Mosquitoes are very visual, especially when vision is their primary means of looking for humans later in the day. However, there are several things you can do to avoid mosquito bites at your next outdoor gathering:

Other summer pests

While mosquitoes are annoying enough, a variety of other summer pests may ruin a wonderful day outside.

Wasps and bees — Nobody wants to be stung by a bee or wasp while enjoying outside. The situation could swiftly escalate if you have a family member or acquaintance allergic to bee stings.

Ants – Another annoyance at any picnic or gathering is ants. However, if you have fire ants in your home, they can be quite aggressive and bite their victims repeatedly.

Ticks – are typically found in tall grass or brushy places, where they wait for unsuspecting prey before biting them for a blood meal.

Easy steps to a bug-free backyard bbq this summer

Choose a time and a place

Regardless of what mosquito repellent you use, some bugs will be more active at particular times of the day than others. As a result, the key to keeping your 6-legged visitors at bay is to choose a period when they are less active.

For example, mosquito activity is highest at dawn and dusk, whereas flies are most active in the morning and before dusk. Therefore, the best time to avoid these two highly prevalent pests is between midday and afternoon.

Luckily, the inside of your home will be significantly less insect-infested than the outside. It’s a good idea to serve your food indoors, away from mosquitoes and those that the smell may attract. Allow your guests to serve their plates inside and then take them outside if they desire. Having less food outside will help reduce the presence of bugs. 

Treat the area ahead of time.

Treat the places where you’ll be cooking and where people will eat a week before the BBQ. Check your yard, patio, porch, and so on for signs of insect activity. Take note of wasp nests, anthills, and buzzing around flowers. Step outside at dusk if you live in the southeast to better understand how awful the insects might be.

Now that you’ve identified your problem areas, it’s time to address them. You can do it yourself, but for the most comprehensive coverage, you should look for an expert’s custom pest control treatment. Technicians can do their inspections and create treatments to meet all concerns. 

Clear the space

Clean the entire area thoroughly. Remove all clutter, weed the garden, and mow the lawn. As a result, insects will have fewer places to hide before and during the BBQ. 

Some insects, such as mosquitoes, can only flourish in certain environments. Removing any locations with standing water can reduce the likelihood that they will snack on your skin. 

Find a way to increase the number of fans.

outdoor fan

A pleasant breeze does more than make guests comfortable. It also deters bugs. Fans constantly circulate the air; flying insects will have difficulty moving around. So here are a few grilling ideas:

  • If you have overhead outside fans, leave them on at all times.
  • Add a clip fan to the grill to clear off a space. This can help keep the cook cool while preventing insects from falling on the food.
  • Set up tower fans and standing fans near seating and dining spaces.
  • To circulate air over a broader region, use an air circulator.
  • Buy a couple of handheld fans for your visitors to use. 

Ban dark colors

Mosquitoes are drawn to dark colors that absorb heat, such as red, navy, and black. Mosquitoes have sophisticated and highly sensitive heat sensors and, as a result, are drawn to people dressed in black or dark colors. Wear light-colored clothing instead, which is less appealing to some mosquito species. Long sleeves, pants, shoes, and socks will protect further. 


Mosquitoes are attracted to the smells of shampoos, soaps, and colognes. So invest in some ‘fragrance-free’ products to prevent attracting even more mosquitoes. Also, try some Eau de Repellent instead of your regular Eau de parfum. In addition, the Centers for Disease Control recommends DEET, picaridin, IR3535, and oil of lemon eucalyptus (OLE or PMD). 

Citronella candles

Citronella candles are a stress-free way to repel mosquitos without exposing yourself to the toxic fumes emitted by harsh mosquito repellants. This type of candle is ideal for outdoor events since it may keep mosquitos at bay for several hours.

Buy candles from your favorite retailer or online. While prices vary, most candles are less than $10 each. Expect various degrees of success after lighting the candle to engage its mosquito-repelling properties. Make a backup plan if the candles do not match your expectations and do not protect your BBQ guests from painful bites. 

Blonde hair

Consider wearing a hat if you or your visitors are blonde. According to some research, mosquitoes tend to be drawn to blondes because they stand out in a crowd. This appears to be true for redheads as well! And, while certain mosquito species bite the legs and ankles, others favor the head – so a hat is a smart idea whether you’re blonde or brunette. 

Family planning

Pregnant women are also at heightened risk since they breathe more C02 than usual. This is because pregnant women have a higher body temperature than everyone else and exhale 21% more carbon dioxide (C02), a recognized mosquito attractant. So, if you want to spend your summer outside, postpone your pregnancy until winter or fall. 


Insecticides kill landing mosquitos, so try sprinkling some permethrin on your clothing. It is a fast-acting pesticide with repellent properties. However, it should never be administered directly to the skin. Permethrin-treated ready-to-wear apparel is also available for children and adults.

Lactic acid

Lactic acid, released by sweat glands, is another mosquito favorite and is among the reasons why people working up a sweat while waving their arms around in defense become an even more attractive prey. 


Relax in the nearby deck chair! Mosquitoes detect movement and fly toward it. When you pant from exercise, the scent of carbon dioxide (C02) from your heavy breathing attracts them even more. Mosquitoes can smell their supper, which is you, from a distance of up to 50 meters, which is bad news for people who generate a lot of CO2. 


Certain herbs taste and smell delicious and have effective insect repellent properties. For example, try tossing some rosemary or sage in your next grilling session. Their pungent smoke will deter many flying insects, including mosquitoes. Check out more plants that repel mosquitos.


Beware, beer drinkers. According to a study published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, persons who drink beer are more appealing to mosquitoes. Therefore, even one beer could make you a target for the biters. The causes for this are unknown at this time. However, it is possible that people breathe a bit harder after a cold one or that their skin is somewhat warmer. 

Meal replacements

Make a meal alternative for mosquitoes. Some mosquito traps exploit mosquitoes’ sensory abilities by fooling them with features that imitate human odors and visual cues. The goal is to attract mosquitos by producing Octenol, heat, lactic acid, light, moisture, or C02 – or a mix of these – into the trap.

Mosquitoes fly in to inspect the potential meal, only to be pulled in by the fan and imprisoned in a container, where they perish. However, operating your mosquito trap for the first time with the expectation of immediate results will be disappointing, so don’t set up your new trap on the day before an outdoor party or BBQ and expect it to hold the mosquitoes at bay.

Instead, plan and set up the trap many weeks before outdoor social gatherings if you don’t want yourself or your friends to be on the menu. 

Buy a few food-cover tents.

Food cover tents are useful mesh screens that keep pests off your dishes. They could not be easier to use. Unfold them, and they will appear. Higher-end models can be locked, eliminating the chance of the canopy falling. Food tents are ideal for plates from the grill and buffet-style spreads. 

Keep trash to a minimum.

Flies and ants are always looking for a quick meal, which makes trashcans an ideal target. Keep rubbish cans with a lid nearby the cooking and eating areas. Attach a sign on the trashcan informing guests that it must be fully covered. Clean up spillage, wipe down surfaces, and pick up dirty plates and cups regularly, even if they don’t appear to contain food residue.

When backyard bbq hacks aren’t enough

Allow a professional pest control company to address a more serious backyard pest control scenario, such as a beehive or wasp nest on your property that is too close for comfort.

Wasp and bee eradication can be dangerous and potentially fatal, so it should be left to expert bee exterminators. A single sting may not be painful, but repelling bees by removing beehives or attempting wasp nest removal on your own may result in more serious injuries.

Clean as you go

Food and used utensils left in the open might attract bugs, so clean as you go. Don’t wait till the event is over to tidy up. While you don’t have to do the dishes right in the middle of the party, you should return used utensils and dishware to the kitchen as soon as possible.

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