Obviously, a pizza stone can be used to make a delicious pizza. However, these multi-purpose kitchen equipment items may be used for much more.

Here are a few examples of what you can cook on a pizza stone.

Roasted Vegetables

Pizza stones are surprisingly good platforms for roasted veggies, making them excellent grilling utensils. With a pizza stone, you can prepare both the side dish and the primary source of protein on your grill at the same time.

The increased separation of the stone lets you independently control each meal element’s cooking process.

Cooking bread

Dough sprinkled with flour on a black board

Cooking bread on a pizza stone can provide a great crunch to the outside while keeping the inside moist. Pizza stones are ideal for baking flatbreads as they offer exceptional heat retention.

You can make chewy flatbreads with a crunchy crust with your pizza stone. You can also use a grill press to create marks on your bread and give it a unique texture. Finally, once your flatbread is cooked, let it cool before serving.

Frozen Foods

Pizza stones are notable for absorbing extra ice and water crystals. Feel free to reheat frozen fries or vegetables to complement your grilled dinner.

Furthermore, the surface of pizza stones is really easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about frozen items clinging to the pan.

Making quesadillas

Close up Baked Chicken and Cheese Quesadillas served with Salsa and Guacamole on stone plate.

Quesadillas are a popular Mexican dish often cooked on a pizza stone. The pizza stone helps to evenly cook the quesadilla, giving it a crunchy outside and keeping inside warm and cheesy.

To make a quesadilla on a pizza stone, use commercially prepared dough or a homemade recipe, spread it thickly on the stone, and bake. You’ll have to check it often; the large cookie-like shape of the quesadilla can cook quickly.

Once cooked, add your favorite ingredients like beans, spicy chicken, and bell peppers, then allow it to cool before slicing. Enjoy your hot and delicious homemade quesadilla with your favorite topping or dipping sauce.

Making grilled cheese sandwiches

Two sandwiches made with toasted sourdough bread and filled with melted cheese and mushrooms sauteed with garlic

Making grilled cheese sandwiches on a pizza stone is a great way to take your classic comfort food to the next level. Not only does the pizza stone offer an even and consistent heat, rendering a perfectly browned and crispy outer crust, but it also ensures that the sandwich stays together without any cheese oozing out.

To make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, pre-heating the pizza stone in your oven. Once it’s hot, place your butter-coated sandwich onto the stone and bake until golden brown.

Add some extra cheese if you’re creative, and enjoy a perfectly cooked sandwich with every bite. With its even heat distribution, a pizza stone is just as capable of making a delicious grilled cheese sandwich as it is of roasting vegetables or making pizza.

Homemade Chips and Crackers

A pizza stone’s surface is well-known for producing great chips, crackers, and other crunchy products. You may use your pizza stone instead of a griddle, opening up a new universe of possibilities.

A pizza stone is a wonderful piece of equipment to have on hand if you’re searching for a signature sear.

Make the most out of your pizza stone

Having a pizza stone on hand can be useful if you ever make a pie or a cake and realize that it isn’t fully cooked. Place your pizza stone on one of the oven’s racks the next time you bake.

Then, place your pie, cake, or other sweets on top of the rack. The pizza stone will aid in uniform heat distribution, ensuring that your baked goods are precisely prepared.

Pizza stones are quite beneficial even when not used on the grill.


In conclusion, a pizza stone is essential for any aspiring home chef. It can cook almost anything, from pizzas to grilled cheese sandwiches. Your pizza stone can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. As a bonus, the superior heat retention properties of the pizza stone will help you make the perfect pizza every time. Whether a beginner or a master chef, a pizza stone will help you take your cooking to the next level.