Patio furniture can be categorized as outdoor or indoor and is often made of aluminum, wood, or wrought iron.

Indoor patio furniture is usually used inside a house, while outdoor patio furniture is typically put on the ground outside the house.

When you have a lovely backyard, most people would like to bring their patio furniture into it for more seating and comfort.

However, read this guide to ensure you’re doing everything correctly before putting furniture on the grass.

Why shouldn’t you put patio furniture on grass?

patio furniture on grass

Several reasons your patio furniture should not be put on grass. The following are the most common reasons:

Putting patio furniture on grass will destroy your beautiful lawn

If you want your backyard to be immaculate, avoid putting anything in it that can damage it.

Metal legs on patio furniture go directly into the ground, destroying the root system of your lawn as they anchor themselves there to hold the furniture in place.

Your backyard is a great place to unwind. Unfortunately, it’s also a place where you want everything to be flawless. The grass in your yard may be damaged if you put furniture there. The furniture’s metal legs will pierce into the ground, breaking up the roots in your lawn and permanently destroying it.

When it rains, uncovered patio furniture on grass gets wet, and water is bad for constructing this type of furniture.

Rainwater has been proved in several studies to have a corrosive effect when exposed to metal, so keep it away from your patio furniture if you don’t want rusty patches all over it.

You can relocate them to an open shelter, such as a porch.

However, ensure you cover them with waterproof fabric since rain might still damage your patio furniture even though they are covered.

Patio furniture put on grass will become dirty more quickly.

It’s difficult to clean this type of furniture if it gets dirty, especially if it’s coated with dust and mud, because you have to move it inside to clean it.

This implies that you’ll have to put the furniture back outdoors after cleaning, defeating the purpose of bringing it in the first place.

You can maintain your lawn looking nice without trouble if you don’t bring your outdoor patio furniture into your backyard.

Uneven surface

outdoor furniture on grass

Despite popular belief, the surface in the garden is neither firm nor dry. Therefore, the patio furniture will most likely be tilted at an angle if it is put directly on the grass, depending on how soft the surface is.

It may not seem like much, but the problem will become obvious as soon as you start to eat. These are subtle, imperceptible changes that you’ll notice immediately, especially if you’re used to eating at firm, straight dining tables.

You’ve probably experienced this effect if you’ve ever sat on furniture with an uneven surface.

This is an even bigger problem with the chairs you keep in the grassy area. Regardless of the wide feet, you should be aware that most outdoor chairs are constructed of PVC or acrylic.

The weight of the person sitting in these chairs will increase, and the legs will sink further into the ground. You’ll have to physically lift the chairs every time you get up because the legs will have sunk into their positions.

The grass will die in those areas, and you will have bald patches, just like previously. Every time you move the furniture about in the garden, you’ll be reminded of where it used to be.

It will negatively impact the overall aesthetic of the garden, which is not something you want if you have worked hard to keep it in good shape.

It won’t be long until brown patches emerge around these areas, and the grass will be completely dead surrounding these areas within a few days. 

Best methods to put patio furniture on the grass 

Adirondack chairs furniture on grass

If you decide to put your patio furniture on grass, cover it with a mat.

The legs of the furniture would not damage your lawn’s root system in this manner.

They won’t go as far into the ground if anchored in a large enough piece of wood or concrete slab that sits on top of the earth, but they’ll still make a muddy mess where you sit.

Patio furniture on grass should be kept away from trees because if their leaves fall onto your furniture, it may be difficult to clean them afterward.

The leaves can seep through and stain even if the patio furniture is covered in waterproof fabric.

Protect your grass

That’s correct. The grass will gradually die if you put patio furniture on your lawn. You’ll get mud if you don’t have any grass. Nobody wants to spend their time outside in the mud.

But here are some simple and easy tips to ensure your lawn doesn’t look muddy when you set your patio furniture on grass!

  • At least once a week, move your furniture. This will ensure that your lawn receives sufficient sunlight and water.
  • If brown or bald patches appear, remove the patio furniture immediately and assist in the area.
  • Aerate the area frequently, as excessive foot traffic can compact the dirt. The grass will struggle to get enough water as a result of this.

Alternatively, you might remove the grass from the area and replace it with outdoor flooring.

Many companies provide rubber tiles that can be laid directly on the soil. They’re a good middle ground between putting your patio furniture on grass and constructing a full-fledged patio.


You can buy reasonably priced pavers and set them under the foot of your furniture. It’s a simple way to keep the feet from sinking into the ground.

This is the best solution if you have no choice but to maintain your patio furniture on a grassy surface. However, the chairs will remain a problem. In some circumstances, maintaining sheets of plywood on the ground is also a good idea, but you’ll have to move them from time to time.

Temporary outdoor flooring

There are a variety of outdoor flooring alternatives to pick from, and choosing one is usually a matter of personal preference. Here are a few of my favorites, one of which I recommended to the wedding planner in my family.

Solid teak wood interlocking indoor/outdoor floor tiles

This outdoor flooring option is both attractive and long-lasting. It’s made of teak, so you know it’ll endure long. Just put these interlocking tiles beneath your patio furniture to achieve this look.

Aren’t those lovely? Besides teak, the most durable wood available, there are other options.

Acacia wood is also a long-lasting material and great to build patio furniture from. This acacia wood set is the outdoor floor tile set I recommended to my family.

Acacia wood interlocking outdoor floor tiles

This acacia wood outdoor flooring is a true delight. It’s almost as tough as teak and comes in a rainbow of colors. This was the one I recommended to my family because it was less expensive and offered more color options.

What is the best type of patio furniture to put on the grass

Because it is easy to clean, patio furniture with a fabric cover or made of synthetic fibers is the best type to put on grass.

If you wish to clean the chair cushions, toss them into the washing machine and wash them until they are clean.

Putting hardwood chairs on the grass will quickly become dusty and wet. You’d have to bring them inside all the time to clean them, which negates the purpose.

Allowing patio furniture to damage your beautiful lawn in the backyard is no longer an option. Instead, construct a separate area outside for this type of furniture so that you may enjoy them without worrying about damage.

Alternatives to using if you want to have patio furniture in your backyard

  • Build another area outside for their patio furniture.
  • They wouldn’t harm their grass’s root system this way, and they wouldn’t have to deal with the various issues that come with having them on the ground.
  • Cover them with waterproof fabric when it’s raining to avoid getting wet.
  • When putting furniture on the grass, you can use hardwood chairs. On the other hand, this chair requires frequent cleaning or becomes dirty and unsightly.
  • If you’re concerned about damaging your lawn, you can use synthetic chairs outside, but you’ll have to clean them more frequently because they’re quick to become dirty.

Best places to put garden furniture instead


brown wooden framed blue padded armchair

Patios are a great place to put your garden furniture. Patios are ideal for rattan garden furniture since they are separated from the moisture of the grass and direct sunshine. As a result, patio furniture will be protected from inclement weather, damage from direct sunshine, moisture that can cause mold or rot, and even insects.

Insects may be attracted to the furniture placed directly on grass or between plants and vegetation. This is because plants and flora can serve as an insect breeding habitats.

However, your furniture will be relatively insect-free because a patio is away from plants. As a precaution, dust and clean your furniture regularly and inspect it for insects before using it.


four gray loungers near pool

Garden decks can be made in various shapes, sizes, and styles. They offer a touch of elegance to the garden and can be used to secure garden furniture safely. Wood-composite materials, polyvinyl chloride, and pressure-treated wood are all common decks (PVC) materials.

The deck’s flat and elevated surface is ideal for setting up your outdoor chairs or sofa without damaging your grass. To make the space stand out, you can dress up your rattan garden furniture with cushions, lanterns, and other decorations.

However, there are a few downsides to this option. For starters, dewdrops, rain, and algae growth on wooden floors can make decks slippery. This can be a safety problem because individuals may slip and suffer catastrophic injuries.

Fortunately, you may help prevent this by maintaining the deck floors regularly and applying anti-slip varnish. In addition, many decking treatments keep wood decking in top conditions all year round, protecting against weather, wear and tear, mold, and algae. 


photo of gazebo with curtain and string lights

Garden pavilions, often known as gazebos, can be a cozy place to relax in and on your garden furniture. Built as a separate open place for seating, such structures protect your garden furniture sets from the weather.

As a result, they’re a great spot to put your garden furniture, such as a chair set, no matter how big or heavy it is, without damaging your lawn. In addition, rattan furniture appears extremely attractive when put in a well-designed gazebo in a yard.

However, when situating your garden furniture in a gazebo, there are a few things to bear. First, gazebos tend to collect a lot of dust and debris. This may also have an impact on your lawn furniture. As a result, it’s important to clean your gazebo and furniture regularly.

Remove all furniture from the area and clean it completely at least once a year to ensure your outdoor furniture’s longevity and keep your gazebo in good shape. Make sure the gazebo is dry before putting the furniture back.

You can keep your gazebo area clean by dusting and washing it regularly. This will prevent dirt from settling on your rattan furniture and make it look worn out.


Patio furniture should not be placed on grass since the metal legs can damage the root system of your lawn. In addition, when exposed to rainwater, it can become damp and rusty; if left outside, it will become dirtier faster.

To avoid damage to your lawn roots system, build an outdoor area for this purpose or place a mat under the feet of the furniture.

Allowing their legs to go inside the ground while laying them on grass can prevent them from causing problems when it rains.

Remember not to place them near trees, so leaves do not fall onto them when windy outside.

Frequently asked questions

Is rattan a long-lasting material?

Rattan is one of the most commonly used materials in outdoor furniture and is extremely durable. Rattan furniture can last for more than ten years, especially if it is of great quality. 

If you wish to use rattan furniture on grass, search for those with rattan encased around the frame and no metal attachments.

What types of outdoor furniture should I avoid using on grass?

Heavy patio furniture should be avoided because it will damage your grass. Instead, choose furniture that is light, easy to lift, and easy to move.

Is it true that plastic furniture fades with time?

Plastic comprises insulating layers that protect it from the elements, particularly the sun and heat in general.

However, if plastic furniture is exposed to intense heat regularly, particularly during the summer, these protective coatings can fade with time, and the plastic may be damaged.

How should I protect my outdoor furniture on grass?

Certain accessories, including covers, umbrellas, and other items, can be purchased separately to help preserve your furniture. Then, fold them up and stow them away when they’re not in use.

How should I maintain metal furniture on grass?

Rust is a problem with metal. As a result, you must ensure that any exposed areas are coated with polyurethane. This process can help you keep your furniture in good condition on grass.

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