If you are looking for a tasty dish to share with your friends at your next outdoor barbecue, this is the one.

With these easy-to-make, grilling stuffed mushrooms, you will have something delicious to munch on while you grill up some burgers or hot dogs.

For more of an appetizer feel, these can be made smaller and served on toothpicks. Make sure to invite some friends over!

Grilling appetizers with mushrooms

Mushrooms serve as the base for a wide range of appetizers. They are multifunctional and include a variety of minerals such as potassium, selenium, and the vitamins riboflavin and niacin.

Of course, stuffed mushrooms with delectable stuffing add to any party or family supper. Though filled mushrooms are frequently grilled, roasted, or cooled, they also work great on an outdoor barbecue.

Stuffed mushrooms and chilled vegetables make an excellent main course on a hot summer evening.

Basic Ingredients

Of course, the main element in stuffed mushrooms is mushrooms. Not all edible mushrooms are good for stuffing, although many are.

Because bulk white mushrooms and Italian brown mushrooms are widely accessible in most shops, they are utilized in the recipes below. They leave a deep pocket for the stuffing when the stem is removed.

Remove the stems from your mushrooms and set them aside. These will be required later in the preparation of the stuffing.

Some people suggest washing the mushroom, while others argue that the mushroom will absorb the extra water.

Because this recipe calls for grilling the mushrooms, a little extra water won’t hurt. Some chefs also peel the mushrooms, which is fine for bulk white mushrooms.


Numerous ingredients can be used to stuff a mushroom.

Some recipes specify a vegetarian option. Some people recommend stuffing mushrooms baked with herbed cream butter and snails.

Sautéed mushrooms packed with chicken livers and cooled are another option.

A five-step system (with an optional flavoring addition) makes preparing grilled and stuffed mushrooms simple and appealing to any grill master.

An Easy Five-part Recipe

The stems of the mushrooms are removed, finely diced, and then added to the stuffing mixture in every dish.

Wash the stems and finely cut them.

These will be combined with the other ingredients from the five categories listed below.

Choose one or more ingredients from each category on the list.

Combine the chopped mushroom stems, the meat (finely chopped or shredded), the vegetable or herb, and the binder in a mixing bowl.

Fill the mushroom caps with the mixture, packing it with a spoon and heaping it slightly.

Once the mushrooms have been packed, the topping can be added.

Toppings such as bread crumbs and parmesan cheese may need to be lightly patted into the mixture.

  1. Meat: Various meat sources lend themselves nicely to stuffing combinations that will eventually be put to grilled and stuffed mushrooms. While freshly prepared meats are often preferred, canned meats are often more than adequate when preparing the stuffing. Deviled ham, canned salmon, tuna, six ounces of easily shreddable canned ham, and lump crab flesh all work well.
  2. Vegetable or herb: Cilantro, parsley, basil, fresh spinach, and artichoke hearts all pair well with the meat elements.
  3. Binder: Using an item to bind the vegetables and meat together is beneficial and may improve the flavor of the filled mushrooms. A modest amount of olive oil, mustard, cream cheese, or mayonnaise, depending on the oil and moisture level of the meat and vegetable elements, works to bind the items together. Horseradish also aids in the binding of components for the more daring.
  4. Optional flavoring: A dab of Worcestershire sauce may appeal to your party guests. Coarse-ground black pepper adds a splash of zing to the dish. Parmesan cheese also adds taste and helps to bind the mixture.
  5. Topping: Grilled and filled mushrooms can be made more appealing by adding a topping. Toppings for grilled and filled mushrooms can include Parmesan cheese (in addition to any added to the stuffing recipe), shredded yellow or white cheeses, and bread crumbs. The author recommends adding shredded cheese three minutes before removing the mushrooms from the grill.

Grilling filled mushrooms on an outdoor grill or barbecue is simple, but a basket or wire mesh fry pan (as shown in the photo) keeps the stuffed mushrooms from dropping through the grate and into the fire.

A small application of oil on the grill or basket may be required to prevent sticking.

A cast iron fry pan can be used directly over a flame or coals.

Place the stuffed mushrooms in the basket or wire mesh utensil and cook for 8 to 10 minutes on medium heat.

Before presenting the mushrooms to your guests, remove them from the fire and try one yourself.

After all, you want to ensure they’re as tasty as you anticipated.

The stuffed and grilled appetizer can be chopped into half or quarters before serving if the mushrooms are larger.