Construction Materials Influence Care and Durability

For many people the pool, patio or deck is considered an extension of the home during warm months. Part of making these areas comfortable is buying the right garden and patio furniture. Each type of furniture has advantages and disadvantages.

Aluminum Patio Furniture

Aluminum patio furniture is one of the most commonly found types of garden and patio furniture due to the low cost. It is available at most home improvement stores and discounts stores in a wide variety of price points. Aluminum furniture is most often painted so it can be selected to match existing house and patio colors.

Aluminum patio furniture is available with built in fabric seats or as solid aluminum patio furniture pieces that have seat cushions. They are extremely durable furniture options and last longer than wicker and wood furniture, making them a solid choice for people who entertain often.

Wicker Patio Furniture

Wicker furniture sets are the preferred garden and patio furniture for covered outdoor areas. Cushions are required with wicker furniture as the wicker sticks can be uncomfortable after long periods of sitting. Wicker patio furniture is available in natural wicker color as well as paint colors.

Although wicker furniture holds up well under normal use, they wear down quickly when exposed to excessive weight. In addition, they should be covered with furniture covers in periods of rain as moisture will cause premature damage to the wood.

Outdoor Wood Patio Furniture

For those looking to add a touch of class to outdoor furniture, outdoor wood patio furniture is the natural option. Outdoor wood patio furniture is available in both natural wood finishes as well as painted finishes that are popular with garden and patio furniture items such as Adirondack chairs. Some of the most common natural wood finishes for garden and patio furniture are teak and cedar due to their insect and moisture resistance qualities.

Outdoor wood patio furniture requires more care than other types of garden and patio furniture as natural wood finishes must be oiled on a regular basis to prevent them from drying out and becoming discolored by the sun. If not oiled these garden and patio furniture pieces will fade to a silver gray color.

Cast Iron Patio Furniture

Cast iron patio furniture, which is also called wrought iron furniture, is often more decorative in appearance than other types of garden and patio furniture. It usually features intricate scroll work and lattice patterns. Cast iron patio furniture is a good option for small seating arrangements such as a classic café style table with two chairs.

One advantage to cast iron patio furniture is that it is the most durable type of garden furniture material and will last for many years. One disadvantage of cast iron garden furniture is that it is heavy which makes rearranging it difficult. It is also uncomfortable to sit on for long periods of time, so most cast iron furniture owners place seating pads on these pieces.

With all of the various styles of outdoor furniture styles available, it is not difficult to find one that fits every life style.