Enjoy Barbecue Flavor-Seafood, Poultry, Coleslaw, Chili, and Beef

Barbecue sauce provides great flavor to poultry, meat, seafood, and vegetables. One of the most popular barbecue flavors is spicy but there are different ingredients which can be used such as honey.

For instance, barbecue sauce creates the image of meat or poultry but it can add flavor to other food items. A plate of beans can be topped with garlic powder, hot peppers, and honey barbecue sauce .

Barbecued foods are a summer favorite because of the hot weather. However, barbecue dishes can be enjoyed all year.


  • Chili can be prepared quickly and refrigerated for several days.
  • Commonly served on hot dogs and hamburgers.
  • Good choices are honey barbecue sauce and spicy barbecue sauce.


  • Use on pulled pork and pork chops.
  • Cook completely to help prevent food borne health problems.
  • Good choices are pork barbecue sauce and mustard barbeque sauce.


  • Use the freshest fish to prevent excessive flaking while cooking.
  • Use lime juice to enhance the flavor.
  • Good choices are white barbecue sauce and vinegar barbecue sauce.


  • Grilled corn on the cob is commonly used with steak and ground beef recipes.
  • Any beef section can provide extra flavor to a barbecue recipe.
  • Good choices are sweet barbecue sauce and spicy barbecue sauce.


  • Slice the surface to remove excessive fat and prevent the duck from dryness.
  • Duck breasts are a favorite for grilled barbecue duck recipes.
  • Duck can be paired with jam sauces such as citrus fruit.


  • Pair with a barbecued chicken thigh or a barbecued pork shoulder..
  • Barbecued shrimp does not need a heavy coating and can make a good party food.
  • A great choice is spicy barbecue sauce for intense flavor.


  • A small amount of citrus fruits can enhance the flavor of coleslaw.
  • Nuts can be added to coleslaw to provide a crunchy flavor.
  • Good choices are mustard barbecue sauce and honey barbecue sauce


  • Poultry is a commonly used food because of the low cost.
  • Larger pieces of chicken such as the thigh take a longer cooking time.
  • Good choices are spicy barbecue sauce and honey barbecue sauce.


  • Baked beans can be enjoyed with poultry, meat, or plain.
  • Most foods compliment beans and cooking beans can be cost-effective.
  • Good choices are sweet barbecue sauce, and spicy barbecue sauce.


  • Chops are the most common part of the lamb for barbecuing.
  • The meat can be paired with seafood or poultry for a double taste of barbecue.
  • Good choices are mustard barbecue sauce and honey barbecue sauce.

As shown in the above list, barbecue sauce is great for a variety of dishes. It can be used daily and purchased at the local supermarket or prepared at home.