Many different sorts and designs of lighters are available, including BBQ lighting guns, butane lights, and extra-long lighters. For lighting your grill, select or use whatever best suits your needs.

Best BBQ lighters to light up your backyard party

GRILLMATIC Electronic USB Grill Lighter

We truly enjoy a number of the features that the Grillmatic USB grill lighter has to offer. First, because the electrical spark is flameless, it may be used in wind and rain. This is a fantastic perk, especially if you’re using your BBQ lighter at the park, tailgating, or camping. 

The flexible neck of this lighter is the next fantastic feature. This is a big convenience because it can easily fit between the logs of a bonfire, reach into your grill, or light candles. 

It may be plugged into any regular USB port, including power outlets and automobile chargers, because it is USB rechargeable. You won’t have to worry about running out of juice if you don’t forget to bring a USB charging port that works with this lighter. 

BIC Multipurpose Lighters

These butane lighters have been a staple in numerous families for a very long time. It is a flexible solution with several safety features and is also quite simple. This container is disposable, but if you like the Bic brand, some refillable variants are available.

These butane lighters have been thoroughly examined for safety. They are simple to light and use and have a great lifespan.

The wand is sturdy and long, giving you plenty of lengths. Even better, you can use the tiny hook on these for storage. The handles have colorful designs. These lighters’ fuel cartridges are produced in the United States. 

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

One of the greatest refillable barbecue lighters is the Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter. Its flexible neck structure and versatility make it easy to use and a good choice for rapid-lighting bonfires, water heater pilots, lanterns, and BBQ grills. Additionally, it has a refillable butane barbecue lighter, making it useful for outdoor activities. 

Handi Flame BBQ Grill Lighters

This is a wonderful alternative if you prefer the typical butane lighter’s straightforward design but want something that can be refilled.

Also available are bulk packages. Because they are multipurpose lighters, you can use them for anything, even grill lighting. They are fantastic for camping and other uses. The wands are constructed to last and are lovely and long. 

Long-lasting flames can be seen. These comply with DOT requirements and may be refilled with the appropriate cartridges. You will need to buy the butane to fill them first since these are just wands. 

SUPRUS Electric Arc Lighter

Although it costs less, this rechargeable lighter has many of the same amazing features. This lighter can help you get started, whether you’retrying to light a candle at home or a bonfire on a windy night.

The SUPRUS lighter is USB rechargeable, so as long you have access to a USB charging port, you can easily keep it powered from almost anywhere. Even using the charging plug in our car, we discovered that this lighter charged swiftly. 

The fact that the BBQ lighter has a solid body rather than a flexible neck is our main criticism of it. With the solid body, it wasn’t as easy to reach into small spots, but it still functioned well and was reasonably priced. 

Scripto Aim’ n Flame Extra Long Utility Lighter

Another versatile butane lighter is presented here, but this one has a particularly long wand. These can be quite helpful for you if you’re working with gas or lighter fluid or if you need to light a small area inside your grill.

This company is a well-known American manufacturer of utility lighters, and consumers greatly regard and trust them. These extra-long lighters work well for grills of all kinds, campfires, and fireplaces. They use butane heat to function, making them more of a multipurpose lighter than a standard utility lighter. 

This is a straightforward choice, but the 7-inch wand gives you better overall security and safety when you need more length.

Hocety Butane Torch Lighter

Check out this choice if you like the style of the arch lighters but would rather have a butane or actual flame. It is a jet flame butane lighter, and it performs incredibly well. It has a short, comfortable handle, and the neck may be adjusted to your needs.

The butane in this lighter may be refilled and comes in various colors. It is a high-quality, long-lasting lighter that lights quickly and readily when needed. Even the fuel can be changed so that the flame is the desired size or length. 

HiFan Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter

HiFanRechargeable Electric Arc Lighter stands out due to its cutting-edge technology and features, from lighting candles on special occasions to becoming the greatest coal starter.

With this lighter’s integrated USB charging connector, which works with laptops and power banks, you won’t ever have to worry about running out of battery.

Its flexible neck structure makes it safe for lighting fireworks and inside functions making it perfect for camping and hiking.

How to Choose the Best BBQ Lighter?


  • Butane Lighters: Popular, wind-resistant, and affordable.
  • Arc Lighters: Sparks controlled electrically, safe, but costlier.
  • Flameless Lighters: Uses a heated element, ideal for patient users.

Refillable or Rechargeable

Consider environmentally friendly refillable butane or rechargeable battery options.


Tank size and BTU rating matter, especially if you use the lighter frequently.

Size and Weight

Compact options are excellent for camping, while longer wands provide reach.


Balance cost with desired features like LED indication, handle grips, and safety locks.


Your grill’s success starts with the right ignition. Whether you opt for butane, electric, or flameless options, choosing the best BBQ lighter from our carefully curated list ensures you can spark joy at every cookout. Experience, practicality, and personal preference come together in these top choices, elevating your grilling to new heights.

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