To maintain a healthy and lovely lawn, regular mowing is necessary. While the smell of freshly cut grass is rather pleasant, mowing the lawn can be quite a chore.

It takes a long time, is dirty, noisy, and hectic, and it’s a strain on the environment, not to mention that people tend to feel worn out by the end of the job.

In addition to being noisy, they produce copious amounts of harmful emissions. They also need regular maintenance, and the fuel is costly.

Fortunately, there is a fantastic substitute for gas-powered mowers. Without the noise, pollution, and bother, the reel and electric mowers may be just as effective as their gas-fueled counterparts. Interested? Read on to discover the best non-gas lawn mowers available.

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1. American lawn mower company push reel lawn mower – Best walk-behind lawn mower

This non-gas lawn mower has a 14-inch, 4-blade cutting deck that’s astonishingly effective, making it a great choice for those who value practicality. This mower is made of high-quality plastic and has stainless steel blades.

The American Lawn Mower Company Push Reel Lawn Mower is incredibly easy to maneuver, thanks to its compact size and lightweight design. It’s also quite easy to use: just set it up, stand behind it, and start pushing across your lawn.

Because of its high-quality materials, including stainless steel blades that only need to be sharpened every three to five years, the American Lawn Mower Company Push Reel Lawn Mower is a great choice.

A robust and sturdy plastic is used for the frame, which protects the internal system. With regards to this machine’s internal mechanism, it takes very little to no upkeep at all.

An important feature of the American Lawn Mower Company Push Reel Lawn Mower is that it does not produce any emissions. Not only that, but it’s also relaxing to use.

There is no need to lubricate its mechanism because it will function smoothly and silently at all times without you having to do anything. It’s true that when using this device, you will only hear the grass cutting. The greatest reel mower on the market for those who enjoy peace.


  • Cutting height is easily adjusted.
  • Very little maintenance is required to keep it running smoothly.
  • I found the assembly process to be quite straightforward.
  • Effective on a variety of grasses.
  • Doesn’t require any oil to operate.


  • Stuck mechanisms are often caused by rolling backwards too far.
  • Wheels have extremely low frictional resistance.

2. Greenworks 20-inch reel lawn mower with grass catcher – Best non-gas lawn mower with mulching bag

Those who are seeking a non-gas lawn mower that strikes a good balance between convenience and efficiency may find this mower appealing.

This walk-behind lawnmower from Greenworks has a 20-inch deck and can get the job done swiftly and efficiently. For homeowners with a small or medium-sized lawn, this might be the ideal reel mower.

Despite the fact that it is small and lightweight, the Greenworks 20-Inch Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher is a high-quality piece of equipment.

To a large extent, this is due to the high level of craftsmanship that went into its creation. As a result of its perfect reel mechanism, it is able to cut without interruption at all times.

Similarly, its height may be changed quickly between four different heights.

The manufacturers of the Greenworks 16-Inch Reel Lawn Mower with Grass Catcher decided to include an excellent mulching bag capable of gathering grass clippings in order to make it more convenient.

That way, you don’t have to sweep up the grass cuttings after you mow your lawn. This mulching bag is quite functional and robust, despite the fact that it’s a little tough to attach and detach. A blower is also included to help you get rid of any grass clippings or traces.


  • Fast and effective.
  • five razor-sharp blades
  • Features a rear bag as well as mulching addition.
  • Does not generate any hazardous emissions.
  • Features four height-adjustment settings.
  • Extremely light-weight.


  • Cleanup can be a challenge.
  • Assembling and disassembling the mulching bags is a challenge.

3. Greenworks G-MAX 40V cordless lawn mower – Best cordless electric lawn mower

No need to look any further for a push-free walk-behind mower! The Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower uses a powerful and long-lasting lithium-ion battery that can cut grass of any variety and thickness with little effort on your part.

In terms of material quality, the Greenworks G-MAX 40V Cordless Lawn Mower is a standout. Durable and extremely robust plastic makes up the mower’s frame.

Guards prevent rocks and other debris from entering the machine’s internal system.

As a side note, this attribute is also worth noting:  Effective and well-built, it never jams. Metal blades of the mower can cut through even the thickest grass blades with ease.

This non-gas lawn mower is incredibly light because it is composed of plastic rather than metal. But it’s also incredibly maneuverable, which is a bonus.

When the machine is not connected to a power source, it may be easily maneuvered around obstacles in lawns and yards, leading to incredible precision and excellent results.


  • Highly resistant to damage and breaking.
  • Compact.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • Height adjustment with a single lever and five different positions.
  • Maintenance is minimal.


  • There is a rapid loss of power in the battery.
  • The grass clippings tend to tumble out of the bag in big numbers.

4. Fiskars StaySharp Max Reel Mower

A new generation of lawn reel mowers has been introduced to the world by Fiskars. Because it has an 18-inch cutting width, this reel mower gets the job done in only a few minutes.

You may use the StaySharp Max reel mower blades for many years without having to re-sharpen them. Unlike other blades, the Fiskars mower blades do not come into touch with the grass. 

Because there are no tears or rips, the lawn-mowing experience is seamless. This is an excellent option for those who wish to push their lawnmower around the yard without any difficulty.

Fiskars’ InertiaDrive reel provides improved cutting force for challenging locations without damaging the lawn. An additional feature is a grass funnel that may be reversible, which works wonders in moving the clippings ahead and preventing any mess. 

For thicker tufts of grass, the cutting height can be adjusted from 1-4 inches.

Fiskars mowers are a little heavier than comparable mowers, but that’s about it. Pushing it across the yard can get tiring after a time, especially since it weighs 51 pounds.

Storing it in your garage would be better than leaving it on the floor. Also included is a 3-year warranty in case anything goes wrong with the Fiskar’s StaySharp Max Reel Mower.


  • Features a cutting mechanism that keeps the blades sharp for a long time
  • Cut through dense grass with ease with the InertiaDrive reel’s greater cutting power
  • Cut-out wheels that allow the mower’s blades to work across the entire blade span
  • Warranty period of 3 years


  • It’s heavier than comparable models at 51 lbs.
  • Doesn’t work well on a slope, as is the case with all push mower models

5. the Great States 5-Blade Reel Lawn Mower

With its excellent cutting power, the Great States 415-16 push reel lawn mower tops our list. With a blade height range of 0.5-2.5 inches, this mower performs a great job of maintaining your lawn’s appearance.

Due to its heat-treated alloy steel blades, this reel mower is a quality long-term investment. Their precision allows you to construct clean borders along your lawn with ease. With a cushioned grip, the mower is easy to push, even on the most overgrown lawn.

It starts with a single push, making it a hassle-free manual lawn mower. For added maneuverability and ease of use, the Great States 415-16 reel lawn mower has a low center of gravity.

The reels quickly and smoothly cut the grass without damaging it, producing a perfectly manicured lawn. Lastly, the mower is easy to store.

For example, you can hang it on the wall or tuck it away in your garage’s corner.


  • 16″ cutting breadth with 5-blade ball bearing reel; blade height adjustable from 0.5″ to 2.5″
  • It’s easy to maneuver around the yard on smooth, composite wheels


  • Grass taller than 3 to 4 inches is difficult to cut
  • Soft handle grips have a tendency to slide around.

Non-gasoline-powered lawn mowers options

1) Push reel mower

If you have a tiny lawn, a push reel mower is a decent option. You’ll need to keep the blades sharp to get the greatest results on your lawn, but you’ll have the added benefit of simply using your own energy to run it. When you mow the lawn, you’ll be getting some bonus exercise.

2) Electric lawn mower

Energy expenditures for gas-powered lawn mowers and garden tools can be reduced by 73 percent by switching to an electric lawn mower, according to specialists in Texas.

Electric mowers, like hand-pushed reel mowers, are often lighter than gas-powered mowers, which is a huge advantage. There is a long extension cord and outdoor electrical socket that you’ll require.

In my yard, I have a heavy-duty outside connection plugged in and coiled so that I can readily access it when I need to mow my lawn with an electric lawn mower.

3) Battery-powered mower

Mowers powered by batteries are significantly more convenient to use than electric mowers because you don’t have to bother about an extension cord while using a battery-powered mower.

If you want to mow for a lengthy period of time, your battery must be completely charged, but even then, it may run out before you’re done. Using a battery-powered mower on a small lawn without access to an electrical outlet is an option if you find a push mower too difficult to use.

4) Electric and battery-powered weed whackers and trimmers: 

These electric or battery-powered lawnmowers make quick work of grass and other undesirable vegetation and can be purchased in a variety of sizes.

You would, of course, won’t want to mow an entire lawn. But weed whackers, on the other hand, are very light and portable, and they consume very little energy when used in small areas.

5) Scythe:

Scythes were the first environmentally friendly lawn mowers. Their method is simple: a blade is fastened to a long pole, which is then used to swing the sharpened scythe across the grass, cutting it down to the ground as near as possible.

As a result, it reminds me of a grim reaper. A scythe, on the other hand, can be useful on a property where the grass and weeds are so tall that even a mower can’t get through.

Reel vs. rotary mowers

There are several factors to consider before deciding on one type over another. So let us begin the list. 

  1. Price. Good reel mowers cost between $100 and $130. If you’re looking for a nice gas or electric lawn mower, you could expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $500. So much of a difference in price!
  2. Cutting height and mulching. For northerners, a rotary mower is an ideal choice. In the north, grass varieties should be mowed at the height of three and a half to four inches, and reel mowers aren’t able to do that. In reality, the real mower can only reach a maximum height of two points to two and a half inches. However, if you choose a high-quality gas-powered rotary mower, you can go much higher. It can be anywhere from three and a half to four inches. A little bit more money will be spent, but you’ll get a far better cup for your money. Consequently, you will most likely pay a little bit more, but you will receive significantly superior quality for your money. A little bit more money will be spent, but you’ll get a far better cup for your money.
  3. Lawn stripes. This is the only way to get the best results and that is with a rotary mower, as opposed to a reel mower, which will result in less than desirable stripes.

A buyer’s guide to finding the best non-gas lawn mowers

non gas lawn mower

Types of non-gas lawn mowers

Going more in-depth into the different characteristics of electric lawnmowers can help divide them into categories. They are as follows:

Walk-Behind Mowers

This type of mower requires the operator to follow behind it and steer it as they walk. They can be powered by electricity, gas, or a reel. All in all, the most cost-effective and environmentally beneficial form of mower available is the walk behind.

In addition, they tend to be small and light, especially compared to the many gas-powered types available. As a result, walk-behind lawn mowers are less effective than other types of mowers.

Riding lawn mowers

A walk-behind mower may not be suitable for people with vast lawns who do not have the time or energy to maintain them. Getting a riding mower may be a smart choice if this is your situation.

Apart from the fact that it saves you the trouble of walking from start to finish, this mower tends to be larger, faster, and more powerful than walk-behind ones.

As long as you keep in mind that these are small automobiles, you’ll be fine. To keep them in good working order, you’ll need regular maintenance.

Lawn Mowers: Corded vs. Cordless

When it comes to buying an electric lawnmower, you have two choices: corded or cordless. Let’s cover the options, one by one:

  • Corded Lawn Mowers

An extension cord powers corded lawn mowers, as the name implies. Their practicality is a result of this. An electric lawn mower requires only that you hook the cord into an electrical outlet before you can start using it.

The deck width of this type of mower is typically between 14 and 20 inches. They are, without a doubt, effective.

An extension cord behind you at all times can make it tough to maneuver through yards with a lot of obstructions. When it comes to mowing a tiny lawn with few trees or shrubs, however, it can be a very efficient asset.

  • Cordless Lawn Mowers

It’s possible to acquire a cordless electric mower if you like the notion of an electric mower but don’t care for the wire. Battery-operated mowers offer the convenience and mobility of a gas-powered mower, but without the noise and fumes.

Depending on the voltage, this mower is available in various sizes. A higher voltage usually results in a larger torque. The cleaner and more exact the cut will be, the higher the torque.

If you’re looking at cordless electric lawn mowers, there’s one clear drawback: their runtime. The lithium-ion batteries in most cordless devices have a run-time of about an hour, depending on various conditions.

Criteria for a non-gas lawn mower

Take into consideration the following criteria while you are in the market for a non-gas lawn mower:


A reel mower has four to seven steel blades, depending on the model you choose. When mowing, some mowers include blades that are coated to prevent sticking.

This is because the grass blade does not bend as far before it is severed when there are more blades. In general, mowers with four or five blades operate effectively on lawns of most sizes.

In addition to obtaining a uniform cut on dense grass and making tall grass easier to mow, some reel mowers include six or seven blades. These mowers can also be used for lawn striping, a procedure that leaves beautiful lawn stripes.

Deck size and cutting swath

It’s important to know the deck size of a new lawnmower before you buy it. A larger deck will mean a bigger cutting swath for the equipment. In addition to being faster (in fewer passes) and more efficient, a large cutting swath can also be more cost-effective.

Additionally, having a broader deck saves you energy by allowing you to mow a larger area with less effort. However, having a wider deck has its drawbacks. The large deck can make it more difficult to manage a lawnmower.

Grass management

Mowing your lawn produces a lot of grass clippings. It is essential to choose a mower that assists you with this problem efficiently, cleanly, and practically. It should be emphasized, however, that some models are more adept at this than others in this regard.

It is possible to have a lawnmower that shoots grass clippings out of the side. As a result, after mowing the lawn, you’ll have to clean up the grass clippings manually.

Naturally, this isn’t the handiest or most practical solution. As an alternative, you can use a mower with a mulching bag that collects the clippings.

These bags are undoubtedly convenient and practical because they may be emptied directly into your garbage or compost pile after mowing.

Height adjustment

Before purchasing a lawnmower, you should also consider the mower’s ability to modify its height. Cut the grass at the desired height with ease and speed with this option.

As a side note, lawn experts recommend never cutting grass to less than 30% of its overall height. Consequently, the grass will grow more sensitive to disease as a result.

Starting mechanism

Starting non-gas lawn mowers is quick and straightforward, and this is one of its greatest advantages. There is a button on the device that activates it. On the other hand, there are some that are started with the use of a key or a starter handle.

Safety features

Several electric lawnmowers have built-in safety mechanisms to help prevent accidents from occurring. The user must pull an activation handle, for example, while actively using the device.

As soon as the handle is no longer pulled, the mower will stop. To prevent rocks from hitting the user, or damaging the machine’s internal system, there are also shields and guards on the machine.

Additional features

When it comes to reel mowers, there aren’t many options, but a few extra features can improve the mowing experience.

  • Grass catcher: There are many who like to leave grass clippings in the yard. Cuttings operate as a biodegradable mulch, providing organic nutrients for the soil as they decompose in the soil. An optional rear-mounted grass catcher makes it convenient for individuals who prefer bagging their clippings.
  • Padded Handles: In addition to making it easier to grip, non-slip foam handle padding also helps to lessen the danger of blistering.
  • Rollers: In addition to the two large front wheels, some reel mowers feature back rollers or front wheels that increase stability and allow for easier cutting along fences, borders, and edges.


Tow-Behind Mowers

Nothing beats a tow-behind mower when it comes to mowing big grass extensions (such as the fairways of a golf course). All-terrain vehicles (ATVs or tractors) pull these mowers, as the name implies. They are powerful, but they consume a lot of gas. Thus this is only a choice for those with a lot of lands.

Advantages of reel mowers

Nothing beats a tow-behind mower when it comes to mowing big grass extensions (such as the fairways of a golf course). All-terrain vehicles (ATVs or tractors) pull these mowers, as the name implies.

They are powerful, but they consume a lot of gas. Thus this is only a choice for those with a lot of lands.

The Advantages of Using a Reel Mower

Manually-driven reel mowers are the most common type of reel mowers. Turning the blade cylinder using physical force causes the grass to be cut.

Reel mowers are ideal for manicured lawns, but they might be slowed down by rough, tangled grass. In addition to those above, utilizing a reel mower also has the following advantages.

  • Avoid contracting illnesses. “Brown patch” is a disease that can leave a lawn with patches of dead grass. A clean cut can help prevent this disease from spreading to other areas.
  • Mowers that are affordable. While prices fluctuate depending on quality and aesthetics, a rough estimate of the cost of a manual push mower is roughly half that of a gas-powered push mower.
  • Maintenance is not a problem. Manual reel mowers just need to be cleaned and sharpened on occasion. Adding oil to a gas reel mower, draining the gasoline throughout the winter, and other duties are required to keep it in working order.
  • Lightweight and compact in size. Numerous models weigh 20 to 30 pounds, with fold-down handles that make storage a breeze.
  • Emission-free. Instead of breathing in hazardous pollution fumes, inhale the fresh cut grass scent.


As a result of its lack of harmful gases, the lack of need to store fuel, and its silent operation, the reel mower is gaining popularity. Reduce your carbon footprint by using an environmentally friendly mower while getting some workout.

Those considering investing in a reel mower are bound to have a few inquiries.

Is a reel mower difficult to push?

Simple to push in small areas of sparse grass, a manual reel mower requires a bit more effort to maneuver through tall or dense grass.

Do you really need a push reel lawn mower?

A good method for improving the aesthetics of your lawn is by mowing it properly. There are other names for it as well: cutting short or cutting low, and it’s even called “cylinder mowing.”

If you want to change the way you mow your lawn, it doesn’t matter what it’s called. 

We will discuss how to start, what equipment you will need, as well as the primary hazards of real lawn mowing that you should be aware of before starting off.

Our last stop is the grass lab, where we’ll examine the lawn more closely to determine whether or not using an actual mower makes any difference.

Why do we want to use a reel lawn mower?

There are several reasons to use a genuine mower if you want to cut your grass below two inches. A real mower will give you the cleanest cut possible, which is better for your lawn.

Further information will be provided when we get to the grass lab. For those who enjoy lawn striping, reel mowers can produce considerably better results than most standard mowers. 

This is due to the fact that they usually have rollers built in that will produce quite pronounced striations on the land. Also, cutting your grass using a reel mower can be beneficial for your lawn by providing it a clean trim.

Use a reel mower to cut your lawn short, and you’ll discover that it has many other benefits.

What do I need to comply with before starting?

For reel mowing, you will need a certain type of lawnmower. Our first choice is now clear. This model of John Deere greens mower is used to mow golf courses, where the grass is left especially short.

Meaning down to about one inch. Most individuals would buy these on the resale market because they are so pricey when they are brand new. 

As a second option, we’ve chosen a company named California Trimmer. You may cut from extremely modest heights all the way up to three inches with this model, which is much more adaptable for the homeowner. Let’s start with the john deere greens mower and see how it works.

The back of the mower has a handy kickstand, which you’ll need because this mower is a little bit different than anything you’ve used before, and it will save you a lot of time.

A standard pole start is used with a Honda engine. These wheels are called transport wheels, and they must be removed before mowing the grass since the mower rests on the back roller when it mows.

It has a fantastic blade system, as you can see in this close-up of the john deere. To aid with balance, there’s also a front roller.

And there’s also a star-shaped piece in the middle, which is used for removing grass thatch or splitting up the roots to help promote development and give the lawn an improved appearance.

Here is a quick demonstration of how to use this machine. My yard isn’t overly mowed. It is therefore set to the highest setting of one inch. Now, let’s look at our second choice.

It was created by California Tremor, a US firm. As a full reel mower, it offers greater versatility. A grass box is located in the front of the house to capture the clippings. These days, I often mow without the box and let the blades do a little bit of mulching.

You can understand why it leaves such beautiful stripes if you look at the front of the machine. Because of the strong steel roller in front, that’s what’s happening. And on top of that is the reel that performs all the functions.

And this one is similarly constructed of steel and has seven blades for cutting the grass. An ingenious way to modify the machine’s cutting height is shown here. Just by moving this lever, the entire machine will adapt to the desired height.

Not a single screw needs to be turned. To get it to where I want it, it simply raises and lowers the roller to get it to the desired location.

In the back of this machine, there is a rubber roller that drives it forward. As basic as it is, this works wonders for spreading and finishing the job around, and I never lose momentum.

Watch the California trimmer mow the lawn for a moment.

We’re done with the demonstrations. As a further step, we’ll visit the grass lab and examine the actual blades of grass up close. Look at these neatly cut lawn mower cutting edges, and you don’t have to be a scientist to notice them.

A healthier lawn that has fewer diseases, insects, and other problems as a result of this. If you’re trimming your grass, this is the kind of result you want to see.

We’re going to look at some grass blades that have been mowed with a conventional mower or a rotary mower to see how they compare. You’re looking at a typical example.

As a matter of fact, they aren’t even that horrible. Despite the fact that my rotary mower’s blades are razor-sharp and of great quality, you can still tell the difference in their appearance. 

The margins are rough and damaged. Despite the fact that this is a fairly average hyper cut, it is nevertheless not optimal for the grass; many people start into actual mowing and then discover they have to deal with troubles or charges they never anticipated. 

To begin with there’s the issue of price, since a real mower can cost far higher than a regular mower. Real mowing, on the other hand, means that you won’t be able to get by with just one pricey mower.

Because genuine lawn mowers don’t allow much cleanup, you’ll need a second mower like this. A bag-equipped lawnmower is required to remove leaves and other debris from your yard, so you can keep it tidy. Adding a second piece of machinery and a second expense, then, is inevitable. 

Basically, they utilize blades like these days, and they’re simply replaceable; they can be replaced every year and resharpened.

When it comes to a rock or large stick, the blades on a normal lawn mower can be simply replaced if they get damaged. The situation changes dramatically when we use a real lawnmower.

Back lapping is a common method of removing these reels because they are often difficult to remove. Fortunately, these blades can be honed rather easily, which is excellent.

A rock, on the other hand, is going to cost you a fortune. With the Rotary Mower, you don’t have to worry about it.

When you mow your lawn using a reel mower, it will stand out from the crowd. As you can see, this was done with a California trimmer in this particular case. It was a cute little thing.

You can also see how well the stripes appear. And it’s just aesthetically pleasing in general. But getting started with actual mowing is no easy task.

As well as knowing what you’re up against, including the cost of upkeep and things that are different from a typical mower. Rotating mowers aren’t inherently bad, as you can see from this. But when you go for a real mower, you may get that extra edge that makes it stand out from the crowd.

It’s also possible to cut low. Whatever you choose, mowing your grass is always a smart idea. You can, however, make your own decision based on what works best for you.

Are reel mowers able to cut wet grass?

Wet grass is no problem for a manual reel mower, and you can mow even while it’s pouring.

How frequently do you mow your lawn with a reel mower?

Ensure that one-third of the grass blade remains by mowing as often as necessary. For example, during the fast-growing grass season, you may need to mow twice or three times a week.

When is the ideal time for a mower sharpening?

Reel lawn mowers need to be sharpened around after 20 to 25 hours of operation.


We can see how goods like those mentioned in this guide can modify people’s prejudices regarding electric lawnmowers now that we’ve laid out all the facts.

It’s possible to make these new products, which utilise innovative technology, as efficient and beneficial as gas-powered ones. 

Amazingly, they can do this without producing any noise or emitting any hazardous chemicals. They are truly wonderful.

You should be able to make an informed decision after reading our buyer’s guide about non-gas lawn mowers.

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