I love bacon! Without it, what would we do? Nothing tastes better in the morning than some extra crispy, salty, and smokey bacon!

Unquestionably, bacon rules the morning buffet. When meat is freshly cooked, or at least when it is sufficiently hot, nothing beats biting into the thin strips. What do you do with the leftovers, though?

So that it is just as crispy and delectable as when you initially cooked it, you want to reheat it to perfection. So let’s figure out the most effective approach to reheat bacon and get it hot and crispy again!

How to reheat bacon: The best ways to make it crispy

Reheat bacon in the oven

Your bacon will remain nice and crispy if you use this technique. In addition, the oven is often roomy, making it easy to heat a large quantity at once. This approach is more speedy, simple, and practical.

However, two drawbacks of reheating bacon in the oven are that it takes a long time and uses a lot of power.

Look at the instructions for reheating bacon in the oven.

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. On a baking sheet, spread the bacon pieces out. Ensure that they are lined up in a single layer.
  3. Wrap aluminum foil around the tray.
  4. The tray should be heated for 8 to 10 minutes in the oven.
  5. The ideal time to examine the bacon is after eight minutes. Once the bacon has cooked through completely, take the dish out of the oven.
  6. Place on a dish that has been coated with paper towels.
  7. After it cools, relish your reheated bacon.

Reheating bacon in a skillet

fried meat on black pan

Want your bacon to be hot off the grill? Then try heating bacon in a skillet.

This procedure could take even less time, depending on how thick your bacon chops are.

There is no need to add grease or butter to the pan since the bacon will release fat. In light of this, it is suggested to use a cast-iron or non-stick skillet.

Here is a method for reheating bacon in a skillet.

  1. A skillet pan should be heated up by placing it over medium-high heat.
  2. Place the bacon slices on the pan once it is heated.
  3. The strips should be heated for a few minutes in their fat. It shouldn’t take longer than a minute or two.
  4. The bacon strip should cook for a further minute after being turned to the other side.
  5. Take it out of the skillet and put it on a plate with a paper towel covering it. Enjoy!

How to reheat bacon in the microwave 

Using a microwave is one of the most popular ways to reheat bacon. Bacon can be successfully and quickly reheated in a microwave.

It can only fit a limited quantity of bacon, though. As a result, you might need to reheat it in batches.

Here’s how to microwave-reheat cooked bacon.

  1. On a plate, place a paper towel.
  2. Place the bacon pieces in a single layer on the plate.
  3. Put the plate in the microwave. For 20–60 seconds, heat.
  4. After one round, take the bacon out to check the temperature. If necessary, reheat for another 20 seconds.
  5. Remove the bacon from the plate, then arrange the pieces on a fresh piece of paper towel to soak up any extra grease.
  6. Serve right away.

Reheating bacon under the broiler

As the bacon is placed on a wire rack, extra fat drips off, making this a marginally healthier choice.

This technique must include flipping the bacon; otherwise, it could burn on one side. You must monitor the operation using high direct heat to prevent drying or overcooking the bacon.

How to reheat bacon under the broiler:

  1. Turn the broiler’s heat setting up to high.
  2. Over a drip tray, distribute the bacon on a wire rack (or a baking sheet lined with foil).
  3. Place it for 1-2 minutes in the broiler.
  4. The bacon should then be turned over and put back under the broiler.
  5. It needs another minute of heating to get crispy.
  6. Serve right away.

Reheating bacon in an air fryer

Before adding the bacon, line the fryer basket with parchment paper or foil to prevent the need for further cleanup.

The bacon will crisp up as evenly and rapidly as possible if it is spread out. Sticking and soft patches may arise from overlap.

It is best to check the bacon frequently to ensure that it doesn’t burn or dry out due to the intense direct heat of an air fryer.

In an air fryer, reheat bacon as follows:

  1. The air fryer should be set to 350°F (180°C).
  2. Optional: Use foil to line the fryer basket.
  3. Without touching, distribute the bacon out in the basket.
  4. Then heat the bacon for 2-4 minutes and ensure to give it frequent checks.
  5. Serve right away once crispy.

How to properly store bacon

Cooked bacon can be preserved in the fridge for about five days. Once the bacon has reached room temperature, remove any extra fat with a paper towel and store it in a sandwich bag or another shallow airtight vessel. As an alternative, securely wrap the bacon in plastic or foil before preserving it in the refrigerator.

Even though the bacon can be consumed for up to 5 days, after 3–4 days, it might start to dry out.

Can you freeze bacon?

For a maximum of six months, cooked bacon can be frozen. It is advisable to flash-freeze the bacon on a baking sheet beforehand to avoid the bacon pieces sticking together. Raw bacon can also be frozen, but you should attempt to consume it within a month because it can still go bad in the freezer.

Your freezer bags will lose air if you partially submerge them in water and then zip them up to squeeze out any remaining air. This process lessens the chance of any early freezer burn.