Having to go outside to check the temperature can be a hassle.

Planning your day and your plans getting canceled due to temperature changes can be an inconvenience.

These are some of the reasons you should own a thermometer that can measure both indoor and outdoor temperatures.

Even if you are not familiar with the lingo used in the industry, we will make it easier for you to decide which model to purchase through the buyer’s guide below.

Our top indoor-outdoor thermometers picks

These are the top seven thermometer models that ticked most, if not all, features and capabilities mentioned above.

Ambient weather WS-2902C osprey WiFi 10-in-1

This is the best overall thermometer in the market you can find because of its combined basic and advanced features and functions.

It has the basic functionalities you would expect from an indoor/outdoor temperature (forecast, high and low temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and date and time.)

Aside from these basic functionalities, it also offers high and low readings and alerts for all parameters and wind speed and direction reading. It can also monitor dew point, wind chill, heat index, rainfall, UV, and solar direction.


  • Can be integrated with smart home software
  • Has IFTTT compatibility for external device control
  • With built-in Wi-Fi for ease of connection and access to data
  • With a Solar-powered sensor operated wirelessly and is also compatible with battery
  • With an LCD display which projects input from outdoor sensor even at 330ft distance
  • With radiation shielding which encourages natural airflow, providing accurate readings


  • Setting up can be challenging
  • More expensive that its counterparts

La crosse technology C85845

This indoor-outdoor thermometer is the second on our list because it is reliable enough but not as feature-packed as the Ambient Weather model. It can show accurate temperature and humidity readings and allows alarm settings for monitoring.

It also has forecast and date and time details. This La Crosse Technology thermometer is powered by AC and its battery-operated sensors.


  • Easy to set up
  • Accurate measurement and readings
  • Easy-to-read screen with adjustable brightness
  • Radiation shields available as optional purchase


  • Cannot measure rain or wind
  • Cannot be controlled remotely
  • Cannot be integrated with smart home devices
  • Barometric pressure not shown on the console

ThermoPro TP65A indoor/outdoor thermometer

If you are looking for an affordable thermometer without compromising reliability and accuracy, the ThermoPro TP65A is the best model for you. It offers ease of setting adjustment without having to unmount it.

You won’t find it hard to check the humidity and temperature even at night because aside from its backlight function, it also has a 24-hour LCD screen. It also has icons that inform you of your home’s humidity.


  • Affordable
  • User-friendly
  • Reliable and accurate measurements
  • Large battery-powered 4” touchscreen LCD for ease of-reading
  • With a 200 ft. range outdoor sensor capable of syncing up to 3 devices
  • Comes with a standard one-year warranty and upgradable to 3 years if registered


  • Alert settings cannot be customized
  • Does not offer forecast, only humidity and temperature

Ambient Weather WS-10

The Ambient Weather WS-10 is the best model for monitoring temperature and humidity in different locations. It is possible with its battery-powered eight sensors (three remotes with the capacity to add five more). 

These eight sensors are integrated into a display console that shows audible and visual temperature and humidity updates.


  • Can support up to eight sensors
  • Optional temperature sensor for pool
  • With temperature change alert through adjustable alerts
  • Remote sensors capable of displaying humidity and temperature


  • Inconvenient battery replacement for each sensor
  • Does not show forecasts, only humidity and temperature
  • Does not support functions found in high-end counterparts
  • Needs scrolling down; can only display up to four sensors at a time

AcuRite 02027A1

For an affordable price, this AcuRite thermometer has a wide range of functions ranging from temperature and humidity indoor and outdoor readings to forecasts.

Aside from these features, the AcuRite also shows barometric pressure, moon phase, date and time, and the daily date and time readings.


  • Affordable price
  • Not difficult to set up
  • Forecast is self-calibrated and patented
  • Wall-mountable or upright standing console


  • No full range of sensors
  • No internet connectivity
  • Inability to customize alerts
  • Cannot measure wind and rainfall
  • Limited display viewing angles and may be hard to read when in direct sunlight

La crosse technology V10-TH

Despite La Crosse Technology’s limited functionality, its features are justifiable considering its price. It is capable of remote reporting, receiving alerts and push notifications through the use of the smartphone app, the La Crosse View.

Although it cannot create a local forecast, it compensates by being able to access forecasts online from the National Weather Service (NWS).


  • Offers value for your money
  • Affordable and simple device
  • With a remote sensor range of 400 ft
  • Can access forecasts from NWS through Wi-Fi


  • Cannot take local forecasts
  • Can only measure humidity and temperature

AcuRite 02081M

This thermometer is the winner in the area of visual appearance because of its compact, monochrome design. It can act as a thermometer and aesthetic calendar, and clock.

However, it lacks some of the necessary features for a thermometer, such as barometric pressure and humidity. It can only measure time and date, forecast, and temperature.


  • Not expensive
  • Attractive display
  • 16-second range data updates
  • Wireless range of up to 330 ft.


  • Cannot read humidity
  • Does not display barometric pressure
  • LCD screen not convenient with sunlight glare due to poor viewing angles

What is an Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer, and Why Do You Need One?

Ever find yourself wondering whether to grab a jacket before heading out or how to set your home’s thermostat for optimal comfort? You’re not alone! Understanding both indoor and outdoor temperatures can greatly influence your daily life, from planning activities to controlling energy bills. This is where an indoor-outdoor thermometer comes in handy. In this article, we’ll explore the types, uses, accuracy, and features to consider when buying this handy device that makes life a little more predictable.

The Purpose of an Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer

From the name itself, an indoor and outdoor thermometer gives you temperature readings both inside and outside your house. This knowledge is vital in:

  • Controlling the Room Temperature: It helps in turning on or off your air conditioner and heater, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency.
  • Planning Your Day: Knowing the outdoor temperature assists in wearing appropriate clothing and planning activities like BBQ parties or stargazing the planets and galaxies.

Having an indoor-outdoor thermometer means you no longer need two separate devices, simplifying your life.

Two Types of Thermometers for Indoor and Outdoor Use

  • Fluid/Glass Thermometer: Though inexpensive and simple, fluid thermometers may lack accuracy if not properly aligned. They are suitable for situations where low maintenance costs are needed.
  • Electronic/Digital Thermometer: These offer more accuracy and convenience thanks to various sensors. The high refresh rate and battery-powered design make them highly reliable and easy to install.

Is an Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer Accurate?

The accuracy of a thermometer depends on its type and placement. Digital models generally provide more precise readings, while the location also plays a significant role. A well-calibrated thermometer is vital for projects and studies requiring highly accurate readings.

Understanding Barometric Pressure

Barometric pressure refers to the pressure exerted by air molecules in the atmosphere. It varies by location and affects the temperature in both low and high-pressure areas:

  • Low-Pressure Area: Characterized by warm air, strong winds, clouds, and moderate temperature.
  • High-Pressure Area: Associated with light winds, clear skies, and lower temperature.

Wireless Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer: A Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the right indoor-outdoor thermometer is essential. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Minimum Requirements: Look for features like temperature range, forecast ability, date and time, and barometric pressure readings.
  • Power Source: Consider a model compatible with both AC adapters and batteries for flexibility.
  • Accuracy and Reliability: Aim for a temperature accuracy range of +/-2 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Connectivity: Features like smart device connectivity, WiFi, and remote capabilities can add convenience.
  • Wireless Capability, Range, and Sensor: Choose a model with a suitable signal range, especially if you have a large home.
  • Convenience and Ease-of-Use: Consider aspects like mounting convenience, radiation shielding, readability, and budget.


Why Own an Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer? 

It simplifies daily decisions about clothing, activities, and home comfort.

What is the Liquid in the Thermometer for?

 It helps measure temperature changes.

Which is More Accurate: Digital or Fluid? 

Digital thermometers offer more accuracy.

How to Check Accuracy? 

The ice point testing method is a reliable way to test accuracy.

What is the Normal Range for an Indoor Thermometer? 

Typically, -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit.


Whether you’re a weather enthusiast or just someone looking to simplify daily decisions, an indoor-outdoor thermometer is a wise investment. Consider features that suit your location and needs. For those seeking an overall top-notch device, the Ambient Weather WS-2902 C Osprey Wi-Fi 10-in-1 station might be the perfect fit. However, options like the La Crosse Technology C85845 provide great value for basic needs. Remember, your preferences, location, and prioritized features are the ultimate deciding factors.

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