A 90mm telescope is a good choice if you have started your journey as a beginner or are already halfway through. Because a 90mm telescope is very handy for viewing numerous sky objects.

A 90mm telescope will provide a clear view of Saturn along with its rings, Uranus, Neptune, and Jupiter with its Great Red Spot. You can also expect to see stars with 12 stellar magnitudes with a 90mm telescope.

Of course, you cannot see everything, and I cannot promise you that the objects you can see will be crystal clear when you view them. What I can promise you is that you will not regret using this telescope once you get to see the list that I am going to make for you.

The list includes the objects you can see with a 90mm telescope. There will also be details telling you how you can see them.

I am sure it will help you set your expectations and enjoy using your 90mm telescope more.

Objects Within The Solar System

  1. Saturn and its rings of Cassini Division, you can also see 4-5 Saturn Moons.
  2. Uranus and Neptune, a very opaque view with almost no details
  3. The structure of the Sunspots, solar flares, and granulation (only if you use an aperture filter with your 90mm telescope)
  4. A very clear view of Jupiter, its atmospheric bands, and the Great Red Spot (GRS)
  5. The shadows that the moon casts on the planetary disk
  6. Different phases of Mercury
  7. Polar Ice Caps on Mars when the oppositions take place.
  8. Lunar Craters on Earth’s Moon (5 kilometers in diameter)

Stars And Nebulas

  1. Faint Stars with 12 stellar magnitude
  2. Binary Stars that have an angular separation of more than 1.5 inches
  3. A lot of Globular Clusters and Bright Globular Clusters stay at the edge when resolved into the cosmic dust
  4. The clearest and brightest objects from the New General Catalogue (NGC), which means you get to view a lot of the deep-sky objects that include galaxies, emission nebulae, absorption nebulae, and star clusters!
  5. Lots of diffuse and planetary Nebulae
  6. All the Messier objects

Our Recommendation For A 90mm Telescope

If you have already bought your 90mm telescope, get ready to see these objects ASAP. However, if you still have not bought one and are confused about which 90mm to buy, we recommend the Gskyer AZ Astronomical 90mm Refractor Telescope. Why?

  • Great for beginners as well as intermediate stargazers. The optics are covered with high-transmission coating. This makes the image crystal clear as well as protects your eyes.
  • Includes 3 eyepieces: 24x, 60x, 120x and one 3x Barlow lens
  • The adjustable tripod makes it far much more comfortable and easier to stargaze
  • 12-month support & customer service

If you are on a tight budget and want everything you need to stargaze in one package, then this telescope will be a great choice for you. As it comes with 3 essential eyepieces and one Barlow lens, you can potentially observe most extraterrestrial objects.