Weber grills were the concept of George A Stephen, who designed his first Weber grill in the early 1950’s. Since then Weber have produced durable products, despite strong competition.

The Original Weber Kettle Grill

The original Weber kettle grill was created circa 1952. George A Stephen worked for Weber Brothers Metal Works, welding metal buoys when he had the idea for the kettle grill. It was made using metal buoys, and had a rounded base, with four air-holes, a handle attached to the lid, and three legs for it to stand on. It was a charcoal grill, and it could be used in any weather which made it unique. The Weber Kettle Grill was incredibly successful.

Weber Charcoal Grills

Since the creation of the Kettle Grill, the Weber-Stephen Products Company have developed many other charcoal grills. They range from the Wishing Well’ which was designed in 1966 and is a charcoal grill sitting inside a wooden wishing well, to the ‘Ranch Kettle’ which was designed in 2009 and is an enormous version of the original kettle grill with 1104 square inches of cooking space.

Weber Gas Grills

Weber created their first gas grill in 1971 with the launch of the ‘Gas Barbecue Kettle’. The gas grills were faster and more efficient than the standard charcoal grills. Weber gas grills include the large rectangular ‘Genesis’ grill which was designed in 1985, and the luxury ‘Summit’ grill which was designed in 2007.

Weber Portable Grills

Weber also created more compact, portable grills. The legs on the portable grills fold away to assist in transportation. These grills include the ‘Go-anywhere’ charcoal and ‘Go-anywhere’ gas grills, which are rectangular grills and were designed circa 2009. The idea behind the ‘Go-anywhere’ grills being that the shape was easier to transport. However Weber also developed the ‘Smokey Joe’ charcoal grill, which retained the original kettle shaped design.

The Creation of Flavorizer Bars

Weber created ‘flavorizer bars’ in their gas grills. These were a series of slanted metal bars, which were installed into the base of all Weber gas grills. These bars drained the juice away from the food into a tray, and then smoked the juice to give the food extra flavor.


Although charcoal and gas grills are made in their millions by companies worldwide, the Weber name is still renowned for making quality grills / barbecues and the original style and shape of the kettle grill has remained popular.