We all know the beauty of carefully curated gardens. With the lively flowers, rich colors, gravel walkways, and hedge mazes, you can easily see why they are so captivating. Add a sculpture into the picture and you’ll have an even more aesthetically pleasing garden.

Garden sculpture ideas for your backyard

If you’re all for the traditional Japanese vibe, you can’t go wrong with origami-style sculpture horses. With the bright colors and captivating details, these will instantly spice up your garden.

Metal benches

Your art can also serve as bench. While these benches are great to look at, you can also sit on them and provide practical and usability.

Angel stone

Probably one of the most classic in this list is this angel stone sculpture. It has been around for centuries to offer a more solemn and serene feel in any garden.

Forest animal


Another classic option is adding some wildlife sculptures around your garden for that forest-y vibe. Typically, you’ll find rabbits, turtles, deers, and foxes. Any garden with these animal sculptures will take you back in time!

Children on a bench

A cute little girl is sitting on a bench, whispering a secret as she plays with two little garden statue friends.

You’ve probably seen this sculpture one time or another. Whether in person or in movies, this sure is a classic one that brings back anyone’s youth. It add a spike of innocence to any garden it ends up sitting in.


Garden statue, of generic traditional design, in concrete on stone slab, at the entrance of a small villa

Lion signifies wealth and dignity which is why a lion sculpture is commonly found on estates. There’s something about the strong and fierce energy from a lion sculpture that demands presence.


Giant white marble spheres on a modern design fountain

A sphere sculpture is a simple yet a striking addition to any garden. Typically, these are built with just one material and color to provide a simple accent in your home.

Abstract garden

Abstract sculptures, as the term implies, is any nonrepresentational idea, occurrence, or emotion. They have no straightforward meaning but a lot of people are drawn to this type of art. Thus, adding this into your garden will give off that artistic feel.

Hedge sculpture

Figure flamingos made ​​of synthetic mimics trimmed bush

Hedge cutouts are artworks on another level. You can choose any design and have this made intricately.

Chess sculpture

Chess fan? Move your sculpture around or use it for one of your party games in your backyard.

Scrap metal art 

You’ll get one of a kind art, but also a round of applause for repurposing scrapping metal and non-recyclable materials.

Fiery glass

Nothing brings a bold statement more than a fiery glass sculpture in your garden. The sculpture speaks for itself and adds fierceness to any home.

Snail shell 

Snails are natural parts of any garden so adding colorful and bright snail shell sculptures will give off that innocent ambience. Plus, they will definitely make a bold statement due to their playful hues.


With the photo above, flowers are arranged around a metal heart-shaped outline and give off that romantic feel. It provides added charm and definitely a sweeter scent to any garden.

Ceramic tile

Hispanic countries are known to have these classic ceramic garden sculptures that explicitly display their type of artistic culture. These usually come in bright and colorful pieces that really screams the Spanish culture. 


To literally add brightness into your garden, you can opt for light sculptures. The photo above shows light sculptures in the form of sunflowers and bees that will instantly take you back to your childhood.

Musical garden

For fans of classical music, let your garden speak for yourself with this piano sculpture surrounded by plants. 

Garden bust

Now for a more historic vibe, you can have a Roman and Greek bust sculpture created. Marble humanoids instantly feels classic and sophisticated at first glance.

Carved wood

Sculptures carved out of wood are great for houses with earthy and vintage themes. The versatility of woods allows you to get creative with your sculpture!


If you want to showcase your beliefs through your garden, you may opt to add religious sculptures in your garden such as a crucifix or biblical characters.

Zen vibes

While statue of Buddha might look religious, it can also be associated with zen gardens. What can help you mediate more in your garden?


You may find this odd if you’re a bright person but some people actually add gargoyle sculptures in their homes, some in their garden or even on their roofs. This is typically seen in medieval-themed homes.


Biomorphic sculptures are basically art pieces that represent a living creature but without making it too obvious. They are somehow abstract and will tingle anyone’s imagination.

Bench sculpture

Handmade wooden log bench under the tree, perfect spot for sitting and relaxing.

You will love a bence in your home not only for its beauty, but also for its functionality. It’s a practical way to add a statement into your garden. Plus, the vintage look of the design above has a way of bringing us back to simpler times.

Pathway sculpture

You can have sculptures cover a walkway like the caterpillar one shown above. It is fun, bold, and amusing any kid and kid-at-heart will enjoy. Plus, you can pretty much have it done in any designs you want. 

Final thoughts

Adding sculptures in your garden will add an undeniable beauty. Depending on your taste, you can pretty much play with your imagination. We have given you 21 ideas in this article but trust me when I say sky’s the limit!