Are you ready to spruce up your garden? Maybe you want to add a few flowers, or maybe you want to give a new look to your lawn. No matter what the project may be, one thing remains the same: mulch is essential!

But how much do you need? Besides knowing what mulch is best, read on for a guide to help you figure out how much mulch will get the job done.

How much mulch is needed?

A layer of 2 to 3 inches is sufficient for most organic mulches. The thinner the layer required, the finer the material.

Inorganic mulch is frequently shallower. For example, a mulch of small stones usually only has to be one inch deep.

If You Want Mulch This Deep……You Will Need This Much Mulch to Cover 100 Square Feet
2 inches18 cubic feet
3 inches27 cubic feet

Dry mulches, such as sawdust, peat moss, woodchips, and dry straw, can catch fire. To be on the safe side, keep them away from buildings.

Mulch Calculator

Calculating the amount of mulch to buy

Unload mulch from a pickup truck

The first step will be to determine how much mulch you’ll need to buy to finish the job. You don’t want to be scrimping halfway through the process as your mulch supply runs out.

At the same time, you don’t want a pile of mulch left behind once the job is over.

So, what is the formula for calculating how much mulch to buy?

Multiply the length and width of your room to get the total square footage of your beds. The intermediate step is 2.5 feet long, so count the steps of your yard’s length and width. Then apply our formula:

  • Number of steps multiplied by 2.5 = Total Length
  • Number of steps multiplied by 2.5 = Total Width
  • Total Width multiplied by Total length = Square Footage

Once you’ve determined the total square footage, you’ll need to determine how many bags or scoops of mulch you’ll use for your space.

  • 2 cubic foot bags: Square Footage / 12 = Total number of bags required for a 2″ thick layer of mulch.
  • 3 cubic foot bags: Square Footage / 18 = Total number of bags required for a 2″ thick layer of mulch.
  • Bulk mulch: Square Footage / 128 = Total number of scoops required for a 2″ thick layer of mulch.

How to apply mulch properly

When you’ve chosen the right amount and type of mulch for your landscape, it’s time to put it in place. Starting with a clean bed is the best method to ensure that the mulch can keep beds weed-free.

Mulch should be used after ensuring that any weeds in the soil have been removed to the best of your ability, either by using herbicides or by hand pulling them up.

The same effect as landscape fabric is achieved by layering newspaper over the soil before mulching. However, the newspaper will eventually decay.

This allows the mulch to keep the weeds at bay for much longer.

Spread the material evenly and replace it as needed throughout the growing season.