If you are an astronomy enthusiast, you may often wonder how much is a good telescope? And the answer to this question depends on the type of telescope you are looking for. Don’t worry, in this guide, I’ll explain how much you’ll need to pay for each type of telescope!

The cost of a good telescope canrange from under $100 to more than $1000. The more features you want in yourtelescope, the costlier it will be. Also at higher price, the optics qualitywill be much better.

You see,there are many different types of telescopes in the market currently, and eachhas its own unique set of features. So, you simply can’t declare one type to bebetter than the others.

The reasonwhy this article was written is to give a nuanced answer to this question. Wehave researched so that you can see the results and make up your mind aboutwhat product to buy.

There aremainly three different types of telescopes, and if you read the entire article,then you will know about the cost of the best telescopes in each category. Itis important to note that you don’t have to shell out more than $1000 to buy agood telescope.

There arebudget-friendly options out there, you just have to look for them. Even if youare an amateur astronomer, this article will talk about telescoperecommendations that work well for all kinds of budget.

So, sit backand read through the entire article to find the answer to your question.

What Are The Different Types Of Telescopes?

As you haveread above, there are three different types of telescopes out there, namely:refractor, reflector, and catadioptric telescopes. Catadioptric telescopes areoptical telescopes and the other types use refraction to view the stars.

Orion and Celestron are some of the best brands that are known to make high-quality telescopes. The price mainly depends on the aperture of a telescope, and some of these scopes can range from 75mm all the way up to 250 mm.

A telescopewith a higher aperture will cost more. Many telescopes sell for less than $100,but it highly recommended that you stay away from the cheap ones as they mayruin your user experience.

A goodtelescope may fall in the range of $200 to over $1000, but if you are anamateur astronomer, then you can stay away from the pricier options. If you arewilling to spend more than $400, then you will get telescopes with highercapabilities.

Different Price Ranges Of A TelescopeAnd What Features To Expect From Them

Telescopesvary in types in aperture sizes. That is the main differentiator of price amongthe different telescope models. A refractor model will cost less than a catadioptricmodel. The ones having a bigger aperture will also cost more as they will allyou with greater magnifying capabilities.

The tablebelow will highlight the different price ranges of a telescope. You will alsoget an idea of what features you can expect to get in a particular price range.

Types of Telescopes Under $100 $100-$400 $400-$600 Over $600
Refractor Telescopes Entry level telescopes with less than 70mm aperture and poor quality features APO Refractor Telescopes available at this price range with 130mm + aperture Celestron NexStar models available with galaxy viewing capabilities At this range, you can get telescopes with 250mm aperture and the best lenses
Reflector Telescopes Celestron models available with decent features but low magnification capabilities Newtonian Telescopes available with 150 mm aperture and above Dobsonian Telescopes available with high-quality mounts and computerized scopes 8 inch Dobsonian Telescopes with GoTo scopes that offer computerized target tracking with greater magnification capabilities
Catadioptric Telescopes Not Available Not Available Not Available Meade telescopes with PushTo Intelliscope offering greater stability and object tracking abilities

How Much Is A Good Telescope?

Let us nowdiscuss the capabilities of a good telescope. This segment will help you tobudget for a telescope across different price ranges.

Under $100 range

This iswhere you will find most of the cheap telescopes with small apertures. Most ofthe telescopes in this price range are less than 75mm, so you can’t use it tosee anything beyond our solar system.

$100 to $400

This iswhere you start to see telescopes with decent capabilities. You can buy a goodrefractor telescope, which gathers light at the front of the telescope where alens is positioned. These products are simple to maintain and are rugged, sothey can be easily carried from place to place.

Reflectortelescopes are known as Newtonian telescopes, and they have a mirror on theback part of the telescope that gathers light. They require maintenance fromtime to time and it is a simple procedure that you can perform at home.

Reflectorsor Newtonians come with higher apertures with greater magnificationcapabilities, enabling you to zoom further into the night sky. The OrionSkyScanner 100 is a good option in this price range. Telescopes in this pricerange come with a tripod and a red dot finder that helps you to aim in thenight sky.

Once you goto the $300 to $400 range, you will get better eyepieces along with higherapertures. The 150mm Dobsonian telescope is a great product in this budget, andthey provide great value for amateur astronomers. Dobsonian telescopes are verysimple to use, and if you place them in a cart, they can be easily movedaround.

If you planto spend more money, you can get computerized scopes that typically take 5minutes to set up. Manual scopes require you to find the target object byyourself which can be hard to do for an amateur.

If you livein a city where there is a lot of light pollution, then you need a computerizedscope as that will help you to find more planets.

Telescopeswith higher apertures will allow you to watch planets with greater detail. Youcan also watch distant galaxies and nebula with telescopes in this price range.Celestron Omni XLT 102mm AltAz Refractor is another great product that falls inthis range.

$400 to $600

At thisrange, you will find more computerized scopes with 130mm aperture. The opticaltelescopes from Celestron and Meade are some of the best in this range, andthey can do the same job as the manual scopes with higher apertures, albeitwith a much more seamless targeting experience.

Thesetelescopes also come with better mounts and lenses. The Celestron NexStar 102SLT GoTo Refractor will offer you a stable scope and a great user experience inthis price range.

Over $600

This iswhere you can get telescopes with the highest capabilities. Dobsoniantelescopes can be found in this price range, and one of their models comes witha PushTo Intelliscope which is another item that will help you find targets inthe night sky, albeit with no motors.

The onlydifference from these scopes with the computerized ones is that they don’t haveany motors while the computerized GoTo scopes are operated with the help ofmotors.

The goodthing about PushTo scopes is that they are cheaper as they don’t require motorsto operate, and many people prefer this over computerized scopes as it enablesthem to get larger apertures.

If you wanta telescope with a long focal length, then buy the 6-inch or 8-inch CelestronNexStar telescopes. These telescopes feature very lightweight construction andcompact design, which many people love. They also come with a very capable GoToscope, thus they are some of the most popular choices in this budget range.

Once you getto the $600 plus range, you have the flexibility to buy better scopes andlenses with higher apertures as you won’t be facing any budgetary constraints.This is where you can get Catadioptric telescopes that are the most expensivetypes of telescopes due to their superior features.

Where Can I Buy Telescopes?

Althoughonline shopping may seem alluring to most people, it is recommended that youvisit a local store to get a hands-on feel of your telescope. If you arelooking to buy your first telescope, visiting a local store that will help youdecide on the best brand that fits your budget and requirements.

Many camerashops also sell telescopes, so you can visit them to check out telescopes. Thehands-on feel of a new telescope can give you a taste of what to expect and thefeatures you will get in a particular price range, especially if you are a first-timetelescope buyer.

If you wantto buy your telescope from an online store, then the number 1 recommended siteis Amazon, as it the largest e-commerce store in the world, and carriesthousands of different brands.

You can alsocheck out various user reviews of a given product to make up your mind. www.telescope.com is another websitewhere you can find all things related to telescopes.


I hope Ihave successfully given you an idea about the cost of a good telescope in thisarticle. There are plenty of brands, some cheap and others being veryexpensive.

Telescopesare marketed with a wide range of capabilities, but most of these are notimportant for you if you are looking to buy your first telescope. If you wantto view a particular planet, then you can get in touch with the people runningthe stores and they will be able to help you out.

If you arean amateur astronomer, it is important that you find the middle ground aschances are that you don’t have a large sum of money to spend on your hobby.Once you get a taste of your first telescope, then you can buy a better qualitytelescope with a larger budget.

Telescopescan be upgraded, and if you feel like you are missing out on something, thenyou should consider upgrading the lenses or the scopes to get a better userexperience.