Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold Cooler

  • Insulated using ultratherm technology, the body remains cold for a lengthy period.
  • Telescopic handle with push button and locking mechanism
  • Wheels and a strengthened tow handle make it easy to move a full cooler from one place to another.
  • Molded side scoop handles for ease of loading and unloading
  • Easy loading and unloading 60 quart capacity with side scoop handles that have been molded into the design Size: 20 x 18.5 inches by 20.69 inches Dimensions of the inside ( L x W x H ) Bottom – 15.25 inches by 12 inches by 17.25 inches, Top – 16.75 inches by 14.5 inches by 17 inches.

For tailgating, the Igloo Ice Cube Maxcold is THE cooler to have. You probably know someone who owns one. Due to its incredible 70-quart capacity, this cooler is ideal for barbecues.

An average 70-quart cooler can hold up to 100 12-ounce beer bottles. Even the largest barbecues don’t require as many as this. Food and beverages are kept cool all day with the Igloo Maxcold, even on a hot sunny day.

It is one of the most durable coolers on the market that is priced under $30. Some buyers even use it as a seat due to its sturdiness given by polyethylene plastic. 


  • Cup holders on the lid
  • Made of high-grade polyethylene plastic
  • You can put up to 100 cans inside.


  • Weighs 15 pounds even when empty
  • Can only keep ice solid for hours
  • Difficult to place on uneven surfaces

YETI Tundra Haul Portable Wheeled

The Yeti Tundra Haul was the company’s first wheeled cooler. Yeti did not leave any stone unturned, as one would expect from a company of their caliber.

On the premise that the ice-to-cans ratio is 2 to 1, the capacity of the wheeled Tundra Haul is 45 cans of beer and 55 pounds of ice. A sturdy design capable of holding the weight is required for anything so massive.

To begin, the Tundra Haul has the Fatwall Design, which is a registered trademark. That means the walls are extremely thick and insulated to a depth of up to two inches. That means you’ll get some very impressive ice retention with this cooler.

The insulation is constructed of polyurethane (referred to as “PermafrostTM Insulation” by YETI). The procedure of attaching it to the cooler’s walls and the lid is known as pressure injection, and it is the industry standard for proper cooler insulation.

The cooler is made of rotomolded plastic. Although YETI did not start the rotomolded tradition (Icey Tek did), they did popularize it. It’s easy to discern the difference between a rotomolded cooler and one that hasn’t. The rotomolded one is made up of a single whole body.

You’ll want one that won’t readily break off, especially if the cooler is exceptionally hefty. And, oh boy, is this one heavy. When empty, it weighs 37 pounds.

All of this is accomplished through the Tundra Haul’s handle. It is built of welded aluminum, which makes it extremely sturdy and long-lasting. It also includes a comfortable, well-grip handle and a curved shape that can track right or left to support your towing from any angle.

The Tundra Haul’s wheels are fantastic. They’re very large, which means they’ll be able to move your cooler about with ease.

They’re also made of a piece of material that won’t puncture or bruise on impact. These wheels will last you for many years.


  • Keeps products inside cold for days
  • Certified bear-proof
  • Extremely durable
  • Very easy to roll


  • Heavy
  • Pricey

Pelican Products Progear

As far as coolers go, the Pelican Products Progear is unquestionably one of the best. If you’re going on a multi-day camping adventure and need to keep your drinks iced for 7-10 days, this is the perfect partner.

Although the manufacturer claims these capacities, they have been rigorously tested under harsh heat and real-life conditions. There is a freezer-grade gasket on the Pelican Brand’s lid to help keep the cold in and the heated air out.

That includes the 2-inch thick polyurethane insulators on the inner lid. The latch, though, is what makes this cooler stand out.

For durability, the Pelican Progear cooler has a uniquely designed press and pull lock. With gloves on, the Press and Pull Latches may be operated comfortably. It also has high non-skid feet to protect it from scratches.

When it comes to draining fluids from this cooler, the sloping drainage design also makes it effortless. While spending a lot of money on a cooler can be intimidating, you can rest easy knowing that the manufacturer stands behind their goods.

If you run into any problems, Pelican’s customer service team is there to help. A lifetime guarantee is included with this cooler as well. 


  • 40.70 quart inside volume capacity.
  • Corrosion-resistance because of stainless steel material. 
  • Insulation


  • Wheels are not of the best quality for its price.
  • 2-inch insulation for ice retention contributes to its heavy weight. Cooler is bulky. 
  • Weighs 37 lbs even when empty. With every unit volume, weight increases by up to 4 times. 

Coleman Xtreme Series Cooler

  • When temperatures reach 90°F, the insulated lid and extra wall insulation hold ice for up to five days.
  • Large capacity: Holds 84 bottles
  • Durable wheels: Roll over any terrain with ease.
  • Have-a-Seat Lid feature: Supports up to 250 lbs
  • To keep drinks close and minimize spilling, cup holders are molded into the lid.

When it comes to this cooler, the name is its most powerful feature. Perfect for someone who wants a low-cost choice without many bells and whistles. The storage space is one of the cooler’s few redeeming qualities.

The actual storage capacity is 58.1 quarts, which is higher than claimed. When it comes to storage capacity, no other cooler comes close at this price point.

In contrast, the cooler’s design feels cheap, as though it could snap if you tug too hard.

Fortunately, that’s not the case, and this cooler can withstand a lot of rigorous handling without breaking down. Even the position of the handle isn’t well-designed.

A steep angle tilt is required when rolling the cooler, which is not ideal for its mobility. A fantastic deal of insulation for its price, the Xtreme cooler is an ideal buy. Even if it’s not perfect, it’s good enough. Keeping ice in the cooler for 2-3 days is sufficient.

Unexpectedly the Coleman Xtreme also has an extendable handle and a drainage spout. At this pricing point, you won’t find many coolers with this feature.

A multi-talented tool, the Coleman Xtreme can do it all. Only because it has no obvious flaws and no obvious positives, it’s the perfect choice for someone looking for a budget-friendly cooler that can get the job done.

If you’re ready to spend a bit extra, the Pelican Progear is a better choice.


  • Portable cooler
  • This cooler has better ice retention than many more expensive models, and you can trust it to last at least two days.
  • Can withstand external stress, motion, and impact. 


  • If you want to roll the cooler, you have to tilt it at a 90-degree angle.
  • Common customer complaint is that the latch is not efficient in sealing the cooler and would open up easily.
  • Unappealing design

Rovr Rollr 80

  • Steel construction for long-term use
  • Finished in a durable red powder coat that will last for years to come. Easy to follow assembly instructions and product care information.
  • Available in stainless steel, galvanized, or brass and are resistant to corrosion and fading.

Coolers with wheels integrated into their design are far superior to those with wheels as an addition. It’s true that the majority of coolers on wheels are essentially variants of the standard design.

This is the only cooler with built-in wheels. With a sturdy aluminum axle and heavy-duty 9-inch rubber tires, this cooler is meant to last. Yes, you read it correctly. Tires made of rubber are a good example.

To minimize expenses, every other cooler (even the high-end ones) uses plastic. However, rubber tires are excellent in all conditions. The first time you use a cooler with rubber tires, you will never want to go plastic again.

The Rovr Rollr cooler was created with portability in mind, and it shows. It’s good that the designers put so much emphasis on mobility, but it also meant they had to cut costs on insulation.

The performance of this cooler may be seen when compared against comparably priced choices.

Though it’s rotomolded, it doesn’t hold as much ice as other, cheaper versions. If you live an active outdoor lifestyle and like to take your cooler with you wherever you go, the Rovr Rollr is a perfect option.


  • Easy transport
  • Exceptionally effective insulation, with a 4-day ice retention capability. To be honest, we think a cooler at this price point should perform better.
  • Despite its size, it can hold a lot of goods. Despite the fact that the cooler’s capacity is significantly smaller than the manufacturer’s claims.


  • Cooler is quite costly
  • Limited space capacity even at its price, but compensates for its superior insulation feature

Coleman 16 Quart

  • Stay cool while on the run with this 16-quart personal cooler.
  • Holds up to 22 12-ounce bottles
  • Easy transportation is ensured by recessed wheels.
  • The handle retracts for comfort.
  • Limited manufacturer warranty

It’s hard to beat the Coleman 16-quart wheeled cooler when you’re on a budget.

It may be smaller than most coolers, but it does the job. Nevertheless, for this price, you won’t find a better value. For tailgating events, it should carry roughly 22 cans and even a 2-liter bottle upright.

The wheels on this cooler are incredibly small, making them unsuitable on rough surfaces, such as those encountered while camping or hiking. Over flat surfaces, such as concrete, it performs admirably.

The inclusion of a telescopic handle was a pleasant surprise to us. Getting rid of that feature would have saved money. As a bonus, this is a function that even some of the more expensive coolers lack.


  • Cost-effective
  • SImple 


  • Not built for carrying or preserving a lot of food
  • Small wheels, it is unsuitable on rough terrain.
  • There is a considerable probability that the entire cooler may break if you use it roughly.

We have an entire article focused on the best budget coolers, so be sure to check that out if you want a great cooler without stretching your budget.

Igloo Glide Marine

  • Indestructible hinges made of stainless steel
  • Reduces surface contact and allows air to flow below to increase cooling performance due to Cool Riser Technology.
  • Portable and smooth rally wheels with extra-large diameters
  • An integrated threaded drain plug provides for easy draining, cleaning, and optional hose hookup
  • 18.620 inches long x 19.740 inches wide x 39.670 inches high

A fishing cooler must be robust enough to survive being flung around on your boat. In addition, they should be able to preserve your catch for several hours or even a couple of days. It’s a tough cooler that can handle the abuse of a fishing excursion.

To be honest, you can even use it as an extra seat on your boat if you run out of available seating space.

There are several unique decisions that have been taken by designers to boost performance. This cooler comes with a strangely formed handle, which is a perfect example of this concept.

Because of this, according to the maker, the cooler is easier to handle with one hand. This is especially vital if you go fishing alone a lot and you’re always alone.

There is even a handy fishing ruler on the lid of this cooler to help you measure the size of your catch. Igloo Glide doesn’t disappoint either in terms of performance.

For most fishing expeditions, this cooler should keep your catch chilled for roughly five days.


  • The handle has a locking function that keeps it in place when in use.
  • Exceptionally large cooler
  • In addition, this cooler has been proven in many tests to be able to keep ice from melting for up to five days.


  • The package is a disgraceful mess. The cooler arrives in a very thin cardboard box, especially if you purchase it from Amazon.
  • Extreme manufacturing inconsistencies In certain cases, users complained that the cooler’s hinges would break after a few usage
  • When used for a number of years, the spokes of the wheels will break.

Coleman Rugged A/T Wheeled Cooler

  • Camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities are made easier with this rugged cooler.
  • There are eight-inch tires that are oversized for easy movement over difficult terrain.
  • It can hold up to 84 cans of food in a 55-quart container.
  • Ensures that the ice is preserved! In temperatures as high as 90 degrees Fahrenheit, insulation provides 5-day ice retention.
  • Carrying in harsh conditions is made easier with EZ-Lift swing handles.

Coolers are growing more fragile as they become more expensive and have more functions added to them. The Coleman A/T wheeled cooler, on the other hand, takes a whole different approach to the problem. As a result, it requires little maintenance and is easy to clean.

To prevent odor from lingering, the interiors are properly treated. As a bonus, they don’t discolor easily, so your cooler will still look excellent after a few years of use.

A robust cooler that can keep up with your active outdoor lifestyle is what the Coleman Rugged A/T may be for you.

The wheels on this cooler would be one of the first things you would have noticed. They’re a lot bigger (comically large). Having monster truck-like wheels, however, has the advantage of making this cooler incredibly easy to carry around (Even on the most rugged surfaces).

If you want to keep your drinks ice-cold for a reasonable amount of time, this cooler will do the trick. You also don’t get an informational manual with this cooler, but that’s just nitpicking.


  • Large interior space and easy to clean
  • Highly durable
  • Stain resistant and the smell of the content does not linger


  • Difficult to open at first
  • No user manual
  • Fragile handle

Factors to consider before buying wheeled coolers

If you’re still undecided about which cooler is best for you, check out our buying guide. You’ll find everything you need in this section. Some factors that you can utilize to weed out coolers that aren’t perfect for you are going to be discussed below.


You have to consider the manner by which you will frequently carry or transport your cooler. Do not get a cooler that is too heavy to transport. Make sure you know how much room there will be to store the cooler.

As a result, you’ll be able to choose a maximum size. It’s also important to take into account the area used by any protruding pieces on the cooler’s exterior. Handles, wheels, and other accessories may be included.

It’s time to look at the total amount of storage you’ll get after you’ve set the maximum size. If you’re going on a trip, make sure your cooler is large enough to accommodate all the food and drinks you need.

If you had a cooler before, examine what other features you needed from it but lacked. 


When it comes to moving the cooler around, the type of handle chosen makes a big difference. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on a nice handle if you will not be moving about frequently.

In some cases, coolers come with just a rope handle. Because of this, moving the cooler over extended distances becomes a hassle. Your cooler’s handle should be telescopically adjustable if it has one.

The length of a telescoping handle can be adjusted to accommodate people of varying heights. The handle on the Pelican Pro Gear cooler is located on one side of the cooler.

But other coolers might not position their handles there, so it is one of the things that should be considered. 

Keeping your cooler in your truck with the handle pressed against the side could be a problem. For example, you would have to hoist the cooler in order for it to be wheeled out. When choosing a cooler, it is important to consider the handle’s position.

Wheel size

The size of your cooler’s wheels can make a huge difference. Particularly if you want to drag the cooler across uneven areas, this is an important factor to remember. On rough surfaces, little wheels don’t function very well.

Choose a cooler with larger tires if you want to drag it camping or somewhere it would be anticipated to be used on rough surfaces.

Check if your chosen cooler can roll over gravel or if it’s designed for flat terrain like a parking lot. It’s a good idea to remember that larger wheels can withstand more difficult terrain than smaller ones.

Wheel structure

The construction of the wheels is also important. Since it is the part that is most exposed to dirt from the ground, it could be possible that the insides of the wheel will be clogged with debris, causing it to lock up.

Number of wheels

Most coolers have only two wheels, making them better adapted to tougher terrains than others. But a cooler with four wheels is easier to maneuver on flat or sloping surfaces.

If you’re considering a four-wheeled cooled vehicle, make sure it will remain put on a sloping surface. While on a slope, certain 4-wheeled coolers will roll away.

These problems are avoided with 2-wheeled coolers since they are designed such that the wheels don’t engage while the cooler is at rest.

Accessories and additional features 

When it comes to day-to-day use, a wheeled cooler is more versatile, with accessories added. Most wheeled coolers come with built-in cup holders and bottle openers.

In addition to the removable inside separators, some of them also come with baskets, serving trays, additional compartments, and even smartphone holders. 


Wheeled coolers have quite a wide price range. The usual rolling coolers are one option. As a result, they are products that are marketed to a large audience of beachgoers, casual campers, and picnickers. You can get one of them for $50-$75 without any problems.

Coolers built for serious outdoor enthusiasts that need high-quality ice retention, durability, and portability are the next step up in quality. There are various types available, with prices ranging from $200 to over $1,000 for the truly large ones.

It’s crucial to realize, however, that these coolers are virtually indestructible when used regularly. If you buy one of those coolers, you’ll have it for the rest of your life, unlike if you buy a cooler that will only last for a season or two.

Intended use

Many people are shocked to realize that different coolers can be used for a variety of purposes. Now that high-performance rotomolded coolers are becoming more and more popular, there are several different types of coolers to select from.

There are a lot of differences between someone going on a day trip to the beach and someone going on a week-long rafting expedition in terms of what they need to keep their drinks cool.

It’s the same for those traveling to festivals, huge events, providing medical samples, or heading out for a day of fishing on a friend’s boat, for example. In addition, wheeled coolers include brakes, additional height/length, and strength of the wheels.


Generally, the cooler’s performance is heavily influenced by the material used. If you’re looking for one that will last a long time, choose one that is made with rotomolded plastic.

In premium coolers, the plastic is molded into a single piece rather than being formed into many pieces. There will be no weak areas in your cooler as a result of this.

To summarize: Plastics are often exceedingly durable as well as lightweight, waterproof, and insulating. Soft-sided coolers are the most prevalent type of fabric coolers.

Depending on the fabric selected, the strength will vary. As a result, if you’re looking for durability, you’d be better off opting for rotomolded plastic.

Most fabrics aren’t water-resistant, so you’re limited in terms of what kind of weather you can use them in, and taking them to the beach isn’t a good idea because they’re prone to becoming wet and letting water into the interior.

Types of cooler insulation

That said, insulation plays a big influence on how well your cooler operates. In terms of insulation, you’ll find polystyrene and foam to be the most common.

  • Polystyrene

For a moving cooler, this is the most effective insulator money can buy. Because it’s made out of plastic, this material is low-cost, relatively lightweight, heat-resistant, and quite durable.

Polystyrene’s ability to insulate things depends on the thickness of the polystyrene walls.

Most portable rolling coolers will be built of plastic, which will act as the only insulator in the device’s construction. The plastic walls are thickened to boost insulation. It’s quite basic, but it does the job.

  • Foam

When it comes to coolers that are less expensive and have a soft-sided design, the insulation is usually a foam liner.

It’s best to use a foam lining if you only need to chill items for a few hours or less than a day, as polystyrene is more effective at retaining ice than foam. Depending on how thick it is, it can last for a long time.


Insulation is worthless if the seal isn’t tight enough. Opt for a cooler with robust latches. You may even get freezer-grade closures that effectively shut out any warm air, allowing you to keep your items cold for up to a week.

Other tips

The bigger wheels, the better

When you’re off-roading, your truck’s huge wheels make the route easier. Your cooler wheels are no exception! Thick wheels will do, but they won’t protect your cooler.

Strong wheels can help you navigate through rugged terrain that isn’t forgiving!

A picnic park, for example, does not require a wheeled cooler. Therefore standard wheels will suffice in this situation. It is possible to get the same results with large wheels, however.

On rocky terrains and pavements, having large, durable wheels is a must. So go for the big wheels!

Drain plugs

As soon as the picnic is over and you’ve made it home, the nasty clean-up begins! If your cooler does not have a drain stopper, you may want to consider drilling a hole in it! But that would be a waste of time and money!

As a result, having a drain plug on a cooler can make a tremendous difference in its performance. As you won’t have to turn your cooler upside down to get rid of the soapy fluid, you’ll save time!

Can holder

A can holder on your cooler can also double as a camping table. If you want to have a hole for a beer, soda, or wine, this is the place for you! How come this isn’t done by every manufacturer?

Regular washing

Whenever possible, store it upside down, preferably hanging. Use a cloth and water to wipe it clean to prevent mildew or mold from forming.

Avoid overloading

Look at the maximum load weight it can handle before using it. You risk damaging the wheels if you do.

Larger ice takes longer to melt.

Instead of buying those little ice cube bags from the petrol station, use these tips to make the most of your cooling time. To make larger ice cubes, try using frozen water balloons or ice packs.

Top brands for wheeled coolers


Igloo has been in business for more than 70 years and is still going strong. So they’ve seen it all. Igloos became very popular in the 1960s as more families went on picnics.

Igloo coolers were first manufactured in metalworking firms. Factory-made ones are the ones you buy nowadays. A new 1.8 million square foot factory in Katy, Texas, has made Igloo one of the world’s largest cooler makers.

Nearly 1,200 people are employed at igloo, which produces over 500 products.


Coleman is one of the world’s major makers of outdoor equipment. Coleman’s product selection does not include many coolers, unlike other prominent companies.

Simply put, that’s how big the company is! Over 100 years ago, WC Coleman chose to offer gasoline lamps at first.


Can I leave the cooler out in the sun?

A: It usually depends on the kind of cooler. Coolers with soft sides are best kept away from direct sunlight. Military-grade plastic coolers, on the other hand, are almost always UV light resistant.

How long does a cooler usually work?

A: The type and thickness of insulation play a huge part in the average lifespan of a cooler. Yeti and Pelican coolers use polyurethane since it’s the most efficient insulator, but it’s also the priciest.

Their average thickness is around 2-3 inches. Almost a week of ice preservation may be achieved with this type of insulation!

There are a lot of factors to consider, such as the environmental temperature and the frequency of usage. 

What is a telescopic handle?

Using a telescoping handle, you may adjust it to your preferred height. This can be commonly found on luggage bags. When not in use, a telescoping handle can be stored out of the way.

Small coolers can also be easily stored in small spaces using this tool.

I already have a cooler. Is it necessary to buy another one with wheels?

You don’t need to waste any more money just to buy a new cooler in this situation. You can simply just add cooler wheels to your existing non-wheeled cooler from a variety of manufacturers.

Some brands offer wheels that are specifically intended for a specific cooler model. While these may not be as mobile as pre-built coolers, they still do the job and cost a lot less.

Do Yeti coolers have wheels?

Most of the Yeti coolers do not have wheel options, but the Tundra model has a two-wheeler. If you have a Yeti cooler, it can be converted into a wheeled cooler.

Ramble X2 is a great alternative. Because of its durability and mobility, it’s superior to a lot of other wheeled coolers.


There’s a cooler for everyone with so many options aside from the 10 that we listed. For us, the Pelican Progear is the greatest wheeled cooler on the market. Insulates far better than any of its competitors.

We chose this cooler since it’s easy to operate, sturdy, and has a lifetime warranty from Pelican. However, we soon found that investing in a high-quality, long-lasting cooling system was much less expensive than buying a budget cooler every couple of years.

On the other hand, Igloo Maxcold is the cooler to choose if you solely plan on using it for barbecues and tailgating activities.

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