Jumping and dunking on trampolines is a great way for your child to develop physical, emotional, and cognitive skills. It is also a way for them to channel their energy in a fun way.

This article collated the basic facts and details you need to know before buying a trampoline for your kid. This will make your purchasing journey a whole lot easier.

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Top 5 best trampolines for kids

Based on the features and characteristics mentioned above, here are the top 5 best trampolines for kids that you might want to consider buying.

Skywalker 12-foot jump N’ dunk trampoline for kids

From its name, this 88.2 square feet, round-shaped trampoline offers dunking and jumping simultaneously. It 96 has tightly coiled and galvanized, 6.5 inches long springs.

It is a great exercise for kids’ muscles, with its patented enclosure system ensuring minimal accidents by lessening the hazard gaps between the jumping mats and the net. The jumpers are also secured with the woven net with a latch clip system and dual zipper for added safety.

Children also get flexibility, more space, comfort, and stability with curved upright padded poles. In terms of construction, the UV-resistant jumping mat is made of high-quality polypropylene. Reinforced T sockets are used to prevent structural twisting and for added durability. You can never go wrong with having it in your backyard. Indeed, this is the best pick for kids’ trampoline.


  • All ASTM standards met
  • Comes with one foam basketball
  • Constructed from safe-play and soft materials
  • UV-resistant, net, spring pad, and jumping mat
  • Rust-resistant, perfectly galvanized frame made from steel
  • Less net and poles damage with its hook and loop breakaway rim
  • Frame and other materials have 3 and 1-year warranty respectively
  • Fade-resistant vinyl-coated spring pad constructed from high-quality materials


  • Assembly can be challenging

Zupapa 12 14 15 ft. trampoline for kids

This 2020 upgraded version has an unbeatable warranty. In terms of upgrades, its rust-resistant frame is durable and stable now, which underwent the latest hot-dip galvanizing technology. In terms of durability and stability, it offers a strong base with its W-shaped legs, and double steel joins. It is strong enough to handle 375 pounds.

The bouncing experience is also amazing because it has significantly more 7-inch long, galvanized, rust-resistant springs than its other counterparts. Thick pads perfectly cover these springs.

Compared to its predecessor models, this 2020 version has more jumping areas, a tightly-sewn spring cover, and a jumping mat. Indeed, with its construction, it is the most high-quality trampoline for kids.


  • With certification from TUV
  • No gap-design for added safety
  • Comes with 6 pieces of wind stakes
  • With rain cover for extreme weather protection
  • Comes with 2 pieces of T spring pulling tool and 2 pairs of gloves
  • Frame and other parts have a 10 and 2-year warranty, respectively


  • Assembling the enclosure can be time-consuming

Skywalker 8-Foot jump N’ dunk trampoline for kids

This trampoline offers a variety of fun ways to enjoy. Kids can jump and dunk in it simultaneously. On top of that, it also comes with a basketball hoop. Regarding safety, constructed from soft material with a tightly woven net made from high-quality polyethylene for fingers and toe protection.

The clip also has a closure system and dual zipper with padded poles for the enclosure system for stability and safety. With its 3-year warranty for the frame and 1-year for the other parts, this is a great deal for those looking for a compact and small-sized trampoline.


  • Affordable
  • All ASTM standards met
  • Comes with two foam basketballs
  • No-gap enclosure system for added safety


  • Smaller jumping surface
  • Only 175 pounds weight limit
  • Has only 56 springs with shorter height at 5.5 inches

Merax 15 ft. trampoline with safety enclosure net for kids

With its 375lbs capacity, this trampoline can survive heavy-duty use. The Merax 15 ft. trampoline, in general, is made from rust-resistant galvanized steel. Its 6 W-shaped sturdy legs and 108 galvanized springs are strong and stable enough. Its perfectly woven mat is UV protected and is attached to 5 foams with paddings and one thick pole.

Regarding safety, the basketball hoop has a protective netting while the durable frame pad covers the gap. This is to ensure that your child remains secure in the trampoline. Your kid will also surely enjoy it because this trampoline has an impressive bounce quality due to its high-quality material and tight weaving construction. 


  • With 6ft enclosure for added safety
  • Includes a galvanized steel 4-step ladder
  • Comes with a basketball hoop and safety enclosure net.
  • Frame and other parts have 3-year and 1-year warranty respectively


  • Instructions need improvement

Skywalker 15-feet round trampoline and enclosure with spring pad

The Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline is another heavy-duty model. Its galvanized uni-bodied frame reinforced T sockets and gap-free design reinforces safety and stability. It uses a buttonhole feature to attach the jumping mat and tightly woven and UV-protected enclosure net, eliminating dangerous gaps.

Bounce quality is not an issue because of its tightly coiled 96 heavy-duty springs constructed from thick galvanized steel. Fade-resistant spring pads also cover it because of their extra thick vinyl coating.


  • All ASTM standards met
  • UV-protected jumping mat
  • Tightly woven mat for added safety
  • Soft foam padding surrounds the enclosure poles
  • Frame and other parts have 3-year and 1-year warranty, respectively


  • Assembling it can be time-consuming

 Top 5 best trampolines for toddlers

Little tikes 3′ trampoline for toddlers– amazon exclusive

This specifically designed for indoor use trampoline has a large jumping surface to help your toddler burn their energy in a fun and safe way. It caters to one jumper at a time for toddlers aged 3-6 years old. It is durable with its plastic and metal materials.

Since it is for toddler use, heavy-duty material construction is really no need. To help your toddler balance, it comes with a handlebar and balance bar for an upright and higher jump. Assembling needs careful consideration of the manual. Otherwise, it becomes wobbly when used. Its capabilities make it our best pick for a trampoline for toddlers.


  • Can handle up to 55 pounds
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Lightweight, can easily be transported from one spot to another


  • Designed only for indoors, not outdoors

 Skywalker Mini trampoline for toddlers with enclosure net

With its space theme, compact design, and astronaut jump mat with space sounds, it is an interactive and fun trampoline for your toddler. It comes in 48-inch and 60-inch variants, with the latter having an ocean theme.

It can help toddlers develop balance and coordination with its 360-degree handlebar. You also won’t have to worry about tiny objects going under the trampoline because it has a unique lower enclosure system.

Safety won’t also be a concern because of its no-in gap due to the enclosure net, and the jumping mat is sewn together. Stretch bands are used instead of springs to avoid spring-related injuries. Indeed, with its attractive theme and design, the Skywalker Mini trampoline for toddlers with an enclosure net is a great deal! 


  • Meets all ASTM standards
  • Does not have spring to prevent spring-related injuries
  • With colorful themes and design to catch toddler’s attention
  • With theme sounds for each jump, enhancing toddler’s motivation
  • Frame and other parts come with a 3-year and 1-year warranty respectively


  • Net material needs improvement
  • Assembling it can be time-consuming

36-Inch toddlers’ little trampoline with adjustable handrail

This trampoline is the winner in terms of stability because of its six legs and bold steel construction. Regarding your toddler’s balance and safety, it comes with a well-padded handrail for good grip and circular protective outerwear for protection against the strong impact on the hard steel.

With a maximum weight of 132 pounds weight limit, you can adjust the handrail for long-term use. Depending on your kid’s height, you can change it into 24.5 or 36 inches for vertical height and 18 or 36-inch for horizontal height. This trampoline is for kids aged 3-6 years old.


  • Can be folded for ease-of storing
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Comes with outer cover for extra protection
  • Great weight limit compared to its counterparts


  • Handrail placement needs improvement

Pure Fun Kids’ preschool jumper, 36″, multicolor (9007PJ)

With its multicolored ABC patterns above the padded cover, this is an eye-catching, interesting, and conducive learning trampoline for your toddler. It can enhance alphabet, shape, and color recognition with its little-letter patterns in different colors.

Its handrail is well-padded in terms of comfort, security, and stability. The bouncing quality is also great, considering that the springs connect the frame and the high-quality jumping mat. It is cushioned and covered with mesh to ensure safety with the spring system. Indeed, this is a great trampoline for children ages 3 to 7. It has a maximum weight capacity of 75 pounds.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Certified by TUV/GS, CE and ASTM
  • Frame constructed from high-quality steel
  • With inclined handrail for increased stability


  • Quality of protective cover needs improvement

Sportspower My First Trampoline for Toddlers

This trampoline fits both toddlers and kids for indoor or outdoor use.  Because it remains low to the ground, it can be a good trampoline for beginners. Safety is not an issue with its enclosure system and 360-degree net format.

You can unrestrictedly monitor your kids from the outside. For added safety, the springs and poles are padded, and the outer edge is foamed. To secure the pole padding, a pole cap is used.

The net is UV-treated, and the frame is galvanized for rust resistance. Indeed, this Sportspower is a great tool to boost your child’s muscular, flexibility, and cardiovascular performance.


  • 100-pound weight limit
  • UV-treated jumping mat
  • All ASTM standards are met
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Can easily be carried from one spot to another


  • Assembling it can be time consuming

Types and styles of trampolines

Indoor or outdoor trampoline

The indoor type is ideal for playroom use. You can also use it outdoors given that the weather condition is nice. Just make sure to store it inside after use. Meanwhile, an outdoor trampoline can be set up in the backyard and usually comes with UV-protected materials.

Enclosure and handlebar style

Enclosure-styled trampolines are large and can be filled with balls. This has enough space to jump around. On the other hand, a handlebar style has small space and does not have a barrier.

Benefits of trampoline for toddlers and kids

The benefits of trampoline range from physical to social to emotional. Hence, it is a great way to help your child’s holistic growth.

Physical benefits

Playing trampoline helps your child develop physical skills ranging from fine to gross motor skills. It also helps them integrate sensory and motor skills and increase their control. Other physical development benefits include burning extra energy and enhancing posture and balance.

Social benefits

A trampoline is a form of active play. Hence, it fosters communication and relationship-building skills. Other social development benefits of playing trampoline are lesser screen time and better attention.

Emotional benefits

Trampoline allows toddlers to express and communicate their feelings towards their peers. It also provides an avenue for the development of independence and self-esteem.

Factors to consider when buying a trampoline

You might be bombarded with thousands of trampoline options in different variants if you do not plan what you want. Here are some factors, features, and capabilities to bear before buying one.


Trampolines come in round, rectangular and square shapes. Each of these shapes has its advantages and disadvantages. Ideally, a toddler should start with the rounder one. Children can then move to the square-shaped and then the rectangular variants.


  • Most common and easy-to-find trampoline shape.
  • Not consistent bounce; bounce is directed at the center.
  • For maximum bounce, the jumper should land in the center area.
  • Safer is compared to its counterparts because of fewer chances of landing on the edges. 
  • Does not allow multiple jumpers to play simultaneously


  • Best for advanced users like gymnasts and athletes.
  • Uniform bounce throughout the area
  • Jumpers are not directed toward the center area
  • Not ideal for toddlers and kids


  • Best suited for kids who love a higher jump
  • Controlled bounce effect, with uniformity throughout the area
  • Has the positive characteristics of both the rectangular and square-shaped variants
  • Not ideal for toddlers 

Size and purpose

The purpose and size go hand-in-hand. It depends on whether you would like to use your trampoline outdoor or indoors or if you want a dual-purpose variant. For instance, pre-school jumpers are ideal for indoor use or for a limited time outdoors. Some small and moderate-sized models can be used both indoors or outdoor.

  • You can choose between 8 ft and 12 ft trampolines for outdoor use with moderate space.
  • For outdoor use with larger space, you might want to try 14 or 15 ft trampolines.
  • For toddlers, consider smaller versions like preschool jumpers so that it is portable, lightweight, and easy to carry anywhere.

Age limit and weight capacity

The weight capacity and age limit go hand in hand. For safety purposes, never allow your child to use the trampoline if they do not qualify with the age limit. For instance, preschool jumpers are for 3 to 6 years old, while the larger trampolines have a minimum age limit for those allowed to use them.

In terms of weight capacity, it can range from 50 to 400 lbs., depending on size. The larger the trampoline, the higher its weight capacity. It is ideal to allow only one jumper at a time to avoid a collision.

Safety features

Safety is a top priority when playing trampoline. Here are some features to look for to ensure your child’s safety.

Enclosure system

A perfect closing feature is a way to make sure that your child is safely jumping inside the trampoline.


A gap between the frame and the mat can cause injury to your child.

Springless, bungee system, or with spring cover

Springless variants are ideal because it lessens the injury, but they can be pricey. If you are not up for that, you may opt for the models with springs but make sure that it has a spring cover. For toddlers, you may also consider trampolines with a bungee system.

Spring quality and quantity

If you choose for a variant with spring, opt for one with great spring quality, as this can affect the bounce quality. Hence, the spring should be made from high-quality materials such as steel; or galvanized steel for outdoor use to make it rust-resistant. Moreover, remember that the bigger the trampoline, the greater the length and number of springs it should have.

Stability and durability

A trampoline that shakes badly after every jump may pose safety risks to your child. Look for a model which is sturdy, stable, and durable. To do this, check the construction quality. You should look for padded handrails, poles, galvanized steel frames, and UV-protected enclosure netting and jumping mats.

Good quality materials for construction are polypropylene and polyethylene. The legs’ construction and thickness also affect the stability as these serve as your trampoline’s base. W-shaped legs offer great stability. T sockets should also be used when assembling your trampoline to prevent twisting.

Instruction manual and ease-of-assembly

Assembling your trampoline can be a hassle, especially with confusing instruction manuals. Choose one with an instruction manual, especially if you buy larger models, as they are harder to assemble than their smaller counterparts. Some companies even provide video tutorials. Be sure to go for the brand with easy-to-follow instructions.


Do not just choose the cheapest variant, as you may regret it in the long run. Look for a brand that offers a great warranty deal so that you won’t have to keep paying for jumping mats and broken spring damages.

Additional features

These features are not a-must but may add additional enjoyment and convenience.

Patching kit, basketball hoop, and foam basketball

This allows them to dunk while jumping simultaneously.


Allows for easy access to the trampoline

Safety precautions when using a trampoline

General reminder

All exercises have risks. 27-39% of all injuries are from trampoline falls, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). Close supervision is advised.

Trampoline bar

A trampoline with a bar is better because it allows your child to hold while jumping, reducing the risk of falling.

Proper assembly

Be sure to assemble the trampoline, following the instruction’s manual properly. Do not forget to place the protective accessories.

Bounce height

The lower the bounce height, the safer a trampoline is. The bigger the model, the higher the bounce and the greater the chances of accidents. Hence, indoor trampolines are safer than their larger outdoor counterparts.,

Safety net

Mini trampolines with a surrounding safety net are better because of the lesser risk of falling to the ground or awkward landing. These safety nets are also prone to wear and tear, compromising your child’s safety.

Serious injuries

Cervical spine injuries may occur from flips and somersaults on trampolines. Landing on an uneven surface may also put your child at risk of serious injuries. 

Accidental fall

For accidental falls, the risky areas are the arm, mouth, or head.

Several jumpers

Several jumpers on a trampoline could lead to pushing out of excitement. According to AAP, up to ¾ of trampoline injuries occur with people simultaneously jumping, and two or more children jumping simultaneously significantly increases the risk of an accident.

Tips to reduce risk

  • Do not allow several jumpers to play simultaneously. Let them jump one at a time.
  • Strictly follow the age and weight requirements. Do not allow children to play if they do not meet the needed age or weight.
  • Never allow wall climbing, hanging, flips, somersaults, or other tricks.
  • Be sure to check all the enclosure netting and safety pads. If damages are found, replace or repair them as soon as possible.
  • Be sure that: the legs are not bent or distorted; springs are attached at both ends, and
  • pads cover metal springs, hooks, and frames.
  • For outdoor trampolines, place them on an even and soft surface. Do not place it near fences, furniture, trees, and other hazards.
  • Follow the instruction manual properly when assembling your trampoline.
  • Be updated with trampoline recalls. You may refer to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s official website.
  • Ensure that an adult is closely supervising the children while playing. This is to stop possible risky actions before it gets too late.


How do I clean the trampoline?

To eliminate the germs, spit and sweat on your trampoline, and use mild soap and water to wash it.

What are the best trampoline brands for toddlers and kids?

Safety is a top priority in choosing a trampoline. Hence, a brand that offers great safety is good. sportspower, Skywalker, Little Tikes, Zupapa, Springfree, Merax, and Pure Fun are some brands with which you can guarantee safety.

Can an adult use a trampoline for kids?

It depends on the weight capacity of the trampoline. Some trampolines for kids can cater to an adult’s weight. Using a kid’s trampoline for an adult is not ideal if it is not stated in the product.

How durable is a toddler/kids’ trampoline?

The longevity of the trampoline depends on its quality and frequency of use. Typically, it lasts for a few years without any issues.

Is it okay for children and pets to use small trampolines?

Some trampolines are safe for pets and children, especially those with safety features such as bungee ropes, safety nets, and cushion handles. However, close supervision by an adult is still required.

Where should a toddler/kids’ trampoline be placed?

Since toddler/kids’ trampolines are small in size, they can be placed outdoors or indoors, depending on your preference.

How much does a trampoline cost?

It depends on the variant, type, size, brand, and durability. It can range between 40 to 200 dollars.


Trampolines come in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Choose one which suits your child’s age, weight, and needs. Remember that despite all the safety features the trampoline offers, nothing beats adult supervision.

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